Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Isn't she cute in her pigtails?!?

Walk a mile in Mommy's shoes

Just a quick posting to maintain my renewed efforts to utilize this blog better! Have we mentioned this child's love of shoes? Note here in the picture a quick trip taken around the house in my shoes. But, her love is not limited to parental shoes. When we take her to the shoe department at our local department store she immediately begins to lift her feet up to have her current shoes removed so she can begin to try on new shoes. Our most recent purchase was a pair of bright green Crocs which are about the cutest durn things I've ever seen. She is also working on saying the word shoe but the S is silent, "hooes" (pronounced whose).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So, what else is going on....

Actually, quite a bit has been happening. Katharine continues to grow and change everyday. She is featured here offering her cousin Parker a hug (she gives them now on request, which is just too cute). Also note that we have not completely been able to give up our "sassy" (pacifier), but all things in good time, right?

Katharine is very sure-footed now, walking and running wherever she needs to go (usually the opposite direction of where mommy and daddy need to go). She is still working on her vocabulary and has a wider selection of words. She has made her first (and only) three word sentence: "Stop it, Momma." Oh, she makes me so proud! She is very good with her greetings and loves to say Hello and Goodbye to everyone - even Nemo as he goes off to school in her favorite movie, "Finding Nemo." She really is tons of fun and we think she is going to be a great big sister.

In other news, Paul and I are trying to sell our house! The market is slow here (as it is everywhere else) so who knows if we will be able to make it happen. But, we are hoping to move into a bigger home in a more family-focused neighborhood. The house hasn't even been on the market a week yet, so we are hoping the perfect buyer is out there somewhere. Anyone know anyone who is looking for a cute 3-bedroom ranch in charming Charleston?

Paul ran his first marathon in 10 years - straight up Grandfather mountain in Boone, NC. Not an easy race (and one he may not have run if he had seen the course ahead of time). But he got a great time and is ready to do several more this Fall and Winter. Paul has become very exercise focused and perhaps someday it will rub off one me. But, for now, I thought I would work on trying to make myself look like a walking pumpkin!

Here we go again!!

Well, word is getting out and it sure isn't because I keep up with this blog! Anyway, it's true, our family is about to grow by one more member! I have just finished the first trimester and the baby is due February 21. However, given that Katharine was 3.5 weeks early, it is quite likely that we may see this baby sooner rather than later.

I have had two doctors appointments so far and all seems to going fine. I had a little more morning sickness than I did with Katharine but it has been so mild it really isn't anything to complain about. Today marks the day when I need a rubberband to keep my pants together as there is no way the button is going to reach into the button-hole. This marks my official entry into the awkward stage where my own clothes won't fit well but maternity clothes look very silly. It makes it fun and challenging to get dressed every day!

I will try to make a concerted effort to put more postings out here so all you out-of-towners can keep up with the baby Roof #2!!