Saturday, March 25, 2006

4 Month Check Up

On Friday afternoon Katharine had her 4 month check up. She is, as usual, doing very well. Her weight is up to 14 lbs, 7 oz (75th percentile) and is now 25.5 inches long (90th percentile). The doctor was pleased with her develomental progress and said she was surprised that Katharine had started to roll over since she was a bigger baby.

The other big news from this appointment is that we can start to introduce solid foods anytime this month! The doctor said that starting anytime over the next month would be fine and I'm sort of glad she gave us some time since this is a big change! We start with just rice cereal for a month then we start to add in some baby food after that (fruits and vegetables only). What I found most interesting is that the introduction of solid foods at this age has almost nothing to do with nutrition but much more with socializing a child to eat solid foods and to be exposed to taste and texture. The only thing Katharine has had besides breast milk is baby Tylenol before her shots (which she likes very much because it is sweet). I do think it will be fun to watch her experience new tastes and watch her expand her world.

And, yes, there were more shots. Basically, additional boosters of the same shots she had last time. And boy did she scream! She just cried and cried and through her teary eyes she stared at me as if to say, "Do something, Mommy!" It really is heartbreaking. Fortunately she comes back down pretty quickly and she seemed to be pretty wiped out on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

She Rolled Over!

Big baby milestone today! She rolled over from her tummy to her back all by herself!! Tummy time has never been her favorite and she will tolerate it for a very short period of time before getting rather ticked off. I could tell today that tummy time was losing its charm for her but I could also tell that she was really close to rolling over. As a result, this milestone was accomplished by a very grumpy girl who was not happy with mommy (despite my excitement and cheering!).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

4 Months Old

Today Katharine is four months old! She is developing such a personality now and we continue to have so much fun with her. Here are the new things she is enjoying:
1) We are starting to see the first signs of her wanting to roll over. Today she was rolling to one side and arching her body to look at some of her toys on her activity mat but didn't make it all the way over to her tummy.
2) She is getting much stronger holding her head up both on her tummy and in a sitting position.
3) She will now help to pull herself into a sitting position when you pull her up by her hands. When we take her hands she knows what we are about to do and does some of the work. She loves to look around once she is sitting and see her world from a new angle.
4) She is still working hard on developing her giggle and practicing some sounds. She loves to converse with us, especially in the mornings.
5) She truly seems to recognize people now and to smile in excitement at seeing them. (Talk about a feel good moment!).
6) Now when she is excited she will wiggle her whole body and thrash her arms and legs around to show her excitement. It is really pretty cute!
7) She is really enjoying people and interacting with them. We really feel like she enjoys family time and having us pay lots of attention to her!

Monday, March 13, 2006

She got Sprinkled

This past weekend was Katharine's baptism at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Columbia (the Roof family church for many generations). Katharine wore a baptismal gown that was handmade by Paul's grandmother 43 years ago! Paul, both of his brothers, a few of his cousins, and several of his nieces and nephews have all worn this gown for their baptisms.

Katharine was an angel through the whole ceremony. Pastor Easley held her for quite a while during the ceremony and she merely stared at him, absolutely fascinated. He carried her through the congregation so they could meet the newest member of St. Paul's and she was a perfect angel. She just looked around at everyone in the church. Of course, as soon as the baptism was over and they continued on with the service she started to cry, so Katharine and I had to wait outside for everyone.

After church we had a luncheon at Paul's parents' house and everyone had a great time! Click on the subject of this posting to see all the pics.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Overdue update

Well, needless to say, work and baby are keeping me very busy and not leaving much time for "blogging"! I am half-way done with a webpage to attach to this entry and maybe with luck I will get it done before it is time for the next posting!

Katharine continues to be the bright spot in our whole world and we fall more in love with her everyday. She is such a good baby and is so alert now and eager to interact. This past weekend she got to meet our friends Olga and Mark (and Olga's granny, "Yeya" as she is called, who only speaks Spanish). Katharine was so fascinated with the sounds of the Spanish words and she had an absolute blast with all the attention she received.

Here are the latest developments in Katharine's ever-changing world:
1) Well, we suspected in my last writing that Katharine liked TV and now there is no doubt about it. She will sit through a whole half hour of Baby Einstein and make guttural coos of excitement as she watches. And she definitely does seem to have a preference for country music videos. So far, she wants nothing to do with cartoons or the cartoon network. I guess that is alright with us.

2) She loves music! Every night daddy plays guitar and serenades her (usually 2 songs a night, maybe 3 if we really need to tame the savage beast!). She is absolutely riveted to Paul whiles he plays, well, until she falls asleep that is. She also has her own iPod from her Granddaddy Ficks and a musical mobile over her crib. If this kid doesn't end up with a contract in Nashville it won't be for lack of musical upbringing. The downside is, I think all the music and serenading has turned her off books. So far, she thinks books are boring.

3) She is really getting strong and holding up her own head a good bit more. She now loves to play a game where I hold her hands while she is in a laying down position and pull her up to a sitting position for a few seconds. When we first started this game, she did not care for it and would fuss a good bit. Now she senses what we are about to do and starts to use her muscles to sit up before I even start pulling and she does a great job of holding herself in a sitting position and keeping her head up. (If the TV is on, she will often turn her head in the direction of it).

4) She is so alert now. She has started to track our movements around the room and loves to make eye contact. She also loves to carry on conversations and does her best to contribute to the conversation. She smiles all the time and is even starting to develop a laugh. When she gets really excited about a conversation we are having she wiggles her whole body and moves her arms and legs whiles she smiles, coos, and giggles. It is an absolute blast and no one in their right mind could be in a bad mood in the presence of that!

5) We have assembled and attempted to sit in the high chair (more for the purpose of her being able to look around better). But, so far that is not her favorite spot and we don't make it more than about 15 minutes in the chair. I imagine it won't be long before this changes as everything changes so fast!

6) Sleep patterns: She is a great sleeper and I am so thankful (and rested again!). She sleeps 8 hours every night and has pretty much done so since I went back to work. The even better news is that she no longer cries when we put her in the crib, she just watches her mobile until she falls asleep.

Hopefully I can add some pictures to this soon! This weekend is her baptism in Columbia so I will have even more news to get behind on soon!