Thursday, June 29, 2006

It just gets better and better

Here are some more pictures taken since Katharine has turned 7 months old! Enjoy!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Some Pictures

Long overdue but here are some photos of Katharine! I am going to try to catch up so look for some more photos to come out soon!

There are also some pictures from our anniversary trip to the Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC. (No pictures of KK in those!).

Click on the title of this entry to see pics!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sitting up by myself!!

Yesterday, KK sat up all by herself! She is still a bit wobbly and requires close supervision but we were still pretty impressed! What a great Father's day present for daddy! (Although, I am sure he enjoyed his new charcoal grill too!).

I think KK is also becoming quite a "ham" for the camera! (Does this mean I am taking out the camera too much??)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

7 Months old

Katharine is 7 months old - my, how the time flies! She has grown so much and becomes more and more a little person everyday. It is so amazing to watch her change but it can be bittersweet as well to know that as each baby phase passes it will never be here again.

Katharine had some interesting experiences this past month. She was babysat for the first time by someone outside her family tree. Her godparents (Mark and Olga) were kind enough to do some babysitting one evening so we could go see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (for my northern friends, yes, I guess I have become a redneck!! HAHA). And she had her first overnight away from Mommy and Daddy when she spent the weekend at Grandmomma and Papa's while Paul and I had our anniversary trip to the Grove Park Inn. Katharine also saw her first "specialist" with a trip to the pediatric opthamologist.

Developmentally, she continues to change and learn new things. I think maybe something is dawning in her that tummy time is the key to mobility because she is more tolerant of being on her tummy (even sleeping on her tummy sometimes). She also loves to scoot along on her back and can make quite a bit of progress doing so. She rolls from side to side and uses any combination of the above to get something she wants. She "talks" a lot and we suspect once she really figures out how it will be a lot noisier in our house.

I promise I will post some photos soon - between a busy work schedule and some technological set backs, it has been tough to get it done! But, there are some really cute pictures we have taken over the last two months and I really want to share them with everyone who is still checking in!

Happy Father's Day

KK and her Daddy wish a happy Father's day to all the other great Dad's out there!
Hope you have a great day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Pediatric Opthamologist

On thursday morning we headed down to the eye doctor to see what the deal is with Katharine's left eye. What she has is a dermoid cyst - which is when normal tissue grows in a place where it shouldn't be growing. It is not that uncommon and often ends up to be nothing more than a cosmetic issue. We will continue to monitor it to make sure it doesn't grow larger or end up causing her a stygmatism. The doctor said that most frequently kids turn 13 and want it removed for cosmetic reasons. We figure we will hold off as long as we can since medical technology advances quickly, if we wait 12 years to remove it the procedure may be no big deal. But, if they were to do the procedure now it would involve anathesia and peeling back the conjuctiva to remove the cyst. That just sounds too serious for a little baby! We were very glad to get good news that is nothing serious and we will go back to the eye doctor in 6 months to have it checked again.

Another tooth

A second tooth is just starting to peek through right next to the first one! Paul and I believe that this, on top of another cold, may explain some crankiness experienced this past week. It was a rough week for the little girl!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Busy moms, sick babies, and holidays!

I will be the first to admit that my "blogging" is slipping. Gone seem to be the days of fanciful webpages and witty narrative, replaced by rushed entries and bullet-pointed updates! I have heard this from my female friends and family but it just doesn't resonate until you experience it yourself - having a career and a baby can just about make you f*@#'ing crazy! There is a ton of joy in my life right now but there is also a whole lot of work to be done!! So I have decided this is my excuse for not blogging like I should, for forgetting b-day cards, for not keeping in touch, and for all the other shameful things I have done to neglect my social network!

So, how is life with Katharine. As always, she continues to be wonderful and to amaze us. She is now rolling over with some regularity and willingly spending some time on her tummy. No signs of crawling yet but she will sort of scoot forwards while she is lying on her back. She can't sit independently yet but I think she is getting pretty close. Her tooth is now more prominent and pretty cute! No sign of any more yet but I'm sure it won't be long. And, the bad news, more colds! I am really starting to think she has just had one long cold since starting daycare. I think it has really been more like an off and on thing where new germs are constantly being introduced but it is still a nuisance. Right now she is in the grips of a rough one and it is sad to see her little boogary face and hear her rough little cough.

We had a weekend getaway as a family to attend a good friend's wedding up in a small town in NC. It was a beautiful wedding and Katharine had a blast at her first wedding! The highlight for me was when she had her first dance with her daddy to "Carolina Girls." As Paul said, now we know what she will dance with her daddy to on her wedding day! I got some pictures of this that I have not yet developed (I actually went back to the ol' 35 mm for this event) but I am hopeful they will be darn cute!

As for mom and dad we did get some "couple time" recently with our annual anniversary trip to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. We spent a weekend at the luxurious Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC and it was wonderful! I highly recommend it for peace and relaxation! We did not indulge in their wonderful spa but we definitely feel like we missed out and will not miss it on our next visit. Ashville is a beautiful mountain town and the Grove Park Inn blends in so smoothly with its environment that you can't help but feel calmed.

Tomorrow is a big day for Katharine. We have an appointment scheduled with the pediatric opthmalogist here in Charleston to have her eye examined. We don't think it is anything too serious but something that may need to be addressed in the future, so after discussions with our pediatrician we decided to go ahead and get a consultation to see what may lay ahead. Katharine has a small membrane or muscle that you can see in the outer, left corner of her eye and we are beginning to see the slightest possibility that it may be keeping that eye more closed than her other eye. It is having no effect on her now but as she grows it may come to impede her vision. So, we will go and see what the experts say. I will try to blog soon to let you all know what the results of that visit were.