Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Papa, the Thespian

This past weekend we saw the culmination of all of Paul's father's hard work rehearsing for his role as Maurice, Belle's father, in Beauty in the Beast. He did a spectacular job and we had a blast watching the play. This was baby to be's first theatre outing and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself (actually, I have no idea but she did kick a good bit so we'll go ahead and call it a good time had by all).

We were able to go to the same matinee performance as Paul's brother Joey and his family which made it that much more fun. Afterwards, we all went to dinner at Za's Pizza in Columbia. Our niece Sarah, who is now my custom jewelry artist, made me a pair of earrings custom made to match my outfit. Parker regaled us with stories he had recently learned about his own infancy and gave us the recap on the play we all just seen together.

For more pictures of the play, click on the subject line above (no shots of me this time, I am the one behind the camera for a change).

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Who loves sugar?

Or alternate title: Prenatal Visit #6: The Glucola Test

Preface: I met with the patient educator to discuss the 7 pound weight gain mentioned in prenatal visit #5 and while I kept my chin up, inside I was not developing any warm feelings for this woman. She was pretty well decided that I was going to be a big, fat pig by the end of this pregnancy and I was on the brink of a good case of gestational diabetes. "Nobody needs 2-3 desserts a day," she says. Have you heard such crazy talk? Why didn't she appreciate my honesty on my food diary (I had made brownies the week I chose to keep it). -- Note to other pregnant moms: lie about brownies on food diary if you are required to keep one or refrain from making them in the first place if you just can't live with yourself for fibbing. -- I thought I did a great job of being very stoic during our meeting and did not cry as the girl before me had over reviewing the gestational diabetes diet (no desserts at all on that diet!). However, I did spend most of the rest of the day trashing the woman and her credibility to both my co-workers and my husband - who says motherhood makes you nicer.

So, I came into the next prenatal appointment (my one hour glucola test) with something to prove - Karin does not fail tests! Well, apparently, sometimes she does - or she scores borderline anyway. A sugar count of 140 or less is required as a "passing" grade and 150or higher is a big "failure" in the land of gestational diabetes. I managed to hit the midpoint of 145 which meant I won the grand prize, a chance to take the three hour glucola test! The good news is, after fasting and spending 3 1/2 hours in the nearby lab peeing in a cup and having my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours, I "passed" the test! I got the last word with the patient educator after all.

Also of note, at visit #6 I had gained only two pounds so the doctor was much happier with that number (and also disproving patient educator's other theory that I would become big, fat pig).

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Visit to Durham, NC

One of the best things about being back on the "East Coast" is being closer to friends and family. This weekend I made a trip up to Durham, NC to visit one of my closest friends, Katrina. Her son, Hilton, is now 1 year old and already had some infant items he was willing to share with our baby to be! Paul, baby, and I really appreciate their generosity!

I got a bit of hands on training this weekend spending lots of time watching Hilton in action! He is walking and very curious about his surroundings now. He loves being read to and spending time outside. (Click on the subject line for this entry to see pictures of our weekend adventures!). Katrina has become an expert diaper changer and has limitless patience with all the food he refuses to eat!

Note there are a couple new pictures of me out there and I think I am finally getting to the stage where people are beginning to talk about how big I am. Oddly, I just love looking like I swallowed a watermelon (an analogy my brother-in-law uses!) and it is nice to be recognized as being pregnant. It may not be easy to tell from the pictures, but I am definitely carrying high and baby is just jutting straight out! I think by month nine I may be quite huge (I promise to include pictures!).