Friday, October 27, 2006

11 Months Old

Katharine is 11 months old now and I can't believe a whole year has almost passed! We are gearing up for her 1st birthday and the upcoming holiday season.

Katharine continues to grow and amaze us and amuse us! She is crawling like a champ now and does some standing when she has something to hold on to. She still doesn't have many words and seems to mostly prefer to say "Daddy" all day long. She continues to be a good eater and to enjoy snacks and meals!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

10 Months Old

So much has happened with our little girl in the last month! She continues to change so quickly. She is now crawling around a good bit (in her own special way - with one leg straight out to the side at times). And she is starting to "cruise" along in a standing position if she has something to hang on to. This has made Paul and I keenly aware that we are overdue to babyRoof-proof our house!

She still absolutely loves food and is starting to eat a good bit of "grown up" food. She loves to have dinner with us and share in what we are having.

She continues working on her words. Daddy is still her favorite thing to say but she is working hard on "doggy" (which comes out as "doh" at the moment) and says mommy from time to time. She also says Hi and Hey Da, which I take as greetings but you never know. Even though these are only a few words, she still manages to "talk" most of the day!