Sunday, April 30, 2006

5 Months Old

Katharine is 5 months old now and we just can't believe how the time is flying by! We have been back in Charleston for almost a year and it feels like the blink of an eye. Katharine continues to grow bigger and to get more and more personality!

Here are some of the latest highlights:
  • We are convinced she is the smartest baby we know (I'm sure this is mostly parental pride but she just continues to amaze us with all the little things she does). For example, tonight she sat in her high chair so she could be with us during dinner and I gave her one of her baby spoons to play with; after a slight miss into the forehead and one into the eye, she put that spoon right into her mouth! She knew exactly what that thing was for! (She also definitely got the concept that we were eating and seemed maybe just a bit envious).
  • She is definitely very verbal! She now has these little high-pitched shrieks and la-la type sounds that she loves to make. The range from soft and cute to loud and cute to loud and expressing frustration. She seems to really like to practice some of these sounds in public places like restaurants, etc.
  • She still hasn't rolled over again since the first time around 4 months but she is now rolling from side to side.
  • She is very interested in her hands and feet, loving to lay on her back and reach for her feet. When she wakes up in the morning she lays in her crib and chats to her self and kicks her feet around.
  • She is still enjoying discovering foods and textures. So far we have tried rice cereal (good), peaches (good), and bananas (good). We have not yet decided what we will try next!
  • Teething?? - Oh boy did we have a rough afternoon yesterday. She cried the saddest cry we have ever heard her cry and not much would comfort her. It finally passed but it left us wondering if that was our first round of teething pains! The only good part of this was that the only thing that seemed to comfort her was some mommy-love and that made me feel pretty darn special!
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Parents Day Out

This entry has minimum to do with Katharine other than the fact that we left her with a babysitter for the longest amount of time ever! Nana was the babysitter (who flew in all the way from FL to take the job!) and the two of them had a great time! My mother actually thanked us for letting her babysit (good trick, eh?!).

Anyway, Paul and I spent the day at our good friends Ashleigh and Scott's wedding. It was a good time had by all and a beautful wedding! I've posted all the pictures I took from the wedding for those who know Ashleigh (or those who just love looking at pictures of weddings!).

For the curious, here is a rundown of the cast of characters:
Ashleigh and Scott: The bride and groom. Ashleigh and I worked together in Institutional Research when I was at College of Charleston the first time and Ashleigh was still there upon my return. When I was restructured to the office of AAPA (Accountability, Accreditation, Planning, and Assessment), Ashleigh was restructured with me. Scott also used to work at the College of Charleston but now works for a company called Ashton - Johnson as a computer guru of some type. They are a great couple and it was so nice to seem them get married!
Pam and Virgil: Pam is my new boss in AAPA. She has worked for the College of Charleston for 20 years and is a great mentor to all of us gals! Virgil is a chemical engineer at a company named Lexess (or something like that).
Debbie and Bo: Debbie also came over to AAPA during the recent restructuring and had worked in the library at CofC until that time. She is great fun and it has been great getting to know her and working with her! Her husband, Bo, works for Blackbaud as a technical writer.
Jose and Walter: Jose (pronounced, Josie) was our co-worker when Ashleigh and I were both in Institutional Research. She is, of course, still our co-worker and we sure miss having her in our office everyday. Fortunately, she is our main source of data, so we get to visit with her often! Her husband is a former pilot whonow does everything from construction to computer repairs!

Enjoy the pics and I'll be posting again soon (next time I'll try to come back to the main character of interest, my beautiful baby girl!!).

Sunday, April 23, 2006


A little belated, but I am posting some pictures of our Easter weekend in Columbia.

The Easter Bunny hopped on down the bunny trail and found us at Grandmama and Papa's house!

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

All The Latest

Finally, an update posting! Well, it will be short because I have used all my allotted time on putting together some pictures to post! (I think motherhood means never sitting down again!).

Here are the new (and very cool) things Katharine is doing:

  • She has started to mimic us! We have been blowing raspberries to KK for awhile now because it was a sound that really seemed to get her attention and that she liked. This past week she started blowing them back at us and it is now quite a fun game for her! We think it is hysterical!
  • Poor Katharine has another bout of some kind of germy infection. This time it has manifested itself as a cough but, thankfully, again it is not too serious. So far, these little colds don't seem to get her down at all. Last night she woke herself up from coughing and then proceeded to lay in her crib and work on perfecting her raspberries!
  • She has discovered her hands and the fact that she make them grab things! It is really cute to watch her focus on reaching for something that interests her.
  • We are now eating rice cereal! I have to admit I was a little scared to make this transition but Katharine seems to be adapting to it just fine. I think she is finding eating very interesting and a pretty fun activity now that we have tried it a few times. She also thinks this another good times to practice her raspberries!
  • Going in the Baby Bjorn carrier facing out! This is really fun for her when we go places (like the pet fest shown in the pictures) so she can really see what is going on.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Stroller and the Bandits

This past Saturday Katharine and I participated in one of the biggest road races/ walks in the country, The Cooper River Bridge Run. This is a 10K run and walk across the bridge that goes over the Cooper River. This year was significant because it was the first walk on the new bridge (those of you who follow this blog diligently may recall that Paul and I walked this when I was pregnant and posted some pictures of it). There were 43,000 people participating in this event and boy was it crowded!

This is one of those events that you have to love doing because there are some pain in the butt things you have to go through to make it happen. Allow me to expand on this. First, the day before race packets must be picked up in an extremely overcrowded auditorium and a car must be parked downtown where the finish is located. Then, the whole Roof family got up at 4:15 in the morning to make sure we were dressed and Katharine was fed before departing at 5:oo AM to get over the bridge before it closes and find a good parking space before the 42,997 other race participants show up. Fortunately, the weather was nice and Katharine was a good sport about all these early morning activities (including a second breastfeeding in the back of the truck so we could have some privacy - we have a topper for those who have not seen Paul's truck).

Finally, at 8:00 the race begins and and we all cram together in the street and walk at a snail's pace for 20 minutes to get to the starting line. Then we continue to walk at a snail's pace over the bridge and back into downtown Charleston (while I try desparately not to bang people's ankles with the stroller - I counted and I only hit 4 people which I thought was pretty good for our first time!). We finished the race around 10:30 AM where we promptly scurried off to Paul's office so Katharine could eat again (she slept through most of the race and only fussed a little bit).

I titled this entry the stroller and the bandit because the "posse" that I walked with broke the two major rules of the race: no strollers and you must wear a race number. I walked with my very good friend Meredith and her mother-in-law who both forgot their race numbers (they call people who forget their race numbers bandits) and my sister-in-law, Erin. So, among my "posse"- my friend Ashleigh said she couldn't get my attention during the race because I was with my "posse" - only my sister-in-law was a truly law abiding citizen. Fortunately, the race police are rather casual about all this and tend to let people slide on these so called rules! You gotta love Charleston!