Wednesday, April 25, 2007

17 Months Old

How time flies! Paul and I just can't believe we have a toddler on our hands now. Lucky for us she gets more fun everyday.

Now, I know every parent says this but, boy, this kid is smart! I am amazed everyday on the things she has absorbed and picked up on without us even trying to teach her.

As I mentioned in my previous post, she is becoming a very good little walker now and can cover a lot of ground (i.e.; she is really wearing us out chasing her around!).

She is still a very happy baby and loves to laugh. Now, when she enters daycare in the morning part of the routine is to wave and greet everyone with her sweet sing-song "Hi!" She still doesn't have a lot of words but she manages to make it clear what she wants. Some of the words she has mastered are: mommy, daddy, hi, bye-bye, no, no my (the start of mine), woof-woof (for doggy), may may (our cat), and she is working on grandmomma and poppa. Unfortunately, she has come to confuse Nana (my mother) with banana (her favorite fruit). We have had a great time teasing Nana that she is now "Nana banana." And since Nana lives in South FL and has banana trees in her backyard, we say KK will come visit Nana-banana on her banana farm. (Actually, this sounds like a great idea for a children's book and perhaps my chance to make my millions!).

She also is getting to know her body parts and can identify her eyes, nose, ears and mouth (but it is much more fun for her to poke us and identify our eyes, nose, ears, and mouth). She has an amazing ability to understand pretty much everything we say. For example, she will take small items and put them in the trash if requested (and amazingly has put minimal non-requested items in the trash). And she will take her dirty clothes and put them in her laundry basket.

Last month Katharine spent a fun 5 days with Grandmomma and Poppa while Paul and I went out to Jackson Hole, WY. Coming up, we are looking forward to a trip to Savannah with Nana (she will babysit while I attend a conference) and a visit from Grandpa and Grandma in May.

Walking Girl

Well, being behind doesn't even begin to capture my standing with this blog! Katharine is quite a proficient walker now and I thought I would share this picture. This picture was taken this past weekend on an outing she and I took to a park near our house. She had a blast chasing around after her ball!