Friday, December 14, 2007

KK's 2 Year Old Check up

I am happy to report that KK received a clean bill of health from our pediatrician at her 2 year old check up yesterday. She was a perfect angel through the whole visit and let the doctor look in her mouth and in her ears and listen to her heart. She did not cry until AFTER the nurse had finished the finger-prick (to check her iron count) and applied the bandaid. Even though the bandaid was cute and sparkly, she hated it. This was followed by a flu shot which was really just adding insult to injury after the whole finger incident. So, she cried and cried until we finally removed the bandaid from her finger and that seemed to calm her right down.

Other good news is that Katharine's pediatrician will take Matthew as a patient (which I was a little worried about because she gone down to 3 days a week and has not been taking new patients). But, this sibling thing really works out well! As usual, she was so helpful in talking to us about caring for our children. This visit we covered the topics of dental care and potty training for Katharine, concerns about the flu with a newborn in the house (and, relatedly, how to de-germ Katharine when she gets home from daycare), and circumcision (a big decision to made in the next few weeks!).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

O' Christmas Tree

Here are two shots of Katharine with our Christmas tree. She loves looking at the tree and naming all the types of ornaments she sees on the tree (horsey, doggy, red one, angel, etc.). The picture to the right was taken just this morning before we left for school/ work. She loves to look at pictures of herself on the digital camera so she will now follow basic directions such as "go stand by the tree and I will take your picture" and then she runs back over to see the results on the screen of the camera. I just have to figure out how to get her to smile now instead of looking so shell-shocked!

Marathon Runner

Have I mentioned that Paul just completed his 3rd marathon?? Here is a picture of Paul with his brother, Joey (who just completed his first marathon). This was the Thunder Road Marathon that took place in Charlotte, NC on December 8. Can you believe these two ran for over 4 hours?!? That is a whole lot of running!

30 weeks!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant! Wow, time is flying by and I can't believe Matthew will be here before we know it (well, hopefully at least not for another 6 weeks or so!). I have been promising to post some belly shots for awhile, so here you go! I'll let you be the judge on if I am big or small as I've heard both from people. Also, note new haircut!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Draws Near

The Roof household is busy preparing for Santa's upcoming visit and keeping things festive while still marketable (yes, our house is still for sale). Our tree is now up (a genuine frasier fur from NC and hand-picked by Daddy) and looking very Christmassey in our front window, the Christmas cards are 90% written, and we are working on developing a love of Santa! So far, we have just been watching the big guy from afar and talking him up but on the 20th we go to a party at the Palmetto Club in Columbia where I am hoping KK will be brave enough to sit on his lap and be photographed (have to capture all these moments!). Pictured to the right are Katharine and I on the morning we decorated the tree. As you can see, we are still in our jammies and sporting some pretty cute antlers. While Katharine's hat is not necessary for warmth she rediscovered it recently was determined that it was the perfect addition to her ensemble.

So, how is our little toddler doing beyond Christmas preparations? Absolutely wonderful! She is such a great kid and Paul and I get never ending joy from being around her. She shows little to no signs of becoming terrible as yet. The only exception to this is an acute awareness of what is "hers." However, we occasionally use this to our advantage is getting her to eat meals, etc. Example: KK is not eating, Mommy or Daddy says, "Are those my peas, I'm going to eat my peas." And KK will say, "No, my peas." (and sometimes eat them to protect them from us). But, let's get back to the good news. I am still pretty convinced that she is a genius and here is why:
  • She has learned all her colors and loves to label things by color.
  • She is very interested in counting and while her version of counting to 10 goes something like 1,2,4,5,9,10 I still think that is pretty impressive for 2 years of age.
  • She loves to be read to and to study the pictures in books.
  • She is still as chatty as ever and adds new words to her vocabulary everyday (recent additions include reindeer, Santa, and snowman).
  • She is running, jumping, and occasionally walking around on her tippy-toes (we think to practice for high heels).
  • She likes to play catch and before she throws the ball will ask, "Are you ready?"
  • She has learned to assess her own situation and will often report back, "I'm OK" when she trips or falls (unless, of course, she is not OK).
  • She is very naturally picking up on good manners, saying thank you and bless you at all the appropriate times, as well as, showing concern for our well-being (i.e., when you blow your nose she asks, "Is your nose runny, Mommy?" or asking if you are OK when you say, "Ouch."
OK, these are probably very normal development markers but it is absolutely amazing to watch the process of learning take place as your child grows.

Did I mention early signs of a southern accent? Yes, we seem to be raising a southern belle as she now describes the location of everything as being, "right thar!"

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The latest doctor's visit

or alternate title: Glucola troubles revisited

I am now 29 weeks pregnant (how the time flies!) and had another check up this past Monday. This visit marked the start of visiting the doctor every 2 weeks. This visit was also the dreaded one-hour glucola tolerance test. Once again I failed so I will be spending 3 hours in a lab next week drinking the sweetest fruit punch one can imagine and having blood drawn. Apparently, it is very common for women to fail the one hour test and have to endure the 3 hour test so I am not going to worry until there is true cause.

Other than that the visit went well and everything with the pregnancy seems to be coming along swimmingly. Matthew continues to be quite a mover and a shaker in there so he already makes sure he is not forgotten! I've developed a nice round basketball that juts out the front (I'll have to post a picture soon!) and I have some trouble reaching the floor, but, other than that, it is all going really well.