Thursday, December 29, 2005

It fell off!

To those of you who have not been parents, I apologize for sharing what may seem like gross details. For those of you who have been parents, you know how exciting every little milestone is! Yesterday Katharine's little umbilical cord stump finally fell off! Now she actually has a little belly button! And to show you what a sentimental mom I am, while I know it is too gross to actually paste the durn thing in her baby book, I still have yet to throw it away and it sits on her changing table for me to marvel at for just a little longer before we move on to the next milestone! (At least I am not putting pictures on the web!!).

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Katharine, Paul, and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!
We hope that you have all the joy in your households that we have in ours this Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2005

4 Weeks Old Today

Today Katharine is 4 weeks old. We celebrated by giving her her first bottle! The pediatrician recommended that we start giving her one bottle a day so she doesn't reject bottles when I go back to work. The books recommend someone other than mommy give the bottles, so Paul got to share this moment with Katharine. Katharine did a great job and didn't fuss at all! If you look closely at this picture, you can see she loves Daddy's whiskers and had a pretty good grip on them!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Life at home

This past week Katharine's Aunt Erin and Uncle Joey came to visit and see KK for the first time. They were here for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary and Joey ran a half marathon!

Katharine also went on her first outing to my new boss's house for a baby peeping party! Everybody loved getting to see her and she behaved like an angel (thank goodness!).

Click on the title to see more pictures of our girl!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Today Katharine was 3 weeks old and what better way to celebrate than the start of our first family Christmas tradition! This afternoon we drove out to Toogoodoo Christmas Tree Farm (about 40 minutes outside of Charleston) to cut down our Christmas tree. The outing was a great success -- Katharine slept through the whole thing!

Click on the Title to see some pictures of our outing. (Katharine is the little white bundle in the Snugli carrier I am wearing!).

Friday, December 09, 2005

More Pictures!

Click on the title above to see more pictures of Katharine. These were all taken in the first two weeks at home. As you can see, she is quite a cutie!

There are pretty strong hints coming in from folks that she looks a lot like her daddy! Even the pediatrician thought so!! Of course, this pleases daddy!

Katharine had her two week well-baby check up on the December 5 and passed with flying colors. The doctor is no longer worried about her jaundice. Her weight is now up to 7 pounds, 2 ounces. The doctor was very impressed with this given that the goal for the two week check up is to get back to her birth weight (6 lbs, 9 oz) and she surpassed this!

Enjoy the pics and I'll try to post again soon!! We have some exciting things planned including her first baby-peeping party, a visit from Uncle Joey and Aunt Erin, and (hopefully) an outing to get our Christmas tree!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pictures - Finally!

Here are some pictures of our hospital stay and baby Katharine in her first days of life! She is a sweet and wonderful baby and we are enjoying every minute with her. I will try to post more pictures soon!

Click on the title to see more pictures of Katharine, mommy, and daddy in the hospital.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Jaundice Episode

Well, we have conquered our first baby health battle. Katharine had a little bit of jaundice when we checked out of the hospital and it seeemed to get worse for a few days. She had her first visit to her pediatrician last Monday (1 week old) and she felt that Katharine should have her Bilirubin levels tested again. So we have been over to MUSC twice to have blood drawn (KK is amazing good during this considering strangers are poking her with needles - she stops crying before they have even finished drawing the blood). It appears now that her levels are dropping and we think she is "in the clear" so to speak.

Paul and I have been joking that this has been her first bad boyfriend since they talk about her having too much Bilirubin in her (pronouced "Billy Rueben"). So, we are glad to see that this no good relationship is over.

I swear I am going to post pictures soon but the days fly be so fast!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


There is nothing better than a new baby to make Thanksgiving day more meaningful than ever! Katharine is still doing wonderfully and we are loving every minute with her!

We wanted to send out a quick message to thank all of our wonderful family and friends for all the kindness and help at this special time! Special thanks to all our local friends who have jumped in to lend a hand:

Thanks to Ashleigh and Scott for allowing Havana and Molly to come over for a sleepover with Bert and Luna! And thanks for picking them up and tons of thanks from Paul for dropping them off! (I guess now Havana and Bert are going steady!).

Thanks to Tracy and Brenda for bringing over our Thanksgiving dinner! Everything was delicious and it was great to have good food with no cooking! (Thanks also to John for coming to the hospital to help Paul install the car seat!).

And a really big thanks to our Moms, who will be tag-teaming and spending the next week helping us around the house and with baby care!

Thanks to all our friends and family who have called, sent cards, and been otherwise overjoyed to share in our happy time. We love you all and can't wait for each and everyone of you to get to meet Katharine!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

She's Here - 3.5 weeks early!


Born: Novemer 21, 2005 @ 12:37 PM
Weight: 6 Pounds, 9 Ounces
Length: 19 Inches

Katharine and her Mommy and Daddy went home on Wednesday and all are doing well. Pictures are soon to follow - she's a cutie!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Third Trimester

Well, I am happy to report that the third trimester has been as easy-going and worry free as the first and second. I remind myself very regularly that I am very lucky to have had such a wonderful pregnancy experience!

We have finished our series of doctor's appointments where we meet all the other doctors who could potentially deliver the baby. I liked them all so that is comforting and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself going to a practice where I like so many of the doctors (and I thought I didn't like doctors!). I am now on weekly check ups as we near the end and at the last visit they began "checking" to see if anything is beginning to happen. (I won't get into the details of checking for those who don't know but it is basically a good ole' fashioned poke and check method). I am currently showing only the minutest signs of dilation so they feel I am still on track for December 15 at this point. Also, they think the baby is head down so that is a good sign too. Clearly little Katharine is a smart girl and knows what to do, hopefully her mother will be able to figure out her part on the big day! Oh, and for those who having been keeping track, my weight is now up to 154 pounds!!

This picture was taken at 36 weeks pregnant at a park near our house - I think Katharine will like to have picnics here someday.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baby Shower #2

On Saturday, November 12th I had my second baby shower in Columbia, SC. My mom was able to come into town to attend and people traveled from NC (thanks Katrina), the Greenville area (thanks Mere and Nancy), and from the Darlington area (thanks Mrs. Bowers) as well.

This shower brought together some old friends that I had not been able to see since I have moved back from New Mexico so it was a great event. We munched on some good food, Katharine got spoiled to death with lots more great presents -- including a car seat, the diaper genie, a boppy, original artwork, hooded towels, more clothes, and lots of other great practical gifts too! --, and we even kept tabs on the Carolina football game!

Click on the title above to see pictures from this event!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Let the Baby Showers begin!!

I can tell you that Katharine is one lucky girl! Our good friend of mine from graduate school and who now teaches with Paul was kind enough to throw us a baby shower here in Charleston. Several of my co-workers were there and some of Paul's too.

We enjoyed some pretty yummy snacks including a chocolate trifle that just rocked my world! It fit into the gotta have sugar vibe I've been feeling for most of this pregnancy! Brenda was also kind enough to insist on helping Tracy out and brought some really good cheese and crackers - Thanks to Brenda for her voluntary offer to help!

Katharine got some wonderful gifts including a teddy bear that plays womb sounds, lots of great clothes, a pretty unique photo baby monitor, a handmade blanket, and much more! She is going to be a well-prepared little baby and look good doing it too!

Click on the subject title to see some pictures!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Paul and I had a quiet Halloween at home this year. We only had about 10 trick or treaters which meant one key thing - lots of candy for me!

To amuse ourselves this year we decorated three pumpkins (sort of). Click on the title to link to our pumpkin decorations.
(Warning: if you have an aversion to pregnant bellies, don't click on the link!).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dad Comes To Visit

My Dad came to visit for a weekend and brought his faithful sidekick, Annie. It was his first visit to Charleston since we got back from New Mexico, so he enjoyed getting to see the house and my pregnant belly! He got to feel the baby kick once too! My Dad is now a little closer having recently moved from Buffalo, NY to Birmingham, AL where he and Jeanette are building a log home. Dad has moved down early to supervise the building (or, for the moment, the lack thereof!) and Jeanette will follow in the Spring.

Annie came to visit too and to meet our dogs and see how they liked each other. Annie pretty much only truly loves my Dad so I don't think she was too crazy about all the affection our girls tried to give her. They had their ups and downs and Annie was happiest when she got to sit on the couch with my dad. And after a minor chase incident, our cat, Mayhew, spent the rest of the weekend under the bed. Click on the Title to see some pics of Annie and our girls at play.

Dad and Jeanette will next visit us at Christmas-time when our household will be very different with the addition of a brand new baby girl! We are very excited for our baby to be to start meeting her grandparents and get a visit from Santa!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Birthing classes

Or: Scary, slap in the face with reality classes!

Paul and I have just finished our three week crash course on birthing. We are now supposedly versed in the language of Lamaze and ready to pop this baby out in a mere 12-15 hours of painful labor. Being a visual learner, once I get over watching the three birthing videos, I may be able to digest the information we were given.

What we have been able to digest so far is this: we need to have our bag for the hospital packed (it is not), our nursery finished (it is not), and have about two weeks of prepared food stored in the freezer because we will be too exhausted to even consider food preparation (this is highly unlikely to ever happen!). So far, all I feel prepared to do is to go in there and breath in a variety of different ways in the hopes of managing to get through the pain of passing a tiny human the size of a watermelon through an area that just doesn't seem big enough. Clearly, I still need to work on my "mental game plan" for the big day!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're Homeowners!

This posting is actually long overdue but we wanted to announce that we are officially homeowners! As of September 1, we now own the home we had been renting when we moved back. We consider ourselves lucky because the landlord did several renovations before we moved in so it is relatively maintenance free (plus, we didn't have to move again!).

Click on the Title to take a "tour" of our new home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nana comes to visit

Well, after many hurricane cancelations, my mother finally made it up here to visit. There was lots to catch up on since she hadn't seen our new house or me pregnant. Although she doesn't realize yet, she is pretty instinctively slipping into "nana" mode as she spent the whole weekend spoiling us rotten. Thanks to her, we now have nursery bedding and decor (this little girl is going to have the prettiest room in the house). -- Pictures of nursery to follow once Paul and I manage to find time to paint and put all the pieces together!

My mom probably spent more time shopping this weekend than she has in the last five years! Maybe I will turn her into a shopper yet (although it is much more likely this is just a passing phase).

Paul got to partake in the fun when my Mom offered to take us out to dinner on Saturday night. We tried a new restaurant and the night was made memorable when I nearly burnt the place down by putting the bread basket napkin over our candle and getting so engrossed in the yummy bread I totally did not notice the fire I was starting. Luckily, Paul was on the ball and threw his water on the fire! Can you believe I will soon be responsible for an infant?! Fortunately, only a few of the other diners called us "firebugs" on their way out, so maybe not too many people noticed.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Prenatal Visit #7: The New Doctor

I consider this a bold move, but I am posting a chart of my weight gain so far. I know as women we are supposed to keep these types of numbers in the "vault", but I am so fascinated by it I just had to share. For those of you who haven't known me my whole life, weight gain has never been a problem in my life. In fact, as a child and young adult we couldn't seem to do anything to "fatten me up" (and I was a stick figure growing up so a little fattening wouldn't have hurt). But, now, as you can see, I am having no trouble!

Anyway, about the health of the baby. Again, another doctor's visit finds all well with baby. The doctor says she now weighs about 3 pounds and would be viable if I were to deliver early (no signs of that at the moment). Her heart beat was good and strong and my pregnancy couldn't be more normal.

The most interesting thing about this visit is it begins a series of four where we will meet the other doctors who could end up delivering our baby if we deliver after hours and have to use the doctor on call. Today we met the only male doctor in the practice who does deliveries. He seemed very genteel with his silver hair and bow tie. I grew to like him when he stated that it was important for me to lie down whenever I get the opportunity! Ah. more catnaps on the weekends as ordered by the doctor! If only he had said I needed to make sure I remembered to eat ice cream everyday, I would have thought he was perfect! Perhaps back up doctor number 2.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Papa, the Thespian

This past weekend we saw the culmination of all of Paul's father's hard work rehearsing for his role as Maurice, Belle's father, in Beauty in the Beast. He did a spectacular job and we had a blast watching the play. This was baby to be's first theatre outing and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself (actually, I have no idea but she did kick a good bit so we'll go ahead and call it a good time had by all).

We were able to go to the same matinee performance as Paul's brother Joey and his family which made it that much more fun. Afterwards, we all went to dinner at Za's Pizza in Columbia. Our niece Sarah, who is now my custom jewelry artist, made me a pair of earrings custom made to match my outfit. Parker regaled us with stories he had recently learned about his own infancy and gave us the recap on the play we all just seen together.

For more pictures of the play, click on the subject line above (no shots of me this time, I am the one behind the camera for a change).

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Who loves sugar?

Or alternate title: Prenatal Visit #6: The Glucola Test

Preface: I met with the patient educator to discuss the 7 pound weight gain mentioned in prenatal visit #5 and while I kept my chin up, inside I was not developing any warm feelings for this woman. She was pretty well decided that I was going to be a big, fat pig by the end of this pregnancy and I was on the brink of a good case of gestational diabetes. "Nobody needs 2-3 desserts a day," she says. Have you heard such crazy talk? Why didn't she appreciate my honesty on my food diary (I had made brownies the week I chose to keep it). -- Note to other pregnant moms: lie about brownies on food diary if you are required to keep one or refrain from making them in the first place if you just can't live with yourself for fibbing. -- I thought I did a great job of being very stoic during our meeting and did not cry as the girl before me had over reviewing the gestational diabetes diet (no desserts at all on that diet!). However, I did spend most of the rest of the day trashing the woman and her credibility to both my co-workers and my husband - who says motherhood makes you nicer.

So, I came into the next prenatal appointment (my one hour glucola test) with something to prove - Karin does not fail tests! Well, apparently, sometimes she does - or she scores borderline anyway. A sugar count of 140 or less is required as a "passing" grade and 150or higher is a big "failure" in the land of gestational diabetes. I managed to hit the midpoint of 145 which meant I won the grand prize, a chance to take the three hour glucola test! The good news is, after fasting and spending 3 1/2 hours in the nearby lab peeing in a cup and having my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours, I "passed" the test! I got the last word with the patient educator after all.

Also of note, at visit #6 I had gained only two pounds so the doctor was much happier with that number (and also disproving patient educator's other theory that I would become big, fat pig).

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Visit to Durham, NC

One of the best things about being back on the "East Coast" is being closer to friends and family. This weekend I made a trip up to Durham, NC to visit one of my closest friends, Katrina. Her son, Hilton, is now 1 year old and already had some infant items he was willing to share with our baby to be! Paul, baby, and I really appreciate their generosity!

I got a bit of hands on training this weekend spending lots of time watching Hilton in action! He is walking and very curious about his surroundings now. He loves being read to and spending time outside. (Click on the subject line for this entry to see pictures of our weekend adventures!). Katrina has become an expert diaper changer and has limitless patience with all the food he refuses to eat!

Note there are a couple new pictures of me out there and I think I am finally getting to the stage where people are beginning to talk about how big I am. Oddly, I just love looking like I swallowed a watermelon (an analogy my brother-in-law uses!) and it is nice to be recognized as being pregnant. It may not be easy to tell from the pictures, but I am definitely carrying high and baby is just jutting straight out! I think by month nine I may be quite huge (I promise to include pictures!).

Monday, August 29, 2005

Prenatal Visit #5

Well, today was our fifth doctor's appointment. The biggest shocker today was a much bigger me! Today, I am up another 7 pounds to a whopping 140! (For those of you who have known me for a long time, you can appreciate even more what a change this is for someone who has been a chronic string bean!). This is a total of 25 pounds weight gain so far. While I can not stop gaining weight this early in my pregnancy, my doctor did specifically ask about my ice cream consumption! If only she could have seen the mammoth size ice cream cone I had come back to work with just last week! I will be meeting with the patient educator next week to discuss nutrition and make sure I am making healthy food choices. Despite my new pudginess, the doctor said everything was going well and there is still nothing to worry about.

Our next doctor's appointment will be the glucola test (and no, Rachael, I am not allowed to eat a bunch of jellybeans so consider yourself lucky!). Anyway, would love to hear from all you moms out there about how yummy this sugar liquid is! Hopefully, since my ice cream has been rationed, there will be minimal risk of gestational diabetes!

Reminder: click on the subject heading above to see a few more pictures!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Our busy weekend

This past weekend we visited friends and family in Columbia and were reminded of how nice it is to be close again! On Saturday, I ventured to the Columbiana Mall for the tax free weekend to get our "little girl to be" her first pink outfit! It was really fun to pick something out and I ended up with a pair of pink velour pants with a matching cardigan and a long sleeved onesie. She will be too cute in it! That evening we went to Hilton Reynolds 1st Birthday party which was held at his great-Aunt KK's log cabin - what a beautiful place! Hilton had a blast and there was lots of cake so I had a pretty good time too! Paul was absolutely in love with the log cabin and has added that to his dream list for when we make our millions!

Sunday was the annual Dowdle family reunion (always the first Sunday of August) held in Chester, SC. We had a great potluck lunch and got down to the Pondhouse to do a little fishing (well, watch the kids do some fishing!).

Click on the Subject Title to see some pics from this weekend!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Want to know the gender?

IT'S A GIRL!!!!! All our earlier predictions and guessing games turned out to be wrong! More importantly, she is healthy and wonderful and she did a great job posing for the camera. (Click on the subject heading above to see more ultrasound pictures, including proof of gender).

So, here's the rest of the story for those of you who like the long version. The day started out on a semi-rocky start as I awoke to a leg cramp (I hate those!). Then I got to work early in hopes of finding a better parking spot - no parking spots in the only "free" lot left on campus but after I walked from the far ends of the earth back to work, suddenly there were two spots! Then I proceeded to have the ATM breakdown in the middle of using it which meant I had to walk several blocks to the actual bank (which wasn't open yet so I had to use their ATM). On the way back to work I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and luckily caught myself on a parking meter, which made it only embarrassing and not painful. Later in the morning I swallowed wrong and nearly choked to death on my own spit! All of this was giving me a serious bad omen feeling! Fortunately, all of this turned around when our beautiful girl started to pose for the camera! (Don't sweat the small stuff, I guess).

The ultrasound was an amazing experience and it was so cool to see how much she looks like a baby now. Paul and I were thrilled to see her pumping heart and her spine (and good and surprised to see her "girl parts" as we had convinced ourselves it was a boy). The sonographer took measurements for the doctor to evaluate the health of the baby. In her office, she reviewed the measurments and said that one was a bit low. When she showed me the report to explain it more clearly, I noticed immediately that it was her brain measurement she was referring to! I couldn't help but exclaim, "Oh no, she has a pea brain!" But never fear, the doctor assured us that the sonographer had taken the measurement a bit off and we went back to the ultrasound room to have a second measuring of her brain (normal size!!).

Feel free to comment on some suggested girl names! But don't be disappointed if we don't pick it since we have are pretty much set on a name but are keeping it a surprise!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Second Trimester

Well, the second trimester is well under way and I have to believe this must be one of the easiest pregnancies on record! I have started joking now how I think it might just be easier to keep the little fella in here! Paul thinks it is so easy we should have 10 (but, don't count on that!). It is truly hard to believe that my pregnancy is almost half over!

I have yet to send Paul running to the store because I must have pickles and ice cream but I do try to insure that we have some kind of ice cream available at all times (hold the pickles). My cravings to date revolve largely around sweet things and ice cream has definitely been very satisfying (and I rationalize all the sugar by telling myself it is a serving of dairy!). I think the only truly bizarre food item I have made was a snack consisting of a peanut butter covered waffled topped with banana slices (actually quite good!).

As many of you know, as I post this we are days away from the telling ultrasound in which hopefully we will learn the sex of the baby (look for posting soon to follow August 1 ultrasound). Paul and I are both so excited to be able to give the baby a little more identity. As it stands now, we are planning to withhold name announcements until the actual birth. I'm not the best at keeping secrets so we will see how I do with this!

To see a couple more pictures, click on the title above (I included one of Paul and Havana so it wouldn't be all about me!!).

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mommy about town

Mommy and baby to be have been very busy since our return to Charleston. On July 12 we had a visit from our very good friend, Katrina, who spent the afternoon touring the downtown with us. Paul joined us at a Mexican restaurant for dinner (a favorite dinner destination for Katrina and I!).

Earlier that week, Paul and I took the baby for a "walk" across the new "Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge", which was open only to pedestrians the first weekend. The overcast skies kept it a bit cooler. This new bridge is getting some fame as the biggest expansion bridge in the Americas so there has been a lot of hoopla around the opening of it! We walked for two hours and baby and I (and Paul too) were exhausted afterwards! (Click on the title of this entry to see pictures of the new bridge).

Friday, July 08, 2005

Prenatal Visit #3

July 7 was our third visit to the obstetrician (I say "our", because not only baby and I go - as if baby has a choice - but Paul has gone faithfully to every visit). Everything is continuing to go very well and the doctor is very pleased with the progress.

The two most interesting and exciting things for me at our visits are seeing how much weight I've gained and hearing the heartbeat (apparently, hearing the heartbeat is less exciting once you can feel the baby move but right now it is very validating). I am now up to 129 pounds! This is a 14 pound weight gain from my pre-pregnancy weight. The doctor is now recommending a total weight gain of 25-35 pounds. The baby's heartbeat has slowed to 130. The doctor mentioned that there is some non-scientific belief that there is a correlation between fetal heart rate and gender of the baby (a heartrate over 140 is a girl and a heartrate under 140 is a boy). My good friend Katrina also checked the "Chinese Astrological Gender Chart" to see what their prediction of the gender was and this also indicated a boy. So, if you're a betting person, so far all signs lead to BOY. (Of course, this is all very non-scientific but fun to think about).

Our next visit is August 1 and this will be THE ultrasound (yes, the one where they can scientifically tell us the gender of the baby). It is very exciting to think that in three weeks we will know a little more about the identity of our budding human!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

See my belly?

Karin with Molly (left) & Havana

Saturday, July 3 was my first day in any type of maternity clothes. (Yes, I can still squeeze myself into several items of my "regular" clothes, but a girl gets eager to show off her belly at this stage in the game - at least, I am!). This top is actually a loaner item from my very good friend Katrina (thanks, Katrina!!). I guess I don't quite look like I swallowed a watermelon yet but there is still plenty of time.

Note: If you click on this post's heading, "See my Belly?", you can see more pictures!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The first trimester

So, here we are with a baby on the way! Paul and I are still in shock that we are really going to be parents. Paul is so excited to be a Dad and have a family and that has been wonderful!

As you can see, I have posted our first ultrasound picture! They did this ultrasound at our first doctor's appointment (May 12), the day after we moved back to Charleston from Farmington. The ultrasound was a great experience because it was the first thing that really validated the existence of this little being! We also got to hear the heartbeat (the doctor promises we will get to hear it at every visit!). The doctor said that everything looked good with the baby and with my health. She was amazed that I had had no morning sickness and said I was one of the lucky ones! A little fatigue is the only symptom I experienced in my first trimester.

I started back to work at the College of Charleston on May 16 and I waited a whole week to tell my co-workers I was pregnant. Having worked with them before and kept in touch during our time in New Mexico, it was hard to keep it a secret. Fortunately, my boss was excited about the prospect of a baby in our office and not too traumatized by the fact that I would be on maternity leave within the first year of my time back.

My second visit with the doctor was on June 9. At this visit she suggested I gain 30-40 pounds! That will be interesting! At my first visit I had gained 7 pounds and then only 1 additional pound at my second visit. At this visit, the machine they use to listen to the heartbeat gave us this squaking feedback that started to make us wonder if we were having an alien! But, the doctor got a second machine and then all was well. She did get a good laugh when Paul said he was hoping for a puppy!

So, the first trimester is officially over and I am barely showing but not fitting in to many of my "regular" clothes. And, of course, maternity clothes look silly so it is interesting getting dressed every morning.

Paul has gone to both doctor's visits and is really excited to be involved in this process. I think it is his goal to go to every visit if he can. He is going to be a great Dad and is planning to do lots of "Daddy-duty" when baby gets here!

Our next visit is on July 7 and then we should get to have the ultrasound that will tell us the sex of the baby sometime in August! Can't wait for that!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Spreading the news!

It was really fun telling all our friends and family about the baby-to-be! Since the timing of the pregnancy coincided with our move back we waited a bit so at least some family could hear the news in person!

We started our drive back to Charleston on Mother's day and picked up my dad in Albaquerque to help us with the driving. (I viewed the drive back as a tedious chore to get done but dad looked forward to it as if it were going to be a great adventure and that made it fun! He sure did get a kick out of all the countryside we saw - including two side trips to the OK city memorial and Elvis' birthplace).

At any rate, this meant I could tell my mother and step-mother on the phone on Mother's day knowing my dad was safely in the air and out of their earshot! I called my mother first thing in the morning and told her she was going to be a nana! She was definitely not expecting that news and I'm sure if I could see her, her jaw was probably on the floor! She was very excited and, since this is her first grandchild, she decided to she needed to go do some research on just what "nanas" are supposed to do! I also called my step-grandmother, Kay, who was very excited and thought the timing was just perfect.

Then I called my step-mother, who I can always count on for a good comment! She said it was about time and they had been afraid they would be too durn old to enjoy our children! So, she said my dad would be just thrilled to hear the news! And the timing works out great with their upcoming move to Alabama where they will be closer to their youngest grand-baby!

So, my dad was the first family member we got to tell in person and we picked the lovely location of a Subway sandwich shop in Tucamari, New Mexico (complete with gas station)! I introduced the topic with, "this is a strange place to tell to this but".... and his eyes narrowed a little suspicious of what I was about to drop on him. And then I said that Paul and I were going to have a baby and his eyes about bugged out of his head (a big reaction for a man who tends to keep things close to the vest!) and he said that was great news and he was really happy! Then he laughed and said he would have known it was Paul's if I had just said I was pregnant! Always a joker!

My sister and her family were the next to find out as we stopped there for a night on our journey back. My sister was told as soon as she got home from work since my dad was standing by her side giving me funny faces that he couldn't keep it a secret much longer. She has been anxious to have a niece or nephew on this side of the family for some time so she was very excited. When I told my brother-in-law he rubbed his belly and laughed and said me too! (Another joker). Then he said I was too skinny to be pregnant (he wouldn't be the last to say that!).

Paul's family was our next stop on our journey home and we told his mother by signing her Mother's day card, "love, Paul, Karin, and baby-to-be." She got very confused and thought maybe we were just promising to have children someday so we had to let her know that it was not someday but right now. She was excited and Paul's brothers both came by and we told them too. Paul's dad had been in Summerville for a hearing so we stopped in route and met him at a Waffle House (another great location for such announcements!) and he was thrilled too and loves to call and ask how his grandchild is doing.

We have been telling people non-stop since then and it has been a great excuse to catch up with friends we don't get to see or talk to very often. We thank everyone for the well wishes!

Friday, June 24, 2005


Hi, everyone! I thought it was time to get onboard the mommy train and do something cutsie to update family and friends on all the big changes in our lives (but mostly on this new baby!!). This post will follow with a catch up to let y'all know what has been going on so far and then I will try to post more regularly and put a photo or two up too!

Don't miss the cute "baby ticker" at the bottom of the page!!

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