Saturday, July 29, 2006

8 months old

We have passed the 8 month old marker and KK continues to thrive. She has had some more firsts this past month with adventures in swimming and boating. She seems to love the water and always loves to do things outside. She went swimming for the second time today and she just loved it. She really tries to swim, letting her legs float out behind her and moving her arms around in the water. She nevers seems to get upset if water gets in her face and she definitely doesn't cling to Mommy out of fear. It is really fun to see her become a little fish!

She is getting a third tooth! She has two on the bottom and is now getting a third on the top. Oddly, the upper tooth is not in the center as is more typical but off to the side more. So, either it is coming in really crooked or she is breaking from the typical growth pattern. (And Daddy and I saw two more teeth just starting to poke through on the top!)

She is still not crawling, but she seems to working on it and she gets some good role-modeling at daycare. She is reaching farther and farther from a sitting position to get toys (or other things she wants), rocks back and forth while sitting, and spends more time on her tummy.

She is still "talking" up a storm but no definite words yet. She is big on the Na-Na sound right now and usually wakes up and immediately starts making that sound until you come and get her out of the crib.

She loves to stand up but still needs a little help to do that. She likes to stand up so much that sometimes when you try to sit her down she will lock her legs and then it will take a minute or two to get her to sit down.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Vacation

Click on the title of this post to see some pictures from our summer vacation to my parent's lakehouse in Alabama. We had lots of fun and Katharine got to do a few firsts - swimming and boating. I think she is a water-baby - she loved it!