Thursday, August 31, 2006

9 Month Update

This update is the most overdue yet! What can I say, mommy is busy. But, I will try to update you all here on what has been going on and I promise to try to include some photo updates very soon too.

Katharine had her 9 month check up and, again, she passed with flying colors. She weighed 19 pounds 4 ounces and was 28 inches long. Here are the latest on Katharine's development:
* Even though she is not crawling yet, we have gotten the go ahead to get started with some solid foods. We are starting with fruits and vegetables and then will slowly start to incorporate more and more into her diet; that way when she goes off formula she will have been exposed to lots of different foods. So far she thinks this is great fun, we make a big mess, and occasionally a piece of food gets in her mouth.
* Months 9-12 are critical months for language development, so we have been instructed to read to her and talk to her as much as possible.
* The doctor is guessing that since Katharine has not crawled yet that she may just skip to walking. She does love to stand while she holds our hands. The doctor also predicted that since she is not crawling yet she will probably not be walking at her first birthday. I guess we will see.
* She also didn't have to get any shots this time so that it made it the best doctor's visit ever.

We took a quick weekend trip to Atlanta to see Lyle Lovett. My Dad and Jeanette met us in Atlanta to babysit so Paul and I could go to the concert. Everyone had a good time and the grandparents loved having the quality time with their littlest girl! I will try to include some photos soon.

Tomorrow Katharine will fly for the first time! Hopefully she will be as good as she always is and not torture the other passengers. I will keep you posted.

Today we "survived" hurricane Ernesto! Actually, it proved to be nothing too scary for Charleston so it seemed a bit like a lot of fuss for a rainy day. But, Paul and I enjoyed a day off work with our baby and it was nice not to have to head downtown in the rain (since it floods very badly there).

To conclude, here is the latest in Katharine's development:
* Not crawling yet, but starting to want to get to things out of her reach. It will be interesting if she finally gives in and crawls or if she will learn to scoot around until she can get up and walk.
* Katharine has said her first word: "Dada"! She stills loves to "talk" and does so most of the day so once she gets more words I am sure she will be quite the storyteller.
* She has learned to clap which is really cute and, as a result, we clap a good bit of the day just for fun. She is also working on waving but that is still a little bit inconsistent.
* She now has 4 teeth coming in the top and 2 in on the bottom.
* Basically, she is as cute as ever!