Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do I look sick?

Seriously, do I look sick to you? Granted my hair is not quite up to par but I think I look pretty good! (See entry below).

Here I am enjoying a sick day at home with my Mom. It's been pretty fun so far with some outside activities and some time with Daddy this morning while Mommy went to the dentist.

Home Sick

So, if you can believe it, we are home sick today with another cold. This is definitely the downside to daycare - almost constant runny noses as one cold comes right after the other. Yesterday, the daycare had a temperature reading of 101, so home she had to go! Well, the fever went down almost immediately and today she is having a fun day goofing around at home with no fever at all. But, daycare policy states they can't come back for 24 hours after a fever. Goodness! I guess it is kharma's way of saying we needed a day to ourselves!

So, we have been strolling through the neighborhood and practicing our walking and generally having a fun day!

This picture is a few weeks old now but it is still pretty cute and it symbolizes how fast she can crawl now (which is the method of choice if she has to get somewhere independently and quickly! - You know, basically to get into to stuff the second our heads are turned!).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our New Year Baby

A trip to the Zoo

Just before New Year's we went to Columbia to visit Paul's family. We had a fun day out with an old friend of Paul's, Little Buddy, and his family to the Columbia Zoo. Dave and his wife, Mandy, have two young boys and Katharine loved watching them run around while she strolled!

Christmas Pics

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebration! Katharine had a great time but she still didn't totally "get" the concept of Christmas. She really liked being read to by her Grandpa Willert and spending some quality time with family. Unfortunately, the week between Christmas and New Year's she was sick as could be so we had a lot of quiet time at home.

A Evening Out with Baby

More of the catch up of life with our sweet baby! These photos (click on the title to view) are from a dinner out at a local favorite. We love this restaurant because of the view (and the food is good too!). These photos were taken just a few days before Christmas and include my Dad and my Stepmother, Jeanette.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Almost walking

On January 28 at her Grandmomma's house Katharine took three independent steps from Mommy over to her Grandmomma! Then she took about three more back from Grandmomma to me! It was very exciting. However, as usual, Katharine takes things on at her own pace. She has replicated this only a few times since and seems to be pretty content to crawl from point A to point B. When she's ready, I'm sure she will tear around the house like a champion but until then we simply encourage her and wait! These milestones are so precious!

I will continue to update some backlogged pictures that I have gotten behind with as time permits. Work is very busy and my freetime is spent with the munchkin so it doesn't leave much time for playing on the internet!