Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Second Trimester

Well, the second trimester is well under way and I have to believe this must be one of the easiest pregnancies on record! I have started joking now how I think it might just be easier to keep the little fella in here! Paul thinks it is so easy we should have 10 (but, don't count on that!). It is truly hard to believe that my pregnancy is almost half over!

I have yet to send Paul running to the store because I must have pickles and ice cream but I do try to insure that we have some kind of ice cream available at all times (hold the pickles). My cravings to date revolve largely around sweet things and ice cream has definitely been very satisfying (and I rationalize all the sugar by telling myself it is a serving of dairy!). I think the only truly bizarre food item I have made was a snack consisting of a peanut butter covered waffled topped with banana slices (actually quite good!).

As many of you know, as I post this we are days away from the telling ultrasound in which hopefully we will learn the sex of the baby (look for posting soon to follow August 1 ultrasound). Paul and I are both so excited to be able to give the baby a little more identity. As it stands now, we are planning to withhold name announcements until the actual birth. I'm not the best at keeping secrets so we will see how I do with this!

To see a couple more pictures, click on the title above (I included one of Paul and Havana so it wouldn't be all about me!!).

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mommy about town

Mommy and baby to be have been very busy since our return to Charleston. On July 12 we had a visit from our very good friend, Katrina, who spent the afternoon touring the downtown with us. Paul joined us at a Mexican restaurant for dinner (a favorite dinner destination for Katrina and I!).

Earlier that week, Paul and I took the baby for a "walk" across the new "Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge", which was open only to pedestrians the first weekend. The overcast skies kept it a bit cooler. This new bridge is getting some fame as the biggest expansion bridge in the Americas so there has been a lot of hoopla around the opening of it! We walked for two hours and baby and I (and Paul too) were exhausted afterwards! (Click on the title of this entry to see pictures of the new bridge).

Friday, July 08, 2005

Prenatal Visit #3

July 7 was our third visit to the obstetrician (I say "our", because not only baby and I go - as if baby has a choice - but Paul has gone faithfully to every visit). Everything is continuing to go very well and the doctor is very pleased with the progress.

The two most interesting and exciting things for me at our visits are seeing how much weight I've gained and hearing the heartbeat (apparently, hearing the heartbeat is less exciting once you can feel the baby move but right now it is very validating). I am now up to 129 pounds! This is a 14 pound weight gain from my pre-pregnancy weight. The doctor is now recommending a total weight gain of 25-35 pounds. The baby's heartbeat has slowed to 130. The doctor mentioned that there is some non-scientific belief that there is a correlation between fetal heart rate and gender of the baby (a heartrate over 140 is a girl and a heartrate under 140 is a boy). My good friend Katrina also checked the "Chinese Astrological Gender Chart" to see what their prediction of the gender was and this also indicated a boy. So, if you're a betting person, so far all signs lead to BOY. (Of course, this is all very non-scientific but fun to think about).

Our next visit is August 1 and this will be THE ultrasound (yes, the one where they can scientifically tell us the gender of the baby). It is very exciting to think that in three weeks we will know a little more about the identity of our budding human!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

See my belly?

Karin with Molly (left) & Havana

Saturday, July 3 was my first day in any type of maternity clothes. (Yes, I can still squeeze myself into several items of my "regular" clothes, but a girl gets eager to show off her belly at this stage in the game - at least, I am!). This top is actually a loaner item from my very good friend Katrina (thanks, Katrina!!). I guess I don't quite look like I swallowed a watermelon yet but there is still plenty of time.

Note: If you click on this post's heading, "See my Belly?", you can see more pictures!