Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dad Comes To Visit

My Dad came to visit for a weekend and brought his faithful sidekick, Annie. It was his first visit to Charleston since we got back from New Mexico, so he enjoyed getting to see the house and my pregnant belly! He got to feel the baby kick once too! My Dad is now a little closer having recently moved from Buffalo, NY to Birmingham, AL where he and Jeanette are building a log home. Dad has moved down early to supervise the building (or, for the moment, the lack thereof!) and Jeanette will follow in the Spring.

Annie came to visit too and to meet our dogs and see how they liked each other. Annie pretty much only truly loves my Dad so I don't think she was too crazy about all the affection our girls tried to give her. They had their ups and downs and Annie was happiest when she got to sit on the couch with my dad. And after a minor chase incident, our cat, Mayhew, spent the rest of the weekend under the bed. Click on the Title to see some pics of Annie and our girls at play.

Dad and Jeanette will next visit us at Christmas-time when our household will be very different with the addition of a brand new baby girl! We are very excited for our baby to be to start meeting her grandparents and get a visit from Santa!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Birthing classes

Or: Scary, slap in the face with reality classes!

Paul and I have just finished our three week crash course on birthing. We are now supposedly versed in the language of Lamaze and ready to pop this baby out in a mere 12-15 hours of painful labor. Being a visual learner, once I get over watching the three birthing videos, I may be able to digest the information we were given.

What we have been able to digest so far is this: we need to have our bag for the hospital packed (it is not), our nursery finished (it is not), and have about two weeks of prepared food stored in the freezer because we will be too exhausted to even consider food preparation (this is highly unlikely to ever happen!). So far, all I feel prepared to do is to go in there and breath in a variety of different ways in the hopes of managing to get through the pain of passing a tiny human the size of a watermelon through an area that just doesn't seem big enough. Clearly, I still need to work on my "mental game plan" for the big day!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're Homeowners!

This posting is actually long overdue but we wanted to announce that we are officially homeowners! As of September 1, we now own the home we had been renting when we moved back. We consider ourselves lucky because the landlord did several renovations before we moved in so it is relatively maintenance free (plus, we didn't have to move again!).

Click on the Title to take a "tour" of our new home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nana comes to visit

Well, after many hurricane cancelations, my mother finally made it up here to visit. There was lots to catch up on since she hadn't seen our new house or me pregnant. Although she doesn't realize yet, she is pretty instinctively slipping into "nana" mode as she spent the whole weekend spoiling us rotten. Thanks to her, we now have nursery bedding and decor (this little girl is going to have the prettiest room in the house). -- Pictures of nursery to follow once Paul and I manage to find time to paint and put all the pieces together!

My mom probably spent more time shopping this weekend than she has in the last five years! Maybe I will turn her into a shopper yet (although it is much more likely this is just a passing phase).

Paul got to partake in the fun when my Mom offered to take us out to dinner on Saturday night. We tried a new restaurant and the night was made memorable when I nearly burnt the place down by putting the bread basket napkin over our candle and getting so engrossed in the yummy bread I totally did not notice the fire I was starting. Luckily, Paul was on the ball and threw his water on the fire! Can you believe I will soon be responsible for an infant?! Fortunately, only a few of the other diners called us "firebugs" on their way out, so maybe not too many people noticed.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Prenatal Visit #7: The New Doctor

I consider this a bold move, but I am posting a chart of my weight gain so far. I know as women we are supposed to keep these types of numbers in the "vault", but I am so fascinated by it I just had to share. For those of you who haven't known me my whole life, weight gain has never been a problem in my life. In fact, as a child and young adult we couldn't seem to do anything to "fatten me up" (and I was a stick figure growing up so a little fattening wouldn't have hurt). But, now, as you can see, I am having no trouble!

Anyway, about the health of the baby. Again, another doctor's visit finds all well with baby. The doctor says she now weighs about 3 pounds and would be viable if I were to deliver early (no signs of that at the moment). Her heart beat was good and strong and my pregnancy couldn't be more normal.

The most interesting thing about this visit is it begins a series of four where we will meet the other doctors who could end up delivering our baby if we deliver after hours and have to use the doctor on call. Today we met the only male doctor in the practice who does deliveries. He seemed very genteel with his silver hair and bow tie. I grew to like him when he stated that it was important for me to lie down whenever I get the opportunity! Ah. more catnaps on the weekends as ordered by the doctor! If only he had said I needed to make sure I remembered to eat ice cream everyday, I would have thought he was perfect! Perhaps back up doctor number 2.