Monday, November 27, 2006

KK's First Birthday Party

Alternate title: Best day of my life so far!

KK had a blast at her first Birthday party. She laughed and laughed and loved every minute of it. She was fairly delicate with her cake and loved opening presents (with lots of help tearing off the paper).

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

11 Months Old

Katharine is 11 months old now and I can't believe a whole year has almost passed! We are gearing up for her 1st birthday and the upcoming holiday season.

Katharine continues to grow and amaze us and amuse us! She is crawling like a champ now and does some standing when she has something to hold on to. She still doesn't have many words and seems to mostly prefer to say "Daddy" all day long. She continues to be a good eater and to enjoy snacks and meals!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

10 Months Old

So much has happened with our little girl in the last month! She continues to change so quickly. She is now crawling around a good bit (in her own special way - with one leg straight out to the side at times). And she is starting to "cruise" along in a standing position if she has something to hang on to. This has made Paul and I keenly aware that we are overdue to babyRoof-proof our house!

She still absolutely loves food and is starting to eat a good bit of "grown up" food. She loves to have dinner with us and share in what we are having.

She continues working on her words. Daddy is still her favorite thing to say but she is working hard on "doggy" (which comes out as "doh" at the moment) and says mommy from time to time. She also says Hi and Hey Da, which I take as greetings but you never know. Even though these are only a few words, she still manages to "talk" most of the day!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Watch Me Grow

Click on the subject of this entry to see pictures of Katharine as she grows! A 10 month update will be coming soon (we have to have our "photoshoot" first!).

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Martha's Vineyard

Click on the subject of this entry to see pictures of Katharine's first plane trip! We took a long weekend to go up to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate my stepfather's 70th birthday (quite a milestone)! Also, please note the size of the plane that we flew on from Boston to Martha's Vineyard. Katharine was a angel on every flight and we made through the new security standards with minimal hassle.

Katharine, Nana, and I also had a star sighting in the Martha's Vineyard airport where we spotted Ted Danson and his wife, Mary Steenburgen.

Trip to Atlanta

Click on the title of this entry to see some pictures from our recent weekend trip to Atlanta to see Lyle Lovett in concert. We had a great time and Grandpa and Grandma Willert met us in Atlanta to babysit. They had a great time babysitting and we enjoyed an evening out as "grown-ups".

10 Years!

Today is the 10 year anniversary of my first date with Paul!
My, how the time flies!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

9 Month Update

This update is the most overdue yet! What can I say, mommy is busy. But, I will try to update you all here on what has been going on and I promise to try to include some photo updates very soon too.

Katharine had her 9 month check up and, again, she passed with flying colors. She weighed 19 pounds 4 ounces and was 28 inches long. Here are the latest on Katharine's development:
* Even though she is not crawling yet, we have gotten the go ahead to get started with some solid foods. We are starting with fruits and vegetables and then will slowly start to incorporate more and more into her diet; that way when she goes off formula she will have been exposed to lots of different foods. So far she thinks this is great fun, we make a big mess, and occasionally a piece of food gets in her mouth.
* Months 9-12 are critical months for language development, so we have been instructed to read to her and talk to her as much as possible.
* The doctor is guessing that since Katharine has not crawled yet that she may just skip to walking. She does love to stand while she holds our hands. The doctor also predicted that since she is not crawling yet she will probably not be walking at her first birthday. I guess we will see.
* She also didn't have to get any shots this time so that it made it the best doctor's visit ever.

We took a quick weekend trip to Atlanta to see Lyle Lovett. My Dad and Jeanette met us in Atlanta to babysit so Paul and I could go to the concert. Everyone had a good time and the grandparents loved having the quality time with their littlest girl! I will try to include some photos soon.

Tomorrow Katharine will fly for the first time! Hopefully she will be as good as she always is and not torture the other passengers. I will keep you posted.

Today we "survived" hurricane Ernesto! Actually, it proved to be nothing too scary for Charleston so it seemed a bit like a lot of fuss for a rainy day. But, Paul and I enjoyed a day off work with our baby and it was nice not to have to head downtown in the rain (since it floods very badly there).

To conclude, here is the latest in Katharine's development:
* Not crawling yet, but starting to want to get to things out of her reach. It will be interesting if she finally gives in and crawls or if she will learn to scoot around until she can get up and walk.
* Katharine has said her first word: "Dada"! She stills loves to "talk" and does so most of the day so once she gets more words I am sure she will be quite the storyteller.
* She has learned to clap which is really cute and, as a result, we clap a good bit of the day just for fun. She is also working on waving but that is still a little bit inconsistent.
* She now has 4 teeth coming in the top and 2 in on the bottom.
* Basically, she is as cute as ever!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

8 months old

We have passed the 8 month old marker and KK continues to thrive. She has had some more firsts this past month with adventures in swimming and boating. She seems to love the water and always loves to do things outside. She went swimming for the second time today and she just loved it. She really tries to swim, letting her legs float out behind her and moving her arms around in the water. She nevers seems to get upset if water gets in her face and she definitely doesn't cling to Mommy out of fear. It is really fun to see her become a little fish!

She is getting a third tooth! She has two on the bottom and is now getting a third on the top. Oddly, the upper tooth is not in the center as is more typical but off to the side more. So, either it is coming in really crooked or she is breaking from the typical growth pattern. (And Daddy and I saw two more teeth just starting to poke through on the top!)

She is still not crawling, but she seems to working on it and she gets some good role-modeling at daycare. She is reaching farther and farther from a sitting position to get toys (or other things she wants), rocks back and forth while sitting, and spends more time on her tummy.

She is still "talking" up a storm but no definite words yet. She is big on the Na-Na sound right now and usually wakes up and immediately starts making that sound until you come and get her out of the crib.

She loves to stand up but still needs a little help to do that. She likes to stand up so much that sometimes when you try to sit her down she will lock her legs and then it will take a minute or two to get her to sit down.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Vacation

Click on the title of this post to see some pictures from our summer vacation to my parent's lakehouse in Alabama. We had lots of fun and Katharine got to do a few firsts - swimming and boating. I think she is a water-baby - she loved it!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

It just gets better and better

Here are some more pictures taken since Katharine has turned 7 months old! Enjoy!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Some Pictures

Long overdue but here are some photos of Katharine! I am going to try to catch up so look for some more photos to come out soon!

There are also some pictures from our anniversary trip to the Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC. (No pictures of KK in those!).

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sitting up by myself!!

Yesterday, KK sat up all by herself! She is still a bit wobbly and requires close supervision but we were still pretty impressed! What a great Father's day present for daddy! (Although, I am sure he enjoyed his new charcoal grill too!).

I think KK is also becoming quite a "ham" for the camera! (Does this mean I am taking out the camera too much??)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

7 Months old

Katharine is 7 months old - my, how the time flies! She has grown so much and becomes more and more a little person everyday. It is so amazing to watch her change but it can be bittersweet as well to know that as each baby phase passes it will never be here again.

Katharine had some interesting experiences this past month. She was babysat for the first time by someone outside her family tree. Her godparents (Mark and Olga) were kind enough to do some babysitting one evening so we could go see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (for my northern friends, yes, I guess I have become a redneck!! HAHA). And she had her first overnight away from Mommy and Daddy when she spent the weekend at Grandmomma and Papa's while Paul and I had our anniversary trip to the Grove Park Inn. Katharine also saw her first "specialist" with a trip to the pediatric opthamologist.

Developmentally, she continues to change and learn new things. I think maybe something is dawning in her that tummy time is the key to mobility because she is more tolerant of being on her tummy (even sleeping on her tummy sometimes). She also loves to scoot along on her back and can make quite a bit of progress doing so. She rolls from side to side and uses any combination of the above to get something she wants. She "talks" a lot and we suspect once she really figures out how it will be a lot noisier in our house.

I promise I will post some photos soon - between a busy work schedule and some technological set backs, it has been tough to get it done! But, there are some really cute pictures we have taken over the last two months and I really want to share them with everyone who is still checking in!

Happy Father's Day

KK and her Daddy wish a happy Father's day to all the other great Dad's out there!
Hope you have a great day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Pediatric Opthamologist

On thursday morning we headed down to the eye doctor to see what the deal is with Katharine's left eye. What she has is a dermoid cyst - which is when normal tissue grows in a place where it shouldn't be growing. It is not that uncommon and often ends up to be nothing more than a cosmetic issue. We will continue to monitor it to make sure it doesn't grow larger or end up causing her a stygmatism. The doctor said that most frequently kids turn 13 and want it removed for cosmetic reasons. We figure we will hold off as long as we can since medical technology advances quickly, if we wait 12 years to remove it the procedure may be no big deal. But, if they were to do the procedure now it would involve anathesia and peeling back the conjuctiva to remove the cyst. That just sounds too serious for a little baby! We were very glad to get good news that is nothing serious and we will go back to the eye doctor in 6 months to have it checked again.

Another tooth

A second tooth is just starting to peek through right next to the first one! Paul and I believe that this, on top of another cold, may explain some crankiness experienced this past week. It was a rough week for the little girl!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Busy moms, sick babies, and holidays!

I will be the first to admit that my "blogging" is slipping. Gone seem to be the days of fanciful webpages and witty narrative, replaced by rushed entries and bullet-pointed updates! I have heard this from my female friends and family but it just doesn't resonate until you experience it yourself - having a career and a baby can just about make you f*@#'ing crazy! There is a ton of joy in my life right now but there is also a whole lot of work to be done!! So I have decided this is my excuse for not blogging like I should, for forgetting b-day cards, for not keeping in touch, and for all the other shameful things I have done to neglect my social network!

So, how is life with Katharine. As always, she continues to be wonderful and to amaze us. She is now rolling over with some regularity and willingly spending some time on her tummy. No signs of crawling yet but she will sort of scoot forwards while she is lying on her back. She can't sit independently yet but I think she is getting pretty close. Her tooth is now more prominent and pretty cute! No sign of any more yet but I'm sure it won't be long. And, the bad news, more colds! I am really starting to think she has just had one long cold since starting daycare. I think it has really been more like an off and on thing where new germs are constantly being introduced but it is still a nuisance. Right now she is in the grips of a rough one and it is sad to see her little boogary face and hear her rough little cough.

We had a weekend getaway as a family to attend a good friend's wedding up in a small town in NC. It was a beautiful wedding and Katharine had a blast at her first wedding! The highlight for me was when she had her first dance with her daddy to "Carolina Girls." As Paul said, now we know what she will dance with her daddy to on her wedding day! I got some pictures of this that I have not yet developed (I actually went back to the ol' 35 mm for this event) but I am hopeful they will be darn cute!

As for mom and dad we did get some "couple time" recently with our annual anniversary trip to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. We spent a weekend at the luxurious Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC and it was wonderful! I highly recommend it for peace and relaxation! We did not indulge in their wonderful spa but we definitely feel like we missed out and will not miss it on our next visit. Ashville is a beautiful mountain town and the Grove Park Inn blends in so smoothly with its environment that you can't help but feel calmed.

Tomorrow is a big day for Katharine. We have an appointment scheduled with the pediatric opthmalogist here in Charleston to have her eye examined. We don't think it is anything too serious but something that may need to be addressed in the future, so after discussions with our pediatrician we decided to go ahead and get a consultation to see what may lay ahead. Katharine has a small membrane or muscle that you can see in the outer, left corner of her eye and we are beginning to see the slightest possibility that it may be keeping that eye more closed than her other eye. It is having no effect on her now but as she grows it may come to impede her vision. So, we will go and see what the experts say. I will try to blog soon to let you all know what the results of that visit were.

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Tooth!

It's barely there, you can hardly see it, and you can barely feel it but the first tooth is definitely beginning to poke its way through! It's coming through on the bottom center left. There's been no real fussing about it so far -- except for one mysterious Saturday afternoon where she was miserable but we're still not 100% sure what that was about -- but she has drooled like crazy. I think I would rather have the drooling than the fussing any day of the week though!

More to follow!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

6 Month Check Up

Yesterday was Katharine's 6 month check up with the pediatrician and she "passed" with flying colors! Her weight is now up to 16 lbs, 12 oz (70th percentile) and her length is now 27 inches long (90th percentile). I think the doctor actually used the word "perfect" to describe Katharine (I already knew she was perfect but how validating is it to hear it from a medical professional!).

Here is what we learned at this visit:
* We were given the go-ahead to move on from stage 1 baby foods to stage 2 baby foods. We are also going to be introducing a "sippy cup" to give her some water. Just water; juice is "evil" says the doctor. Not only does it rot babies teeth but it also sets up their metabolisms to crave sugar.
* Katharine's develomental progress is good. It is pretty common for bigger babies to dislike tummy time and to be a little slower with the physical things like sitting up and rolling over.
* In the next few weeks Katharine should start to use some hard sounds like "dada" and "baba" in addition to her currents sounds, she should start crawling in 6-8 weeks, and teeth could appear at any time.
* Research shows that once babies can crawl they have the gag reflex which means you can start to introduce soft solids. So, once she is crawling we can give her small pieces of bananas or well-cooked carrots. The introduction of these solids is about more than eating. It also helps her work on her grasp (she should grasp the food with a rake -like grasp), bringing the food from her hand to her mouth, and enjoying the texture as well as the taste of foods.
* It is time to baby-Roof-proof! We are so not ready for that so I guess we have to get down on her hands and knees and check out the house!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

6 Months Old

Boy have I slacked off on my blogging! I hope folks are still checking in and I apologize for the increasingly infrequent entries! I guess "mommyhood", full-time work, and the rest of home life are keeping me pretty darn busy!

Anyway, Katharine continues to grow and amaze us everyday! She is still lots of fun and we just can't seem to get enough of her. Here is the latest and greatest in our world:
          • Tuesday is KK's six month check up and we can't wait to see how much she has grown. We just love our pediatrician so it is always nice to go and get our questions answered and hear what is coming up next. I'm also looking forward to the official "weigh in" to see how much bigger Katharine has gotten. I'm going to guess somewhere between 16-17 lbs. But, she will get some more shots and none of us are looking forward to that!
      • Food is still a pretty good thing in Katharine's life. We are trying more and have many more successes than failures in terms of her tastes. We started with rice cereal at about 4.5 months and she liked that. Then we added in peaches (good), bananas (good), pears (good), applesauce (good), sweet potatoes (good), peas (good), carrots (so-so), butternut sqaush (good).
      • Her feet are still really entertaining to her and she loves to get those PJs off in the morning so we can tickle her toes!
      • Our pediatrician told us that a child gets 8-12 colds in the first year that they go to daycare and she sure was right on. Katharine has another cold now and has had them off and on since starting daycare. It is a nuisance but we have been lucky that so far they have been fairly mild.
      • She rolled over again! Just today she rolled over after not having done so for about 2 months. This time she went from her back to her belly, which I think was largely accidental. She was also pretty unhappy with this accomplishment as being on her tummy still makes her ticked off.
      • She has "discovered" the dogs and she thinks they are pretty cool. They seem to be really fascinated with her too. Once a day or so we let her get up close to the dogs and they sniff her and lick her hands and faces. She laughs and reaches out to touch them. She has also starting watching them a good bit more whenever she realizes they are within her line of vision. The dogs are pretty tolerant of her and seem to know that they need to patient and gentle with her. Good dogs!
      • She loves to giggle now and it is so fun to tickle her or smother her in kisses to make her giggle. It is a very cute sound!
      • No further signs of teeth yet but she is drooling like crazy so something must be happening underneath the gumline.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

5 Months Old

Katharine is 5 months old now and we just can't believe how the time is flying by! We have been back in Charleston for almost a year and it feels like the blink of an eye. Katharine continues to grow bigger and to get more and more personality!

Here are some of the latest highlights:
  • We are convinced she is the smartest baby we know (I'm sure this is mostly parental pride but she just continues to amaze us with all the little things she does). For example, tonight she sat in her high chair so she could be with us during dinner and I gave her one of her baby spoons to play with; after a slight miss into the forehead and one into the eye, she put that spoon right into her mouth! She knew exactly what that thing was for! (She also definitely got the concept that we were eating and seemed maybe just a bit envious).
  • She is definitely very verbal! She now has these little high-pitched shrieks and la-la type sounds that she loves to make. The range from soft and cute to loud and cute to loud and expressing frustration. She seems to really like to practice some of these sounds in public places like restaurants, etc.
  • She still hasn't rolled over again since the first time around 4 months but she is now rolling from side to side.
  • She is very interested in her hands and feet, loving to lay on her back and reach for her feet. When she wakes up in the morning she lays in her crib and chats to her self and kicks her feet around.
  • She is still enjoying discovering foods and textures. So far we have tried rice cereal (good), peaches (good), and bananas (good). We have not yet decided what we will try next!
  • Teething?? - Oh boy did we have a rough afternoon yesterday. She cried the saddest cry we have ever heard her cry and not much would comfort her. It finally passed but it left us wondering if that was our first round of teething pains! The only good part of this was that the only thing that seemed to comfort her was some mommy-love and that made me feel pretty darn special!
Click on the subject to see lots of pictures of our girl!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Parents Day Out

This entry has minimum to do with Katharine other than the fact that we left her with a babysitter for the longest amount of time ever! Nana was the babysitter (who flew in all the way from FL to take the job!) and the two of them had a great time! My mother actually thanked us for letting her babysit (good trick, eh?!).

Anyway, Paul and I spent the day at our good friends Ashleigh and Scott's wedding. It was a good time had by all and a beautful wedding! I've posted all the pictures I took from the wedding for those who know Ashleigh (or those who just love looking at pictures of weddings!).

For the curious, here is a rundown of the cast of characters:
Ashleigh and Scott: The bride and groom. Ashleigh and I worked together in Institutional Research when I was at College of Charleston the first time and Ashleigh was still there upon my return. When I was restructured to the office of AAPA (Accountability, Accreditation, Planning, and Assessment), Ashleigh was restructured with me. Scott also used to work at the College of Charleston but now works for a company called Ashton - Johnson as a computer guru of some type. They are a great couple and it was so nice to seem them get married!
Pam and Virgil: Pam is my new boss in AAPA. She has worked for the College of Charleston for 20 years and is a great mentor to all of us gals! Virgil is a chemical engineer at a company named Lexess (or something like that).
Debbie and Bo: Debbie also came over to AAPA during the recent restructuring and had worked in the library at CofC until that time. She is great fun and it has been great getting to know her and working with her! Her husband, Bo, works for Blackbaud as a technical writer.
Jose and Walter: Jose (pronounced, Josie) was our co-worker when Ashleigh and I were both in Institutional Research. She is, of course, still our co-worker and we sure miss having her in our office everyday. Fortunately, she is our main source of data, so we get to visit with her often! Her husband is a former pilot whonow does everything from construction to computer repairs!

Enjoy the pics and I'll be posting again soon (next time I'll try to come back to the main character of interest, my beautiful baby girl!!).

Sunday, April 23, 2006


A little belated, but I am posting some pictures of our Easter weekend in Columbia.

The Easter Bunny hopped on down the bunny trail and found us at Grandmama and Papa's house!

Click on the title to see all our pics!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

All The Latest

Finally, an update posting! Well, it will be short because I have used all my allotted time on putting together some pictures to post! (I think motherhood means never sitting down again!).

Here are the new (and very cool) things Katharine is doing:

  • She has started to mimic us! We have been blowing raspberries to KK for awhile now because it was a sound that really seemed to get her attention and that she liked. This past week she started blowing them back at us and it is now quite a fun game for her! We think it is hysterical!
  • Poor Katharine has another bout of some kind of germy infection. This time it has manifested itself as a cough but, thankfully, again it is not too serious. So far, these little colds don't seem to get her down at all. Last night she woke herself up from coughing and then proceeded to lay in her crib and work on perfecting her raspberries!
  • She has discovered her hands and the fact that she make them grab things! It is really cute to watch her focus on reaching for something that interests her.
  • We are now eating rice cereal! I have to admit I was a little scared to make this transition but Katharine seems to be adapting to it just fine. I think she is finding eating very interesting and a pretty fun activity now that we have tried it a few times. She also thinks this another good times to practice her raspberries!
  • Going in the Baby Bjorn carrier facing out! This is really fun for her when we go places (like the pet fest shown in the pictures) so she can really see what is going on.
Click on the title to see lots of pictures!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Stroller and the Bandits

This past Saturday Katharine and I participated in one of the biggest road races/ walks in the country, The Cooper River Bridge Run. This is a 10K run and walk across the bridge that goes over the Cooper River. This year was significant because it was the first walk on the new bridge (those of you who follow this blog diligently may recall that Paul and I walked this when I was pregnant and posted some pictures of it). There were 43,000 people participating in this event and boy was it crowded!

This is one of those events that you have to love doing because there are some pain in the butt things you have to go through to make it happen. Allow me to expand on this. First, the day before race packets must be picked up in an extremely overcrowded auditorium and a car must be parked downtown where the finish is located. Then, the whole Roof family got up at 4:15 in the morning to make sure we were dressed and Katharine was fed before departing at 5:oo AM to get over the bridge before it closes and find a good parking space before the 42,997 other race participants show up. Fortunately, the weather was nice and Katharine was a good sport about all these early morning activities (including a second breastfeeding in the back of the truck so we could have some privacy - we have a topper for those who have not seen Paul's truck).

Finally, at 8:00 the race begins and and we all cram together in the street and walk at a snail's pace for 20 minutes to get to the starting line. Then we continue to walk at a snail's pace over the bridge and back into downtown Charleston (while I try desparately not to bang people's ankles with the stroller - I counted and I only hit 4 people which I thought was pretty good for our first time!). We finished the race around 10:30 AM where we promptly scurried off to Paul's office so Katharine could eat again (she slept through most of the race and only fussed a little bit).

I titled this entry the stroller and the bandit because the "posse" that I walked with broke the two major rules of the race: no strollers and you must wear a race number. I walked with my very good friend Meredith and her mother-in-law who both forgot their race numbers (they call people who forget their race numbers bandits) and my sister-in-law, Erin. So, among my "posse"- my friend Ashleigh said she couldn't get my attention during the race because I was with my "posse" - only my sister-in-law was a truly law abiding citizen. Fortunately, the race police are rather casual about all this and tend to let people slide on these so called rules! You gotta love Charleston!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

4 Month Check Up

On Friday afternoon Katharine had her 4 month check up. She is, as usual, doing very well. Her weight is up to 14 lbs, 7 oz (75th percentile) and is now 25.5 inches long (90th percentile). The doctor was pleased with her develomental progress and said she was surprised that Katharine had started to roll over since she was a bigger baby.

The other big news from this appointment is that we can start to introduce solid foods anytime this month! The doctor said that starting anytime over the next month would be fine and I'm sort of glad she gave us some time since this is a big change! We start with just rice cereal for a month then we start to add in some baby food after that (fruits and vegetables only). What I found most interesting is that the introduction of solid foods at this age has almost nothing to do with nutrition but much more with socializing a child to eat solid foods and to be exposed to taste and texture. The only thing Katharine has had besides breast milk is baby Tylenol before her shots (which she likes very much because it is sweet). I do think it will be fun to watch her experience new tastes and watch her expand her world.

And, yes, there were more shots. Basically, additional boosters of the same shots she had last time. And boy did she scream! She just cried and cried and through her teary eyes she stared at me as if to say, "Do something, Mommy!" It really is heartbreaking. Fortunately she comes back down pretty quickly and she seemed to be pretty wiped out on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

She Rolled Over!

Big baby milestone today! She rolled over from her tummy to her back all by herself!! Tummy time has never been her favorite and she will tolerate it for a very short period of time before getting rather ticked off. I could tell today that tummy time was losing its charm for her but I could also tell that she was really close to rolling over. As a result, this milestone was accomplished by a very grumpy girl who was not happy with mommy (despite my excitement and cheering!).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

4 Months Old

Today Katharine is four months old! She is developing such a personality now and we continue to have so much fun with her. Here are the new things she is enjoying:
1) We are starting to see the first signs of her wanting to roll over. Today she was rolling to one side and arching her body to look at some of her toys on her activity mat but didn't make it all the way over to her tummy.
2) She is getting much stronger holding her head up both on her tummy and in a sitting position.
3) She will now help to pull herself into a sitting position when you pull her up by her hands. When we take her hands she knows what we are about to do and does some of the work. She loves to look around once she is sitting and see her world from a new angle.
4) She is still working hard on developing her giggle and practicing some sounds. She loves to converse with us, especially in the mornings.
5) She truly seems to recognize people now and to smile in excitement at seeing them. (Talk about a feel good moment!).
6) Now when she is excited she will wiggle her whole body and thrash her arms and legs around to show her excitement. It is really pretty cute!
7) She is really enjoying people and interacting with them. We really feel like she enjoys family time and having us pay lots of attention to her!

Monday, March 13, 2006

She got Sprinkled

This past weekend was Katharine's baptism at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Columbia (the Roof family church for many generations). Katharine wore a baptismal gown that was handmade by Paul's grandmother 43 years ago! Paul, both of his brothers, a few of his cousins, and several of his nieces and nephews have all worn this gown for their baptisms.

Katharine was an angel through the whole ceremony. Pastor Easley held her for quite a while during the ceremony and she merely stared at him, absolutely fascinated. He carried her through the congregation so they could meet the newest member of St. Paul's and she was a perfect angel. She just looked around at everyone in the church. Of course, as soon as the baptism was over and they continued on with the service she started to cry, so Katharine and I had to wait outside for everyone.

After church we had a luncheon at Paul's parents' house and everyone had a great time! Click on the subject of this posting to see all the pics.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Overdue update

Well, needless to say, work and baby are keeping me very busy and not leaving much time for "blogging"! I am half-way done with a webpage to attach to this entry and maybe with luck I will get it done before it is time for the next posting!

Katharine continues to be the bright spot in our whole world and we fall more in love with her everyday. She is such a good baby and is so alert now and eager to interact. This past weekend she got to meet our friends Olga and Mark (and Olga's granny, "Yeya" as she is called, who only speaks Spanish). Katharine was so fascinated with the sounds of the Spanish words and she had an absolute blast with all the attention she received.

Here are the latest developments in Katharine's ever-changing world:
1) Well, we suspected in my last writing that Katharine liked TV and now there is no doubt about it. She will sit through a whole half hour of Baby Einstein and make guttural coos of excitement as she watches. And she definitely does seem to have a preference for country music videos. So far, she wants nothing to do with cartoons or the cartoon network. I guess that is alright with us.

2) She loves music! Every night daddy plays guitar and serenades her (usually 2 songs a night, maybe 3 if we really need to tame the savage beast!). She is absolutely riveted to Paul whiles he plays, well, until she falls asleep that is. She also has her own iPod from her Granddaddy Ficks and a musical mobile over her crib. If this kid doesn't end up with a contract in Nashville it won't be for lack of musical upbringing. The downside is, I think all the music and serenading has turned her off books. So far, she thinks books are boring.

3) She is really getting strong and holding up her own head a good bit more. She now loves to play a game where I hold her hands while she is in a laying down position and pull her up to a sitting position for a few seconds. When we first started this game, she did not care for it and would fuss a good bit. Now she senses what we are about to do and starts to use her muscles to sit up before I even start pulling and she does a great job of holding herself in a sitting position and keeping her head up. (If the TV is on, she will often turn her head in the direction of it).

4) She is so alert now. She has started to track our movements around the room and loves to make eye contact. She also loves to carry on conversations and does her best to contribute to the conversation. She smiles all the time and is even starting to develop a laugh. When she gets really excited about a conversation we are having she wiggles her whole body and moves her arms and legs whiles she smiles, coos, and giggles. It is an absolute blast and no one in their right mind could be in a bad mood in the presence of that!

5) We have assembled and attempted to sit in the high chair (more for the purpose of her being able to look around better). But, so far that is not her favorite spot and we don't make it more than about 15 minutes in the chair. I imagine it won't be long before this changes as everything changes so fast!

6) Sleep patterns: She is a great sleeper and I am so thankful (and rested again!). She sleeps 8 hours every night and has pretty much done so since I went back to work. The even better news is that she no longer cries when we put her in the crib, she just watches her mobile until she falls asleep.

Hopefully I can add some pictures to this soon! This weekend is her baptism in Columbia so I will have even more news to get behind on soon!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Watch me Grow!

1 Day Old

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

3 Months Old

Monday, February 20, 2006

3 Months Old

Tomorrow Katharine will be 3 months old. How the time flies! She is so much fun right now and just gets more so every day. Right now, smiles are the biggest and best thing in her world. Her smile seems to get bigger every time she tries one and it so cute to see! Today when I picked her up at daycare she was on the changing table and she just looked up at me and gave me a great smile! She just melts my heart!

And she continues to get compliments for her good looks! This weekend we took her to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) and she got compliments from dozens of people. People have told her Grandma that she is the prettiest baby they have ever seen! I can't help but agree!

We also noticed this weekend that she is actually starting to watch TV. Country music videos really seem to hold her attention (maybe because Daddy sings her country music every night before bed). We did run right out this weekend and get her a baby Einstein DVD - if she going to start staring at TV, I guess I better do what I can to make it stimulating for her brain!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The latest with our girl!

It has only been a week since I have last had the chance to write but it feels like so much has happened. Katharine is changing so fast and doing so many wonderful things! She smiles all the time now and is starting to make chortling, laughing type noises. She coos and makes cute throaty noises when you talk to her. She is just such a happy and wonderful baby and it is so fun to be with her. I will summarize some of the latest here.

We survived week two of daycare, including a case of the sniffles that caused overly cautious mommy to keep her out of school on Monday and bring her to work without even asking! So, now KK has attended two staff meetings! We spent the rest of the week doing saline rinses and using that horrible bulb thingy to try to clear out her sinuses some. Needless to say, she thinks that is awful and the smiles stop pretty quick when we start suctioning out her nose!

She really enjoys playing on her activity mat and now seems to be starting to bat at the toys that hang down for her to look at. Our nighttime routine has become quite a ritual with the main activities being bath time and getting serenaded by her daddy. She loves bathtime now! And when daddy sings to her she is just riveted to him the whole time.

And the latest on sleeping, KK is now sleeping 7 hours every night. Sunday night she slept in her crib in her nursery for the whole night for the first time! (She had been sleeping in a bassinette in our room). She is also getting pretty good at going down to sleep at night and hardly cries at all anymore.

Our biggest excitement this week was a weekend trip to the "Pond House" with Paul's parents. The "Pond House" is a family retreat house that Paul's family has had for years and years. KK had a great time and her grandparents loved getting to spend some time with her. (And, you will see in the pics, that the dogs had even more fun than KK)!

Click on the title to see some pics from the last week!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The first week of daycare

We have survived the first week of daycare! Honestly, I think the whole thing was much worse for mommy than it was for Katharine (at least I know I cried more!). Our current schedule is to take her in around 8 AM and then either Paul or I pick her up by 2 PM. This eases our consciences about putting her in daycare so young!

We also had another milestone this week when Katharine slept a full 8 hours through the night! We couldn't believe it when we woke up and it was 6:15 AM - one of those hazy moments when you are confused and trying to filter through the haze to remember that midnight feeding that never happened. And then the fog clears and you about want to have a party! Paul and I figure that daycare must be wearing her out. While we have not replicated the 8 hour night's sleep we have had several 7 and 7.5 hour nights so we seem to be close.

Of course the downside of daycare is Katharine already seems to have her first case of the sniffles! One week in daycare and the kid is sick, Murphy's law I suppose. Fortunately, so far it seems to be nothing serious and hopefully it will pass without turning into anything to really make me worry!

You'll see in the attached pictures that Katharine is really starting to smile a lot now and it is so great to receive one of her smiles. She is also starting to coo at us and to make little shouting noises when she is excited. She really is pretty cute.

Click on the title to see lots of pictures of Katharine at 2 months old!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Slept through the night!

She did it! She slept through the night! 8 hours! Paul and I are thrilled (and a little more well rested!). More to follow soon!

Monday, January 23, 2006


This past Saturday, Katharine turned two months old and today she had her first round of shots at her eight week check up. I took this photo yesterday and while her crying face is not her best look, I though it most befitting the topic of this entry. Katharine cried like I have never seen her cry before and shed more actual tears than I have seen before. But, she was a good girl and was easily comforted (then Mommy could wipe away her own tears!).

The upside of the doctor's visit is that we got the official word that Katharine is thriving! She now weighs 12 pounds and is 23 inches long! The doctor was thrilled with her weight gain. We also got a lot of our questions answered and that was such a relief. For example:
1. It is OK if she poops all the time, breastfeed babies do.
2. Baby diarrhea looks like water (which is good to now since baby poop looks like diarrhea sometimes).
3. Use freshly pumped breast milk within 6 hours, refigerated milk within 24 hours, and defrosted frozen milk within 24 hours. Do not bring breastmilk to room temperature by letting it sit out but run it under hot water (this is major bummer since hungry Katharine does not like to wait for it to be run under hot water).
4. Her eyes will stay blue!
5. She is not getting a tooth yet but has an Epstein pearl on the bottom center gum. Apparently a totally normal calcium deposit that many newborns get.
6. It is OK to let her cry for about 30 minutes when she is trying to get to sleep if you know she has a fully belly, a dry diaper, and we can see she is tired. (Paul and I have struggled with this one and have found it tough to go more than 6 minutes - so we will have to try harder to get her to fall asleep on her own). Also, do not run and get her up if she is seems like she is waking up with grunting noises or short little cries - she may go back to sleep; wait until she is fully awake and crying to get up.

[For all you moms who read this, feel free to give your opinions to the above because I think it is so helpful to hear what other mother's have to say on these topics.]

So, you can see we had a lot on our mind and we left the pediatrician's office today feeling much better about our girl - it seems like she is right on track!

On another sad note, this is my last week at home and then it is back to work. We are going to the daycare this week to set up her crib and introduce the teachers to Katharine and Katharine to the teachers. Think of me next Monday, as I will be the crying lady driving away from the daycare center!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

8 Weeks Old!

Well, we have survived (and loved) the first eight weeks of parenthood! Time is already seeming to fly by and we are amazed at how much KK has grown and changed already! Parenthood has been such an awesome and challenging task already, it has certainly changed our views of the world.

We are dealing with the usual tasks and challenges of new parenthood - issues of pooping, sleeping, and eating. I must say their has been something to learn about each of these tasks! My only call to the doctor (and I feel so lucky that she has been in such good health!) has been to ask about the color of her poop! Apparently, the occasional olive green poop is OK, although the typical breastfed baby should have mustard colored poops! We are now consistently seeing mustard colored poops and that crisis was averted!

Sleeping is now a luxury item. I thought for sure I would be the parent bragging about how young my child was when she slept through the night but it is not to be and I suspect we have a ways to go. Fortunately, she does well in not fussing a lot during nighttime feedings and goes back to bed pretty easily but she still likes to get up about 2 to 3 times during the night. It is amazing what the disruption in your sleep over long periods of time will do to you - forgetfulness, wierd dreams (when you do get to sleep), and constantly having the worst songs stuck in my head! Of course, during the day time she wants nothing to do with the crib or the basinett for napping and prefers to sack out on one of us (in the Snugli carrier, in our arms, or laying on us - any of those options are fine), or in her swing. The stroller and the car also seem to fabulous in getting her to sleep. She has yet to sleep very much in her crib and it will be interesting to see how that transition goes!

Eating has been going overall pretty well and we have actually just gotten over another hurdle there. While Katharine took to breastfeeding with no troubles, bottle feeding has been a bit more work. We have recently switched to a new type of bottle and this seems to be helping immensely. For breastfeeding moms who also need to use bottles, I highly recommend Second Nature!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Many Faces of Katharine

This is way overdue but I had a bunch of cute pictures I took when I was working on getting a good one for the birth announcement. These were taken when she was about 4 weeks old and they show a lot of her cute expressions. She is still getting lots of votes that she looks like her daddy and that continues to make daddy thrilled! I guess she must have mommy's keen wit and cunning intellect! ;)

Take special note of the "wonky face" picture (although, this is by far not Katharine's best look)! She has this funny face she makes where her eyes cross, she pulls her face back, and puckers her lips. It always makes mommy laugh! Then, the other day I was reading in a child development book (I have mixed opinions on reading these as I think they induce anxiety and feelings of failure!) that babies early smiles (which are really gas) may be a way of encouraging bonding. The baby has gas, makes smiley face, parent is happy and coos, child learns that smiling is good and is socialized to smile. I bring this up because I am now afraid that I have socialized Katharine to make the wonky face instead of smiling! I can't help but laugh when she makes that face - I feel like she is entertaining me! We'll see as the weeks go by if happiness brings on smiles or wonky faces!!

Click on the title to see pictures of our sweet girl!!

Tour the Nursery

Some people have asked what the nursery looks like so I thought I would take a few pictures. Click on the title to "tour" the room!

Paul and I painted the room ourselves so we were very proud of first decorating adventure! Much of the art was "donated" from Katharine's Nana Ficks and Grandaddy Ficks. To be honest, it is the best room in the house!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Carolina Christmas

Or alternate title: Ew Christmas Tree, Ew Christmas Tree

Well, Christmas has passed and it is now the new year! Paul, Katharine and I hope that all of you who visit this blog had a very joyous holiday season. While Katharine is still too young to have one clue what the whole Christmas business is about (which was a good thing since her mommy and daddy didn't have all the kinks worked out in terms of all our Christmas traditions) it was still great to have her with us! Several family members got to visit and grandpa and grandma Willert got to see Katharine for the first time (needless to say, the were pretty thrilled with her).

Our funny story for this Christmas season revolves around the tree we were so proud to have cut down ourselves in our new family tradition (see Blog entry about Toogoodoo Christmas tree farm). After a day or two it became apparent that not only was the tree dripping sap on our floor, our ornaments, and our gifts under the tree but it was also dropping tiny dead spiders by the hundreds on all the above mentioned items. So, a major component of our holiday season was dust-busting the presents and the floor of dead miniature spiders! Thus, the above alternate title to our Christmas season this year. We had an especially classy Christmas as we dust-busted our gifts before handing them out (not much we could do about the stickiness from the sap but the least we could do was to remove the dead mini-carcasses!). Gross! This year I was not feeling at all sentimental about taking down the Christmas tree!

Click on the Blog Title to see pictures from our Christmas!