Friday, December 14, 2007

KK's 2 Year Old Check up

I am happy to report that KK received a clean bill of health from our pediatrician at her 2 year old check up yesterday. She was a perfect angel through the whole visit and let the doctor look in her mouth and in her ears and listen to her heart. She did not cry until AFTER the nurse had finished the finger-prick (to check her iron count) and applied the bandaid. Even though the bandaid was cute and sparkly, she hated it. This was followed by a flu shot which was really just adding insult to injury after the whole finger incident. So, she cried and cried until we finally removed the bandaid from her finger and that seemed to calm her right down.

Other good news is that Katharine's pediatrician will take Matthew as a patient (which I was a little worried about because she gone down to 3 days a week and has not been taking new patients). But, this sibling thing really works out well! As usual, she was so helpful in talking to us about caring for our children. This visit we covered the topics of dental care and potty training for Katharine, concerns about the flu with a newborn in the house (and, relatedly, how to de-germ Katharine when she gets home from daycare), and circumcision (a big decision to made in the next few weeks!).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

O' Christmas Tree

Here are two shots of Katharine with our Christmas tree. She loves looking at the tree and naming all the types of ornaments she sees on the tree (horsey, doggy, red one, angel, etc.). The picture to the right was taken just this morning before we left for school/ work. She loves to look at pictures of herself on the digital camera so she will now follow basic directions such as "go stand by the tree and I will take your picture" and then she runs back over to see the results on the screen of the camera. I just have to figure out how to get her to smile now instead of looking so shell-shocked!

Marathon Runner

Have I mentioned that Paul just completed his 3rd marathon?? Here is a picture of Paul with his brother, Joey (who just completed his first marathon). This was the Thunder Road Marathon that took place in Charlotte, NC on December 8. Can you believe these two ran for over 4 hours?!? That is a whole lot of running!

30 weeks!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant! Wow, time is flying by and I can't believe Matthew will be here before we know it (well, hopefully at least not for another 6 weeks or so!). I have been promising to post some belly shots for awhile, so here you go! I'll let you be the judge on if I am big or small as I've heard both from people. Also, note new haircut!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Draws Near

The Roof household is busy preparing for Santa's upcoming visit and keeping things festive while still marketable (yes, our house is still for sale). Our tree is now up (a genuine frasier fur from NC and hand-picked by Daddy) and looking very Christmassey in our front window, the Christmas cards are 90% written, and we are working on developing a love of Santa! So far, we have just been watching the big guy from afar and talking him up but on the 20th we go to a party at the Palmetto Club in Columbia where I am hoping KK will be brave enough to sit on his lap and be photographed (have to capture all these moments!). Pictured to the right are Katharine and I on the morning we decorated the tree. As you can see, we are still in our jammies and sporting some pretty cute antlers. While Katharine's hat is not necessary for warmth she rediscovered it recently was determined that it was the perfect addition to her ensemble.

So, how is our little toddler doing beyond Christmas preparations? Absolutely wonderful! She is such a great kid and Paul and I get never ending joy from being around her. She shows little to no signs of becoming terrible as yet. The only exception to this is an acute awareness of what is "hers." However, we occasionally use this to our advantage is getting her to eat meals, etc. Example: KK is not eating, Mommy or Daddy says, "Are those my peas, I'm going to eat my peas." And KK will say, "No, my peas." (and sometimes eat them to protect them from us). But, let's get back to the good news. I am still pretty convinced that she is a genius and here is why:
  • She has learned all her colors and loves to label things by color.
  • She is very interested in counting and while her version of counting to 10 goes something like 1,2,4,5,9,10 I still think that is pretty impressive for 2 years of age.
  • She loves to be read to and to study the pictures in books.
  • She is still as chatty as ever and adds new words to her vocabulary everyday (recent additions include reindeer, Santa, and snowman).
  • She is running, jumping, and occasionally walking around on her tippy-toes (we think to practice for high heels).
  • She likes to play catch and before she throws the ball will ask, "Are you ready?"
  • She has learned to assess her own situation and will often report back, "I'm OK" when she trips or falls (unless, of course, she is not OK).
  • She is very naturally picking up on good manners, saying thank you and bless you at all the appropriate times, as well as, showing concern for our well-being (i.e., when you blow your nose she asks, "Is your nose runny, Mommy?" or asking if you are OK when you say, "Ouch."
OK, these are probably very normal development markers but it is absolutely amazing to watch the process of learning take place as your child grows.

Did I mention early signs of a southern accent? Yes, we seem to be raising a southern belle as she now describes the location of everything as being, "right thar!"

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The latest doctor's visit

or alternate title: Glucola troubles revisited

I am now 29 weeks pregnant (how the time flies!) and had another check up this past Monday. This visit marked the start of visiting the doctor every 2 weeks. This visit was also the dreaded one-hour glucola tolerance test. Once again I failed so I will be spending 3 hours in a lab next week drinking the sweetest fruit punch one can imagine and having blood drawn. Apparently, it is very common for women to fail the one hour test and have to endure the 3 hour test so I am not going to worry until there is true cause.

Other than that the visit went well and everything with the pregnancy seems to be coming along swimmingly. Matthew continues to be quite a mover and a shaker in there so he already makes sure he is not forgotten! I've developed a nice round basketball that juts out the front (I'll have to post a picture soon!) and I have some trouble reaching the floor, but, other than that, it is all going really well.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy "2" to Katharine

Our Thanksgiving break marked the "week of KK" as we celebrated her turning two this past Wednesday. She had a very fun week and made out like a little bandit in terms of gifts! All girls should be so lucky!

We started the "week of KK" off with a small birthday party with Nana, who was visiting from Florida, the Sunday before her birthday. We had ice cream cake and presents and she enjoyed the "warm up" for the bigger family party to come the next weekend. Nana gave her a lovely Lily outfit and a wonderful homemade scrapbook of their time together in Savannah. As well as a new desk for coloring and drawing from Mommy and Daddy!

On her "Birthday Eve," Daddy and I took her to Vickery's for a Birthday dinner (last year we went there for lunch on her birthday). She did so well in the restaurant and sat like a big girl in a booster seat! She liked that and I think is slowly becoming ruined to high chairs!

Thanksgiving was spent with lots of extended family and lots of playing! She had a blast playing with all of her relatives. Unfortunately, this was followed by a nasty cold that laid her pretty low on Friday but she rebounded enough on Saturday to have fun at her party.

Her party consisted of Grandparents (the Roofs and the Willerts), and a good handful of aunts, uncles, and cousins. She opened all her presents with some assistance from Mommy (and you can see she is sporting a new pair of mary-jane crocs in the photo above as well as a new pink hair bow). Daddy helped her blow out the the candles on her cake (a very girly cake with lots of hearts and bright pink trim - see below). All in all, I think KK had a great Birthday!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The latest doctor's appointment

Last monday marked another "checking in" with the doctor to make sure Matthew is continuing to grow like he should. It was a quick visit with the basic checks: weight, blood pressure, etc. I'm up 19 lbs now so it will be interesting to see how it will compare to when I was pregnant with Katharine. They have started measuring my belly, and my little basketball is measuring right on track (I promise to post some belly pictures soon). The next appointment is the first (and, hopefully, the only) glucola test to test for gestational diabetes. I'm determined to pass on the first go this time and save myself 3 hours sitting around a lab drinking highly sugared water and then being forced to prove my sugar levels aren't too high. The logic in all this advanced medical technology still escapes me.

But, how is Matthew actually doing in there, you ask? He is busy, swimming and stretching and generally making his presence known on a regular basis. Perhaps he knows somehow that he is the second child and will have to fight harder for our attention. I think he sits lower than Katharine did and perhaps gives me a few more aches and pains in my hips and lower back. But, ultimately, it has been another easy pregnancy with nothing really worth complaining about.

And, the cravings? I don't think I have nearly the cravings with Matthew that I had with Katharine. There was a Combos (the pretzel snack with cheese in the middle) incident early on that I feel certain was Matthew's doing but I don't know how much more I can blame on him. However, I think I still have lingering issues from the love of sugar I developed during my pregnancy with Katharine. That's right, you heard it here first, I am finally confessing that I may have developed a little sugar addiction. Can I kick it? Is it worth it? Aren't we all allowed one vice? I'm giving myself a grace period until my post-partum period is over (around age 50) and then I will have to make a serious decision about how to handle this affliction. For now, it's Thanksgiving, and all I can say is, pass the pie!!


From our family to yours,
wishing you a very
with much to be thankful for!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I love you

This will be a quick post but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get a special moment documented. This Saturday was the first time Katharine said the words, "I love you." It was just too cute. She was so excited to say it and said "I love you", "I love Mommy", and "I love Daddy" over and over that day. It really was a special day!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

School Pic Continued - Success!

Some of you may recall from my earlier post of October4 that I had feelings of doom and gloom on the morning of picture day. Katharine was so unhappy with this outfit the morning I put it on that I really thought there was no hope at a good shot! But, lo and behold, she ends up with the picture you see above - does it get much cuter than this? The daily report was that she was one of the few kids that smiled for the photographer that day! I'd like to know how they did it because I seem to be getting more and more pictures of the back of her head or her running full force at the camera! Maybe the toddler years are how the pros get you sucked in!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our Halloween Report

We had a great Halloween as a family. We had only a handful of trick or treaters but we had fun passing out the candy. Katharine in her tiger costume and daddy as a cowboy (as hard as this may be to believe, it only took daddy about two minutes to convert himself into a very western looking cowboy). [Cowboy costume not shown in picture to the left.]We carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds and played our scary music CD and waited for the kiddies in costume.

And, of course, the upside of only a few trick or treaters is leftover candy!!

The Halloween Costume - Part 2

As you can see from the pictures, I had some more success in getting Katharine into the tiger costume. I managed to get through a photo shoot with the help of some butterscotch chips (I have no shame, I know) and on Halloween, she actually wore the costume without the use of bribery at all!

So, this time instead of twelve pictures of my child screaming and one use-able shot, I have twelve pictures of her with her hand in her mouth and two pretty good shots! Not bad for age 2, I say!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Halloween Costume - Part 1

Some of you may recall that last year we sent out a really cute card with Katharine dressed up in a monkey suit for Halloween. Some of you may also recall that the picture was a bit of a fluke as we had about a dozen pictures of her miserable in the costume and somehow one where she looked like she was having a great time.

This year we face similar challenges with the Halloween costume. I bought the costume and she carried it around the house a few times and that was good. But, then I tried to put it on. And, since then, every time I dared even take it out of the closet she would back away saying, "No!" This, of course, was quite upsetting for me as I love a good photo shoot and was looking forward to this year's cute Halloween card.

So, last night I had an inspiration. While I knew the camera didn't happen to be at home, I thought I would give the costume a try and see if I could "de-sensitize" her to it a bit. I said in my cheeriest voice, "Katharine, how would you like to put on your Halloween costume and then eat some chocalate?" "Alright," she said. Success! We wore the Halloween costume for probably a full 20 minutes while we munched on some M&Ms. I am hoping to replicate this experience tonight and actually take some pictures.

It is getting a little late in the game so who knows if this process will actually result in a mass mailing of cute cards but at the very least we can record another cute moment in her history and post a picture here on the blog!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Katharine has added another word to her vocabulary - PUMPKIN! She had a great time at the local pumpkin patch picking out some pumpkins for our Halloween festivities. She especially loved picking out the smaller varieties that she could carry and put in the wheelbarrow all by herself!

She is featured here with her Daddy taking a ride!

Running the show

This picture is about two weeks old now -- but still cute so I wanted to share! It portrays Katharine in action running in the front of our house. She just loves this newly developed skill and runs everywhere! I think on this particular Saturday morning we were enjoying creating some art on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and she took a quick break to dash to the garage door and back!

Poppa, thespian once again

Poppa, along with Katharine's cousin Morgan, hit the stage once again for a church production of Oliver. The play was quite a hit and both Poppa and Morgan did a great job. I wonder if Katharine will catch the Roof acting bug?

Friday, October 19, 2007

The "Baby-moon"

Paul and I took a long weekend away to the mountains is what has now been given the trendy term, "baby-moon" (that last child free getaway before a baby comes). We rented a small cabin outside of Boone, NC and took the dogs for some R&R. We all had a great time and KK had a great weekend staying with Grandmomma and Poppa.

Paul and I toured the Blue Ridge Parkway, hit the restaurants and shops of Boone, visited Paul's alma mater, and relaxed at the cabin.

KK spent the weekend visiting with cousins, including her cousin Sarah's 13th Birthday party and attending a family reunion.

Needless to say, we all had a great time.

Monday, October 08, 2007

It's a....

BOY! Boy, oh, boy we better get ready! Now our family is complete and we are going to have one of each gender! Hopefully Katharine is ready to keep up with her little "bubba"!

The ultrasound went really well and the first shot we got were his little boy parts! Of course, they looked at all his parts and everything appears healthy and right on track.

(By the way, as a side note, I did not use the candy bar and caffeinated beverage trick this time and we still got a good shot of the parts. We had done that with Katharine so I was a little nervous our baby would be too sleepy to cooperate. But, in true Roof form, he rose to the occasion! - Pun intended?)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Picture Day

So, it is picture day at daycare and all I can say is - ugh! I think somehow Katharine has turned into a tomboy. I'm not sure how that can be with her passion for shoes but here we are on picture day and the kid pitches an absolute fit to be put in her cute corduroy jumper dress. I pulled the dress over her head and she just lost it. She pulled on it and screamed her little head off. But, Mommy can be stubborn too so I just let her get it out. Then we got to daycare and it started all over again (I tried to put in the pigtails). So, I left her looking cute as button but absolutely miserable. Hopefully, she will get it over it and smile pretty for the camera but given the morning we had I no longer have high hopes! I can't wait for the report at the end of day today.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Our little chica

This is Katharine having fun outside over the weekend! She loves to run around now!

She talks up a storm with phrases like, "What are you doing, Daddy?", "I got it", "Thank you, Momma", "more, please", and "sit, Momma" to name a few. She also will go on and on with incredibly long sentences of pure gibberish that are amazing in their length even if they don't make sense.

Katharine had another new babysitter this weekend and she had a blast once again! She knows the minute these young college girls walk in the door that they are there to play with her and she just eats it up. It is starting to feel more like we are "renting" her playfriends rather than trying to get a night out to ourselves!

Next Monday we have our ultrasound where we find out the sex of the next little Roof. We can't wait to find out if we are having a girl or a boy!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Roof Family

Here we all are, enjoying a Saturday afternoon at Sweet Olive. Sweet Olive is a new gardening and home store just opened by our friends Craig and Melinda in the hip I'On neighborhood! Note my swelling belly, Katharine's cute pigtails, and Paul's rapidly growing beard!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September Doctor's Visit

Last Monday was the third Doctor's appointment with a new doctor! My doctor has moved to Virginia so I tried one of the new Doctor's to the practice. She is very nice and we will probably just stick with her. The whole practice is really great so I don't have to worry too much about my care as I know I am in good hands with any of the Doctor's in the practice.

At any rate, all is well with #2 and the little heart was beating away. This was one of the quickie visits with the usual checks and all appears to be well.

Our next visit is October 8 and that is when we have the anatomy ultrasound. We will find out a lot more about the baby's health and get to find out the gender too! We are very excited about that!

On a related side note, I have been starting to feel those small fluttery feelings of the tiny fetus moving around!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Isn't she cute in her pigtails?!?

Walk a mile in Mommy's shoes

Just a quick posting to maintain my renewed efforts to utilize this blog better! Have we mentioned this child's love of shoes? Note here in the picture a quick trip taken around the house in my shoes. But, her love is not limited to parental shoes. When we take her to the shoe department at our local department store she immediately begins to lift her feet up to have her current shoes removed so she can begin to try on new shoes. Our most recent purchase was a pair of bright green Crocs which are about the cutest durn things I've ever seen. She is also working on saying the word shoe but the S is silent, "hooes" (pronounced whose).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So, what else is going on....

Actually, quite a bit has been happening. Katharine continues to grow and change everyday. She is featured here offering her cousin Parker a hug (she gives them now on request, which is just too cute). Also note that we have not completely been able to give up our "sassy" (pacifier), but all things in good time, right?

Katharine is very sure-footed now, walking and running wherever she needs to go (usually the opposite direction of where mommy and daddy need to go). She is still working on her vocabulary and has a wider selection of words. She has made her first (and only) three word sentence: "Stop it, Momma." Oh, she makes me so proud! She is very good with her greetings and loves to say Hello and Goodbye to everyone - even Nemo as he goes off to school in her favorite movie, "Finding Nemo." She really is tons of fun and we think she is going to be a great big sister.

In other news, Paul and I are trying to sell our house! The market is slow here (as it is everywhere else) so who knows if we will be able to make it happen. But, we are hoping to move into a bigger home in a more family-focused neighborhood. The house hasn't even been on the market a week yet, so we are hoping the perfect buyer is out there somewhere. Anyone know anyone who is looking for a cute 3-bedroom ranch in charming Charleston?

Paul ran his first marathon in 10 years - straight up Grandfather mountain in Boone, NC. Not an easy race (and one he may not have run if he had seen the course ahead of time). But he got a great time and is ready to do several more this Fall and Winter. Paul has become very exercise focused and perhaps someday it will rub off one me. But, for now, I thought I would work on trying to make myself look like a walking pumpkin!

Here we go again!!

Well, word is getting out and it sure isn't because I keep up with this blog! Anyway, it's true, our family is about to grow by one more member! I have just finished the first trimester and the baby is due February 21. However, given that Katharine was 3.5 weeks early, it is quite likely that we may see this baby sooner rather than later.

I have had two doctors appointments so far and all seems to going fine. I had a little more morning sickness than I did with Katharine but it has been so mild it really isn't anything to complain about. Today marks the day when I need a rubberband to keep my pants together as there is no way the button is going to reach into the button-hole. This marks my official entry into the awkward stage where my own clothes won't fit well but maternity clothes look very silly. It makes it fun and challenging to get dressed every day!

I will try to make a concerted effort to put more postings out here so all you out-of-towners can keep up with the baby Roof #2!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Doggy Love

Click on the subject of this entry to view a video of Katharine and Molly enjoying some quality time. You will see they are good buddies! (No dogs or children were injured in the making of this video).

School Pic

This picture was taken at Katharine's daycare. Unfortunately, they rescheduled the photo day and I missed the boat on what day it actually was - so, the shirt is rather casual but I thought her face looked too cute! Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

17 Months Old

How time flies! Paul and I just can't believe we have a toddler on our hands now. Lucky for us she gets more fun everyday.

Now, I know every parent says this but, boy, this kid is smart! I am amazed everyday on the things she has absorbed and picked up on without us even trying to teach her.

As I mentioned in my previous post, she is becoming a very good little walker now and can cover a lot of ground (i.e.; she is really wearing us out chasing her around!).

She is still a very happy baby and loves to laugh. Now, when she enters daycare in the morning part of the routine is to wave and greet everyone with her sweet sing-song "Hi!" She still doesn't have a lot of words but she manages to make it clear what she wants. Some of the words she has mastered are: mommy, daddy, hi, bye-bye, no, no my (the start of mine), woof-woof (for doggy), may may (our cat), and she is working on grandmomma and poppa. Unfortunately, she has come to confuse Nana (my mother) with banana (her favorite fruit). We have had a great time teasing Nana that she is now "Nana banana." And since Nana lives in South FL and has banana trees in her backyard, we say KK will come visit Nana-banana on her banana farm. (Actually, this sounds like a great idea for a children's book and perhaps my chance to make my millions!).

She also is getting to know her body parts and can identify her eyes, nose, ears and mouth (but it is much more fun for her to poke us and identify our eyes, nose, ears, and mouth). She has an amazing ability to understand pretty much everything we say. For example, she will take small items and put them in the trash if requested (and amazingly has put minimal non-requested items in the trash). And she will take her dirty clothes and put them in her laundry basket.

Last month Katharine spent a fun 5 days with Grandmomma and Poppa while Paul and I went out to Jackson Hole, WY. Coming up, we are looking forward to a trip to Savannah with Nana (she will babysit while I attend a conference) and a visit from Grandpa and Grandma in May.

Walking Girl

Well, being behind doesn't even begin to capture my standing with this blog! Katharine is quite a proficient walker now and I thought I would share this picture. This picture was taken this past weekend on an outing she and I took to a park near our house. She had a blast chasing around after her ball!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do I look sick?

Seriously, do I look sick to you? Granted my hair is not quite up to par but I think I look pretty good! (See entry below).

Here I am enjoying a sick day at home with my Mom. It's been pretty fun so far with some outside activities and some time with Daddy this morning while Mommy went to the dentist.

Home Sick

So, if you can believe it, we are home sick today with another cold. This is definitely the downside to daycare - almost constant runny noses as one cold comes right after the other. Yesterday, the daycare had a temperature reading of 101, so home she had to go! Well, the fever went down almost immediately and today she is having a fun day goofing around at home with no fever at all. But, daycare policy states they can't come back for 24 hours after a fever. Goodness! I guess it is kharma's way of saying we needed a day to ourselves!

So, we have been strolling through the neighborhood and practicing our walking and generally having a fun day!

This picture is a few weeks old now but it is still pretty cute and it symbolizes how fast she can crawl now (which is the method of choice if she has to get somewhere independently and quickly! - You know, basically to get into to stuff the second our heads are turned!).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our New Year Baby

A trip to the Zoo

Just before New Year's we went to Columbia to visit Paul's family. We had a fun day out with an old friend of Paul's, Little Buddy, and his family to the Columbia Zoo. Dave and his wife, Mandy, have two young boys and Katharine loved watching them run around while she strolled!

Christmas Pics

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebration! Katharine had a great time but she still didn't totally "get" the concept of Christmas. She really liked being read to by her Grandpa Willert and spending some quality time with family. Unfortunately, the week between Christmas and New Year's she was sick as could be so we had a lot of quiet time at home.

A Evening Out with Baby

More of the catch up of life with our sweet baby! These photos (click on the title to view) are from a dinner out at a local favorite. We love this restaurant because of the view (and the food is good too!). These photos were taken just a few days before Christmas and include my Dad and my Stepmother, Jeanette.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Almost walking

On January 28 at her Grandmomma's house Katharine took three independent steps from Mommy over to her Grandmomma! Then she took about three more back from Grandmomma to me! It was very exciting. However, as usual, Katharine takes things on at her own pace. She has replicated this only a few times since and seems to be pretty content to crawl from point A to point B. When she's ready, I'm sure she will tear around the house like a champion but until then we simply encourage her and wait! These milestones are so precious!

I will continue to update some backlogged pictures that I have gotten behind with as time permits. Work is very busy and my freetime is spent with the munchkin so it doesn't leave much time for playing on the internet!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Reindeer Run

I am including some photos from the Reindeer Run that Paul ran back in December. Paul got his fastest time ever in this race so it was an exciting race!

Katharine had a pretty good time as there is a lot of fun stuff going on at this race. There were lots of people dressed up in character which KK enjoyed looking at from a distance only. As the characters got closer and tried to engage with her, her hands would go up and her face would start to wrinkle up as if to say, "if you take one more step, I am going to scream my head off!" Although she was willing to accept a balloon shaped into a snowflake and a snow globe offered by Santa. This kid is no dummy!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Budweiser Horses

OK, I admit it, I've become the slackest blogger ever! All I can say is it's a new year and I'll try to do better. This sweet little girl keeps us hoppin'!

Anyway, here is a photo from one of our family outings in December when the Budweiser horses came to Charleston. They are indeed quite huge and Katharine was actually fairly brave in their presence (although I have to admit she does look a bit edgy in this picture)!

More to come soon!