Monday, January 23, 2006


This past Saturday, Katharine turned two months old and today she had her first round of shots at her eight week check up. I took this photo yesterday and while her crying face is not her best look, I though it most befitting the topic of this entry. Katharine cried like I have never seen her cry before and shed more actual tears than I have seen before. But, she was a good girl and was easily comforted (then Mommy could wipe away her own tears!).

The upside of the doctor's visit is that we got the official word that Katharine is thriving! She now weighs 12 pounds and is 23 inches long! The doctor was thrilled with her weight gain. We also got a lot of our questions answered and that was such a relief. For example:
1. It is OK if she poops all the time, breastfeed babies do.
2. Baby diarrhea looks like water (which is good to now since baby poop looks like diarrhea sometimes).
3. Use freshly pumped breast milk within 6 hours, refigerated milk within 24 hours, and defrosted frozen milk within 24 hours. Do not bring breastmilk to room temperature by letting it sit out but run it under hot water (this is major bummer since hungry Katharine does not like to wait for it to be run under hot water).
4. Her eyes will stay blue!
5. She is not getting a tooth yet but has an Epstein pearl on the bottom center gum. Apparently a totally normal calcium deposit that many newborns get.
6. It is OK to let her cry for about 30 minutes when she is trying to get to sleep if you know she has a fully belly, a dry diaper, and we can see she is tired. (Paul and I have struggled with this one and have found it tough to go more than 6 minutes - so we will have to try harder to get her to fall asleep on her own). Also, do not run and get her up if she is seems like she is waking up with grunting noises or short little cries - she may go back to sleep; wait until she is fully awake and crying to get up.

[For all you moms who read this, feel free to give your opinions to the above because I think it is so helpful to hear what other mother's have to say on these topics.]

So, you can see we had a lot on our mind and we left the pediatrician's office today feeling much better about our girl - it seems like she is right on track!

On another sad note, this is my last week at home and then it is back to work. We are going to the daycare this week to set up her crib and introduce the teachers to Katharine and Katharine to the teachers. Think of me next Monday, as I will be the crying lady driving away from the daycare center!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

8 Weeks Old!

Well, we have survived (and loved) the first eight weeks of parenthood! Time is already seeming to fly by and we are amazed at how much KK has grown and changed already! Parenthood has been such an awesome and challenging task already, it has certainly changed our views of the world.

We are dealing with the usual tasks and challenges of new parenthood - issues of pooping, sleeping, and eating. I must say their has been something to learn about each of these tasks! My only call to the doctor (and I feel so lucky that she has been in such good health!) has been to ask about the color of her poop! Apparently, the occasional olive green poop is OK, although the typical breastfed baby should have mustard colored poops! We are now consistently seeing mustard colored poops and that crisis was averted!

Sleeping is now a luxury item. I thought for sure I would be the parent bragging about how young my child was when she slept through the night but it is not to be and I suspect we have a ways to go. Fortunately, she does well in not fussing a lot during nighttime feedings and goes back to bed pretty easily but she still likes to get up about 2 to 3 times during the night. It is amazing what the disruption in your sleep over long periods of time will do to you - forgetfulness, wierd dreams (when you do get to sleep), and constantly having the worst songs stuck in my head! Of course, during the day time she wants nothing to do with the crib or the basinett for napping and prefers to sack out on one of us (in the Snugli carrier, in our arms, or laying on us - any of those options are fine), or in her swing. The stroller and the car also seem to fabulous in getting her to sleep. She has yet to sleep very much in her crib and it will be interesting to see how that transition goes!

Eating has been going overall pretty well and we have actually just gotten over another hurdle there. While Katharine took to breastfeeding with no troubles, bottle feeding has been a bit more work. We have recently switched to a new type of bottle and this seems to be helping immensely. For breastfeeding moms who also need to use bottles, I highly recommend Second Nature!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Many Faces of Katharine

This is way overdue but I had a bunch of cute pictures I took when I was working on getting a good one for the birth announcement. These were taken when she was about 4 weeks old and they show a lot of her cute expressions. She is still getting lots of votes that she looks like her daddy and that continues to make daddy thrilled! I guess she must have mommy's keen wit and cunning intellect! ;)

Take special note of the "wonky face" picture (although, this is by far not Katharine's best look)! She has this funny face she makes where her eyes cross, she pulls her face back, and puckers her lips. It always makes mommy laugh! Then, the other day I was reading in a child development book (I have mixed opinions on reading these as I think they induce anxiety and feelings of failure!) that babies early smiles (which are really gas) may be a way of encouraging bonding. The baby has gas, makes smiley face, parent is happy and coos, child learns that smiling is good and is socialized to smile. I bring this up because I am now afraid that I have socialized Katharine to make the wonky face instead of smiling! I can't help but laugh when she makes that face - I feel like she is entertaining me! We'll see as the weeks go by if happiness brings on smiles or wonky faces!!

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Tour the Nursery

Some people have asked what the nursery looks like so I thought I would take a few pictures. Click on the title to "tour" the room!

Paul and I painted the room ourselves so we were very proud of first decorating adventure! Much of the art was "donated" from Katharine's Nana Ficks and Grandaddy Ficks. To be honest, it is the best room in the house!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Carolina Christmas

Or alternate title: Ew Christmas Tree, Ew Christmas Tree

Well, Christmas has passed and it is now the new year! Paul, Katharine and I hope that all of you who visit this blog had a very joyous holiday season. While Katharine is still too young to have one clue what the whole Christmas business is about (which was a good thing since her mommy and daddy didn't have all the kinks worked out in terms of all our Christmas traditions) it was still great to have her with us! Several family members got to visit and grandpa and grandma Willert got to see Katharine for the first time (needless to say, the were pretty thrilled with her).

Our funny story for this Christmas season revolves around the tree we were so proud to have cut down ourselves in our new family tradition (see Blog entry about Toogoodoo Christmas tree farm). After a day or two it became apparent that not only was the tree dripping sap on our floor, our ornaments, and our gifts under the tree but it was also dropping tiny dead spiders by the hundreds on all the above mentioned items. So, a major component of our holiday season was dust-busting the presents and the floor of dead miniature spiders! Thus, the above alternate title to our Christmas season this year. We had an especially classy Christmas as we dust-busted our gifts before handing them out (not much we could do about the stickiness from the sap but the least we could do was to remove the dead mini-carcasses!). Gross! This year I was not feeling at all sentimental about taking down the Christmas tree!

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