Monday, February 27, 2006

Watch me Grow!

1 Day Old

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

3 Months Old

Monday, February 20, 2006

3 Months Old

Tomorrow Katharine will be 3 months old. How the time flies! She is so much fun right now and just gets more so every day. Right now, smiles are the biggest and best thing in her world. Her smile seems to get bigger every time she tries one and it so cute to see! Today when I picked her up at daycare she was on the changing table and she just looked up at me and gave me a great smile! She just melts my heart!

And she continues to get compliments for her good looks! This weekend we took her to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) and she got compliments from dozens of people. People have told her Grandma that she is the prettiest baby they have ever seen! I can't help but agree!

We also noticed this weekend that she is actually starting to watch TV. Country music videos really seem to hold her attention (maybe because Daddy sings her country music every night before bed). We did run right out this weekend and get her a baby Einstein DVD - if she going to start staring at TV, I guess I better do what I can to make it stimulating for her brain!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The latest with our girl!

It has only been a week since I have last had the chance to write but it feels like so much has happened. Katharine is changing so fast and doing so many wonderful things! She smiles all the time now and is starting to make chortling, laughing type noises. She coos and makes cute throaty noises when you talk to her. She is just such a happy and wonderful baby and it is so fun to be with her. I will summarize some of the latest here.

We survived week two of daycare, including a case of the sniffles that caused overly cautious mommy to keep her out of school on Monday and bring her to work without even asking! So, now KK has attended two staff meetings! We spent the rest of the week doing saline rinses and using that horrible bulb thingy to try to clear out her sinuses some. Needless to say, she thinks that is awful and the smiles stop pretty quick when we start suctioning out her nose!

She really enjoys playing on her activity mat and now seems to be starting to bat at the toys that hang down for her to look at. Our nighttime routine has become quite a ritual with the main activities being bath time and getting serenaded by her daddy. She loves bathtime now! And when daddy sings to her she is just riveted to him the whole time.

And the latest on sleeping, KK is now sleeping 7 hours every night. Sunday night she slept in her crib in her nursery for the whole night for the first time! (She had been sleeping in a bassinette in our room). She is also getting pretty good at going down to sleep at night and hardly cries at all anymore.

Our biggest excitement this week was a weekend trip to the "Pond House" with Paul's parents. The "Pond House" is a family retreat house that Paul's family has had for years and years. KK had a great time and her grandparents loved getting to spend some time with her. (And, you will see in the pics, that the dogs had even more fun than KK)!

Click on the title to see some pics from the last week!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The first week of daycare

We have survived the first week of daycare! Honestly, I think the whole thing was much worse for mommy than it was for Katharine (at least I know I cried more!). Our current schedule is to take her in around 8 AM and then either Paul or I pick her up by 2 PM. This eases our consciences about putting her in daycare so young!

We also had another milestone this week when Katharine slept a full 8 hours through the night! We couldn't believe it when we woke up and it was 6:15 AM - one of those hazy moments when you are confused and trying to filter through the haze to remember that midnight feeding that never happened. And then the fog clears and you about want to have a party! Paul and I figure that daycare must be wearing her out. While we have not replicated the 8 hour night's sleep we have had several 7 and 7.5 hour nights so we seem to be close.

Of course the downside of daycare is Katharine already seems to have her first case of the sniffles! One week in daycare and the kid is sick, Murphy's law I suppose. Fortunately, so far it seems to be nothing serious and hopefully it will pass without turning into anything to really make me worry!

You'll see in the attached pictures that Katharine is really starting to smile a lot now and it is so great to receive one of her smiles. She is also starting to coo at us and to make little shouting noises when she is excited. She really is pretty cute.

Click on the title to see lots of pictures of Katharine at 2 months old!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Slept through the night!

She did it! She slept through the night! 8 hours! Paul and I are thrilled (and a little more well rested!). More to follow soon!