Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The first trimester

So, here we are with a baby on the way! Paul and I are still in shock that we are really going to be parents. Paul is so excited to be a Dad and have a family and that has been wonderful!

As you can see, I have posted our first ultrasound picture! They did this ultrasound at our first doctor's appointment (May 12), the day after we moved back to Charleston from Farmington. The ultrasound was a great experience because it was the first thing that really validated the existence of this little being! We also got to hear the heartbeat (the doctor promises we will get to hear it at every visit!). The doctor said that everything looked good with the baby and with my health. She was amazed that I had had no morning sickness and said I was one of the lucky ones! A little fatigue is the only symptom I experienced in my first trimester.

I started back to work at the College of Charleston on May 16 and I waited a whole week to tell my co-workers I was pregnant. Having worked with them before and kept in touch during our time in New Mexico, it was hard to keep it a secret. Fortunately, my boss was excited about the prospect of a baby in our office and not too traumatized by the fact that I would be on maternity leave within the first year of my time back.

My second visit with the doctor was on June 9. At this visit she suggested I gain 30-40 pounds! That will be interesting! At my first visit I had gained 7 pounds and then only 1 additional pound at my second visit. At this visit, the machine they use to listen to the heartbeat gave us this squaking feedback that started to make us wonder if we were having an alien! But, the doctor got a second machine and then all was well. She did get a good laugh when Paul said he was hoping for a puppy!

So, the first trimester is officially over and I am barely showing but not fitting in to many of my "regular" clothes. And, of course, maternity clothes look silly so it is interesting getting dressed every morning.

Paul has gone to both doctor's visits and is really excited to be involved in this process. I think it is his goal to go to every visit if he can. He is going to be a great Dad and is planning to do lots of "Daddy-duty" when baby gets here!

Our next visit is on July 7 and then we should get to have the ultrasound that will tell us the sex of the baby sometime in August! Can't wait for that!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Spreading the news!

It was really fun telling all our friends and family about the baby-to-be! Since the timing of the pregnancy coincided with our move back we waited a bit so at least some family could hear the news in person!

We started our drive back to Charleston on Mother's day and picked up my dad in Albaquerque to help us with the driving. (I viewed the drive back as a tedious chore to get done but dad looked forward to it as if it were going to be a great adventure and that made it fun! He sure did get a kick out of all the countryside we saw - including two side trips to the OK city memorial and Elvis' birthplace).

At any rate, this meant I could tell my mother and step-mother on the phone on Mother's day knowing my dad was safely in the air and out of their earshot! I called my mother first thing in the morning and told her she was going to be a nana! She was definitely not expecting that news and I'm sure if I could see her, her jaw was probably on the floor! She was very excited and, since this is her first grandchild, she decided to she needed to go do some research on just what "nanas" are supposed to do! I also called my step-grandmother, Kay, who was very excited and thought the timing was just perfect.

Then I called my step-mother, who I can always count on for a good comment! She said it was about time and they had been afraid they would be too durn old to enjoy our children! So, she said my dad would be just thrilled to hear the news! And the timing works out great with their upcoming move to Alabama where they will be closer to their youngest grand-baby!

So, my dad was the first family member we got to tell in person and we picked the lovely location of a Subway sandwich shop in Tucamari, New Mexico (complete with gas station)! I introduced the topic with, "this is a strange place to tell to this but".... and his eyes narrowed a little suspicious of what I was about to drop on him. And then I said that Paul and I were going to have a baby and his eyes about bugged out of his head (a big reaction for a man who tends to keep things close to the vest!) and he said that was great news and he was really happy! Then he laughed and said he would have known it was Paul's if I had just said I was pregnant! Always a joker!

My sister and her family were the next to find out as we stopped there for a night on our journey back. My sister was told as soon as she got home from work since my dad was standing by her side giving me funny faces that he couldn't keep it a secret much longer. She has been anxious to have a niece or nephew on this side of the family for some time so she was very excited. When I told my brother-in-law he rubbed his belly and laughed and said me too! (Another joker). Then he said I was too skinny to be pregnant (he wouldn't be the last to say that!).

Paul's family was our next stop on our journey home and we told his mother by signing her Mother's day card, "love, Paul, Karin, and baby-to-be." She got very confused and thought maybe we were just promising to have children someday so we had to let her know that it was not someday but right now. She was excited and Paul's brothers both came by and we told them too. Paul's dad had been in Summerville for a hearing so we stopped in route and met him at a Waffle House (another great location for such announcements!) and he was thrilled too and loves to call and ask how his grandchild is doing.

We have been telling people non-stop since then and it has been a great excuse to catch up with friends we don't get to see or talk to very often. We thank everyone for the well wishes!

Friday, June 24, 2005


Hi, everyone! I thought it was time to get onboard the mommy train and do something cutsie to update family and friends on all the big changes in our lives (but mostly on this new baby!!). This post will follow with a catch up to let y'all know what has been going on so far and then I will try to post more regularly and put a photo or two up too!

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