Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baking cookies for Santa

Here we are making cookies to leave out for Santa. I realize now that my mom made Christmas cookies look easy! I took several shortcuts (part of the problem?) -- dough in the tube and a tub of frosting rather than homemade and ended up with Christmas blobs rather than distinguishable shapes. The upside is that they tasted good despite their unrecognizable shapes!

Reindeer Food

In the start of a new tradition (ECDC inspired), we put out our reindeer food right before bed last on Christmas eve. We went out in the front yard and threw out our "reindeer food" -- (oatmeal) -- and made a wish! I guess it is one more fun thing to add to the hype of Christmas eve.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meeting Santa

On Monday we travelled on up to Columbia to attend the children's Christmas party at the Palmetto club. Obviously, the highlight of this is getting to sit on Santa's lap. It was with trepidation that I brought Katharine, as last year we lasted all of 4 minutes before she set eyes on one of the other bizarro characters they seem to think kids will like, totally freaked, and ended up spending the party playing in Poppa's office. But, this year we had success and a positive interaction with Santa. Matthew looks a little more unsure but he didn't cry one bit so I'm going to take that as a success too! Katharine and Santa had a nice chat in which he requested 3 cookies to be left out for him and Katharine was somewhat vague on exactly what she wanted so he promised to bring some nice surprises (I think this is what happens when you have a late November birthday and have just received a lot of toys!).


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Compare and Contrast at Ten Months Old

Left - Matthew at 10 months

Right - Katharine at 10 months

I got the music in me: Matthew's 10 month update

Matthew is now 10 months old and growing up like a champ. He has another tooth coming in on the top - so that will make 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom!

He is starting to lose interest in his bottles but his interest in solid foods is beginning to increase some. He still absolutely loves carbs - cheerios, cereal puffs, bread - all good. He is not too crazy about fruits and vegetables which I think has more to do with the texture and feel than the taste. He has also enjoyed rice, mashed potatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes.

We have battled two more colds (complete with breathing treatments) since I last posted. Poor little fella has basically had one cold after another since mid-September. He now seems to be getting over the last of his latest cold so we have our fingers crossed that he will be a healthy boy for Christmas!

Matthew is really starting to crawl! For about the last two weeks he has really started working on it and now he definitely seems to have a forward motion crawl. He can go about three feet. He can also get from sitting to laying and laying to sitting all by himself. And he is starting to try to pull up and get himself standing.

We are also starting to see some gender distinctions between Matthew's behavior and how Katharine was as a baby. Matthew loves tearing things apart, holding toys over his head, and banging things on the ground. Much more physical play than we remember from Katharine.

Matthew is officially transitioning out of the infant room! He will be in the crawlers room within the next wee where he has already been spending a good bit of time and seems to enjoy it. The main teacher is a woman who we use for babysitting regularly so Matthew just loves her and we know she keeps an extra close eye on him!

Finally, our boy is musical! He just loves music and starts swaying back and forth as soon as you start some music. We have received two of the those new musical cards in the last month and Matthew thinks those are about the best toys ever! As soon as the card opens he starts swaying and if you start to sway too he gets even happier.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference and Other Katharine Stuff

OK, so I am pretty far behind on blogging. I am going to attempt to do some catch up over the next few days and I will start here with a Katharine update.

Since I last blogged Katharine has had both her 3 year old check up with the pediatrician and we have had our first parent-teacher conference at her school (still affectionately called "goosh" by Katharine).

Her check-up went great with Katharine weighing in at 30 pounds and 37 inches tall. The pediatrician was very impressed with her developmental abilities. She was able to recognize which line was bigger of two lines the doctor drew, she replicated a circle after the doctor drew one, and she recognized both her name and the first letter of her name. She said our next step is to encourage her to start writing her name by making dotted lines of the letter K and working up from there. We also talked about potty training. The pediatrician seems to think that the thing that might really get Katharine on board with the potty is when some of her friends start going too. But, we are going to use the Christmas break to really work on it and see if we can send her back to school a potty-trained gal. The doctor said she should be physically able to hold it now, she probably does know when she needs to go, and basically it is just up to her now. So, we wait and we hope she decides she would like to do this sometime soon. Katharine didn't have to get any shots but she did have to get a finger prick to check her iron levels. The nurse described the device that was going to prick her finger as "Mr. Thirsty" and that "Mr. Thirsty was going to tickle her finger or something to that effect." That seemed to work like a charm for Katharine and she didn't shed one tear over it (and loved the bandaids she got afterwards). Other than that, the doctor gave her a clean bill of health.

Our parent-teacher conference was also a success, with Katharine getting mostly rave reviews from her teacher. She said that Katharine is one of the most popular children in the room and that lots of the other children want to play with her. The downside of this is that sometimes Katharine will reject other children's invitations by "shrieking" or giving them the cold shoulder. Stepanie (KK's teacher) also commented on how bright Katharine was, how much she loves books, and how socially well adapted she was (no separation anxiety issues with this kid). She said she has the ability to follow multi-step directions, recognizes her name and the first letter in her name. But, along with the brightness, comes the smarts to test limits occasionally. She said that Katharine knows the names of all the children in the room and often shows empathy by bringing another child who is crying a kleenex or attempting to comfort them in some other way. The group of children she "hangs with" tend to play very complicated games that involve lots of imagination, props, and costumes. Katharine is starting to tell stories about events that happen outside of school like life at home, getting our Christmas tree, and our recent trip to Florida on an airplane. At any rate, we were very proud to hear such good things about our girl!

Katharine is such a joy to be around now and is just so interesting and so cute at this age. She amazes us all the time with the things she comes up with, remembers, and recounts. She is still riding the bus downtown with me and she is quite the popular girl on the bus too. The bus drivers to the other passengers all ask after her if she is not with me one day.

We continue to be pleased with Katharine's interactions with Matthew. She is really sweet to him most of the time, telling him she loves him, patting him, or encouraging him. And Matthew continues to become more interactive and aware of what's is going on around him which as a result has caused us to see the first signs of sibling rivalry. Katharine sometimes has a desire to take things from Matthew once he expresses an interest in them. Until recently, Matthew didn't seem too bothered by this but lately he is acutely aware of having something taken from and he genuinely gets his feelings hurt. So, we have to encourage Katharine not to do that, to give it back (or something equally interesting), and to apologize for hurting his feelings. Often she will work hard to make him feel better once he cries.

Katharine has also invented her first imaginary friend. His is a mouse who first "appeared" one day when we were on the bus and Katharine refers to him as "little mousie". He first seemed to appear most often on the bus or in the car. But, now he shows up quite regularly and has recently been named "Cuba" (pronounced as a Cuban would pronounce it).

And, Katharine has her first boyfriend. Yes, that's right, boyfriend. I find this both hysterically cute and totally scary (what are we going to be dealing with when she is 16?). Anyway, his name is Henry and he is a classmate in her class at school. As far as I can tell this relationship has been going on for at least 3 weeks and I am pretty sure that Katharine just claimed him one day (this all started by Katharine calling him "my boy"). Now she is calling him her boyfriend and says that Henry calls her his girlfriend. Interestingly, she has picked the boy in the class who is the most different from her. He is half-chinese and jewish with dark hair and a quiet nature (we think this may be the thing that attracted her - she can do all the talking!!). She talks about it all the time and consistently tells people who ask who Henry is that he is her boyfriend (and she actually gets all giggly and nervous about it about like a schoolgirl would).

Friday, November 21, 2008


Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby girl!
(Who is actually a "big" girl now!!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, I am trying something new tonight. Tonight is Paul's night to teach and he gets home pretty late so he doesn't even know about it yet. Katharine decided tonight that she wanted to stay in Matthew's room to "protect" him. I thought it was cute and she has been going through this whole thing of being scared and not liking the dark so I figured what the heck. So, I told her that once Matthew was asleep she could tiptoe in his room and get in the extra bed very quietly. I told her that she could not make any noise all night long and she said she was o.k. with that. So, after Matthew fell asleep, we tiptoed in and she crawled into bed, I tucked her in and snuck back out again. She was quiet as a mouse and seemed to go right to sleep (something we don't always see around here lately). So, I am hoping that tonight will be a peaceful night!

3 teeth

Have I mentioned that Matthew is getting 3 teeth at the same time on the top?! It is amazing to watch, I am impressed with his coping skills through it, and can't wait to see him with a mouthful!!

9 Month Check up

This afternoon was Matthew's nine month check up. He weighed in at 20 lbs., 12 ounces (50th percentile) and 27 inches long (75th percentile).

They checked the progress of all of his illnesses and it seems we are on the road to recovery: no signs of the ear infection anymore and no signs of wheezing. So, we will wrap the end of all our current medications for him and hope for the best!

The pediatrician just seems to love Matthew, she gets so tickled by how good he is and the cute faces he makes at her (always smiling and taking everything in). She said the given where he is at with crawling now (the sort of odd backwards kind - not purposeful forward motion), that he probably will not by walking by his first birthday. This is not odd, only half of all kids tend to make this mile-marker and Katharine was a late walker so that just seems to be the way I make 'em! We are to continue the soft solids and try to get him to enjoy more than just cereal puffs. We worked on some peaches tonight and he wouldn't put them in his mouth of his own accord but he did eat them when I put them in there (after a small grimace). The other big thing for this phase of development is language - so we are to tell him the names of everything he sees and really read to him a lot right now.

No immunizations this time but poor Matthew had to get the follow up to his first flu shot so he didn't get off scott-free today. Of course he didn't like the shot but he did pretty well all things considered.

Katharine went with us and seemed a bit enamored with both the doctor and the nurse. She hugged them both (actually those cute leg hugs that little ones give unsuspectingly) and seemed very interested in engaging with both of them. The doc checked on her wheezing too and it seems the breathing treatments must have helped her too because there was no sign of wheezing in her either.

Biscuit is Sick

Featured here is a moment that was too cute not to run and get the camera! I was giving Matthew a bath and while I was doing that Katharine was happily playing in his room (I didn't question as all was peaceful). So, I bring Matthew in from his bath and there is Katharine with one her favorite stuffed toys (Biscuit the dog) strapped up to the breathing machine. She looked at me and said, "Biscuit is sick. He is wheezing and coughing. He needs a breathing treatment."

Monday, November 10, 2008

More QT with the pediatrician

So we were back to the doctor again! Thank goodness we love our pediatrician and her nurse! This time it was for Katharine as she had started wheezing and coughing yesterday. It ends up she has bronchiolitis too and probably caught it from Matthew. Now we are strapping her up to the breathing machine too. She was a little hesitant at first but is doing pretty well with it now.

Matthew, Katharine, and I enjoyed a nice day at home today nursing our colds!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Compare and Contrast at Nine Months Old

Matthew (left)

Katharine at 9 months (right)

The Big Sister

MDR - 9 Months Old

This past Wednesday marked Matthew's 9 month old birthday! It really does seem like time is flying by and Paul and I often marvel at how fast life seems to whiz by right now. On the other hand, it seems like Matthew has always been with us and it is hard to believe sometimes that I was pregnant last Christmas -- that already seems like such a long time ago!

Matthew is doing great (minus the battles with colds - see previous entries). He is starting to work on crawling and can scoot around 360 degree while sitting, transition from sitting to belly, and push himself backwards across the floor on his belly. He also loves clapping his hands, "talking", and laughing. He is ticklish and seems to love being tickled! We started the process of introducing soft solids with mixed success. He seems to be most interested in this cereal puffs that are made especially for babies and much less interested in the fruits and vegetables. I don't think it is a taste preference as the fruits and vegetables don't even make it into his mouth, just get squished in his hands and dropped (which is odd because pretty much everything goes into this mouth these days).

Matthew also still seems to adore his big sister and she him. She is so sweet to him, trying to make him laugh (often with great success), help tend to his needs, and give him lots of love. The only thing she does that upsets him is to take toys from him.

Sick and Sick Again

Well, we seem to have an ongoing battle this cold and flu season. Matthew has been battling colds on and off since we first got the breathing machine in mid-September (and actually before that with a case of the croup!). Ugh!

Anyway, Matthew was back to the doctor again on Friday with a fever and more coughing and wheezing. He has an ear infection in his right ear and reactive airway disease (the lung struggles that seem to come from the colds). Plus, he has three teeth coming in on the top! So, we are on our third round of breathing treatments (good thing we own the machine), we have now added in a daily dose of Singulair (granules that we put in his food once a day), and an antibiotic for the ear infection. Plus, we are administering Tylenol as needed for fever (which has pretty much passed now) and a daily multivitamin. Whew, it is a lot to keep up with! I think the antibiotic started working pretty much right away which is good and the breathing treatments seem to help some. The Singulair is apparently a long term investment and it is likely that Matthew will stay on this medication for the rest of the season (with the hopes of it decreasing his tendency to go into bronchio-spasm every time he gets a cold). Matthew has his nine month old well visit this Wednesday so we will also be following on all these issues as well.

And, now, poor Katharine seems to be coming down with something as well. She starting coughing this morning and seemed a little bit lower energy than normal. By the evening, she was starting to wheeze and seems to have a fever (I stupidly took her temperature after her warm bath so not sure how much this impacted my measurement!). So, I think we will be off to the doctor's office again tomorrow (I'm starting to feel like I live there!).

By the way, this photo of Katharine was taken today during Matthew's nine month old photo shoot (just couldn't put it off any longer!). As you can see, she still looks pretty good despite her symptoms!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Grandmomma and Matty

On Halloween night we were lucky enough to get a visit from Grandmomma and Poppa! They shared in the Halloween festivities with us helping us to carve our pumpkin, go trick or treating, and hand out candy to neighborhood little ones.

Jack O'Lantern

ECDC Halloween Parade

Friday morning marked Katharine's first time participating in the ECDC Halloween parade! It was controlled chaos and despite being a bit overwhelmed we all had a blast. Mommy and Daddy put work aside for the morning to make sure we were there to share in it!

The picture to the left here is the closest we got to a group picture for the 2 year old classroom. It was hysterical watching all the parents try to get their kids in place and then get out of the way.

To the right is Katharine in her Tiger costume once again. I must say that we definitely got our money's worth out of this costume. Besides being recycled from last year (when I had to bribe her with candy to wear it!), we got about four wearings out of it this year. And, to further illustrate my frugal-ness, I will probably still put little Matthew in it next year!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Berry Dorm Halloween Festival

Well, yes, it is starting to seem like we managed to participate in every Halloween event going now that I come to summarize them in our Halloween wind up series! But, it's all just to fun to miss out!

On Tuesday night we went to a Halloween party being put on by one of the dorms on campus. As you can see we teamed up again with our new friend Leila and we just had a blast! The dorm did such a great job of offering tons of fun stuff to do! So, we ate hot dogs and made mud pies and trick or treated around the dorm rooms, and generally had fun!

Above, Leila and KK are featured doing some dorm to dorm trick or treating. I don't know about Leila but it was KK's first time actually doing that as we felt she was too young last year. She seemed to have a good time and liked having a bag full of candy. At left, the kiddos are featured having oodles of fun in an inflatable toy filled up with balls. You can see that suckers and lollipops are big this year as lollipop sticks are hanging out of one or the other's mouth in most of the pictures.

I just love this picture because I think to some extent it captures elements of young mom-isms! Featured here is Leila's mom Kate who is awesome and has been a great new friend! But, I love the picture because she is carrying about 3 bags while keeping an eye on her own child and mine, all done with love as the threesome walks hand in hand! It is a classic!

Halloween Festival at the Children's Musuem

This past Saturday continued our Halloween festivities with a play date to the Children's museum for their Halloween Festival with our new ECDC friend, Leila! We had a blast and the girl's probably enjoyed the museum and each other much more than the added Halloween activities. This museum is great fun for little ones with about 5 different themed rooms all intended to stimulate little minds (children's minds, that is). The girls made some arts and crafts first then went in to the "ball" room that seemed to be a mini-lesson in physics to me, from there to the water room (which is great fun and comes equipped with smocks), which lead to mixed reviews of the life size fishing boat followed by rave reviews in the pretend grocery store! We wrapped up our little outing with a snack and some bubble blowing outside the museum. On the way home Katharine said, "the lion is tired." (Yes, I know she is dressed as a tiger but she had it in her head she was going to be a lion so I don't argue!).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween kick off - The Pumpkin Church

We kicked off our Halloween festivities with our annual trip to the "Pumpkin church" to pick out some pumpkins! We saw pumpkins of every size and had a fun time picking them out and filling up our wheelbarrow with pumpkins in various sizes to take home. This year marks our third year heading out to this nearby church for our pumpkin shopping - it is neat sight to see as their front yard becomes filled with pumpkins!

Katharine had a blast running around with daddy, comparing pumpkins, and helping to fill the wheelbarrow! Matthew fell asleep on the car ride over and slept through the whole experience! Oh the things the littlest ones don't even know they slept through at that age!

Katharine was very happy with her selections and wished we could bring them all home I think!

Matthew continued to sleep and was totally unaware of the fun the rest of us were having! (Occasionally at his expense!)

A good time was had by all!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here are Paul and KK running in their first race together! It was a 5K that included 3 laps around this beautiful park downtown. KK did pretty well but lost patience a bit around lap 3.

The Roofs have spent the month of October gearing up for Halloween and I will share all the fun activities in separate entries to follow this week.

Katharine has been very excited about the upcoming holidays including Halloween, her 3rd birthday, and Christmas! Lots for a little girl to be excited about. She regularly now holds up three fingers and talks about how she will be this old soon. We are also starting to see some progress in the potty department!! I won't go into the gory details and the progress is still not consistent but at least she is expressing some interest in the potty again! She also impresses me with the things she is absorbing. She now often reads the stories I read her at bedtime right back to me by going through the book and following along with the pictures. Today, one of her classmates had her last day at ECDC as she is moving back to Argentina. Tonight, Katharine was riding her toy pony and came over and said to me, "Mommy, ask me where I am going on my horsey." So, I asked her and she replied, "to Argentina!" I asked her if she was going to visit her friend Julia and she said yes. Too cute!

Matthew is sick again! This poor boy, everytime he gets a cold he gets laid really low. So, Tuesday we were back to the doctor again for another round of coughing and wheezing! Now we are the proud owners of very own breathing machine. We have finished our second round of breathing treatments (a step down approach of 5 total days, starting with 3 treatments a day and then stepping down to 2 treatments a day) but we are still waiting for the cold symptoms to move on. Apparently, some babies are just like this and have a bit of lung troubles when they get colds. It may be this whole season that we see this or maybe even two seasons. But, hopefully, he will just outgrow it. He is still working on his crawling and is now spending part of every day over in the crawlers room. He is still loving is big boy baths, interacting with his sister, and laughing at almost anything. We have starting offering a little bit of soft solids (like really soft carrots, and baked apples) but he really doesn't seem very interested. He mushes them all up in his hands and them drops them. It is funny because anything else you give him goes straight in his mouth but give him food and there is no interest! He is also proving to be a great sleeper - he is out cold by 6:30 PM every night and sleeps until at least 5:30 AM every morning. This may sound very early but it works out just fine with our crack of dawn schedules as Paul and I both attempt to get up at 5 AM every morning (this is pretty rough most mornings).

At any rate, life continues on and is good but busy, busy, busy. As I write this I realize there are still bottles to be made, a lunch to be packed, and bags to be organized for the morning!

A body in motion stays in motion

Cool Guy

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bathtime Giggles

This video show Matthew and Katharine giggling away in the tub!
(If only we all found our daily hygiene routine this much fun!)

First Big Boy Bath

Tonight was Matthew's first official "big boy" bath (no more infant tub). I decided it was time because he refused to lay back into the curved design of the infant tub anymore and was continually craning his body to get himself upright.

So, tonight we gave it a try and Katharine was not going to miss out on one of Matthew's firsts and hopped right in there with him! They laughed and giggled and played and generally had a good time.

"HI" from Matthew

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crawling Video

The first steps towards crawling!

Starting to Crawl!! - Backwards!

Exciting news - Matthew seems to be starting to crawl! This afternoon he spent some time on his tummy and he started using his arms to push himself backwards. So, it is only a start since it was more like a snake sliding backwards but the wheels are in motion!

I just bet it won't be long until we are chasing this little fella all over the house!

Grandmomma and Poppa

This photo was taken about a week ago when Joe and Lucy had the opportunity to make an overnight trip here in Charleston. We all went for some Cuban grub at El Bohio and came back to the house for some yummy red velvet cake!

A good time was had by all and we all loved getting a chance to catch up with Joe and Lucy!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

8 Months Old

Matthew turned 8 months old on Sunday and I just can't believe it. In my head I will catch myself wanting to say he is 4 months old or 6 months old and I have to stop myself and say, no, he is 8 months old now. Time really does fly!

This photo was taken on an outing to a really cool park in Mt. Pleasant called Pitt Street Bridge.

Matthew is doing great and is still a really sweet baby. He is sitting up like a champ now and really starting to push himself to reach for things around him. You can almost see him trying to problem solve and figure out how to get to something just out of his reach. I would say he will be crawling soon but you never know with my kids, they seem to like to take their time with these things.

Today Matthew had his flu shot. He cried a little but got over it in an impressively short amount of time. (Katharine also got her flu shot in the form of the nasal spray and she was such a good sport!). We have started introducing Matthew to soft solids (carrotts, peaches, and "yogurt melts" so far). He thinks that they are great fun to squish but shows little interest so far in putting it in his mouth. I worry a lot less about these things the second time around and I figure he will figure it out eventually.

He is also clapping his hands a lot and "talking" a good bit. He makes a sound now that sounds like "mom-mom" and it is so tempting to count this as his first word! But, it really isn't consistent enough to be likely. But, maybe it is a sign that momma will be his first word!! I think I actually wouldn't mind having a little momma's boy around!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Talk

You gotta love babies to enjoy this footage! But, if you do, it's a pretty cute couple of seconds of Matthew working on his "talking."

The Kiss

At Home - Chillin'

Matthew playing with Molly (he actually loves wet doggy kisses!)

Nana's Masterpiece

Here is KK featured with her latest acquisition of original art courtesy of Nana Ficks! Now Matthew and Katharine are the only two people to own Trudie Ficks' originals of this size!

The Dentist - Visit #2

Today KK had her second visit to the dentist. Since the first visit had gone well, KK wasn't scared at all but mommy was shaking in her boots. A black spot has been developing on one of her back molars despite mommy's attempts to brush, brush, brush and I was worried that we were going to have a traumatic visit. But, while all is not perfect, all is ok for now. The dentist (a pediatric dentist) also does not want such young children to have traumatic dental visits so for now we are just monitoring the situation. It seems that the enamel on some of KK's teeth is not fully formed (or something like that). Apparently this is something that happens in utero and there is not much that can be done. So whether it is due to that or if it is staining from the multivitamins she is taking seems to be uncertain but there is definitely something bad developing back there. The dentist said it was not soft yet so she wasn't too worried about it and we are to come back in three months for another look and another flouride treatment. All this in the hopes that KK will continue to gain maturity and coping skills to help her deal with what seems to be bound to come. At this age, if the dentist has to go in and fill it then KK will have to be sedated (they don't like to put kids fully out, just woozy enough so that they don't remember how horrible it was). I took that translation to mean it would be a terrifying experience for mommy and KK but only mommy would be able to remember it (maybe I could get a bit of that sedation too and Paul could just come pick us up later!!).

But, we got through the visit with KK having little to no awareness of this trouble and being a pretty good sport about the cleaning and inspection. She actually giggled through much of the cleaning as the dental equipment seemed to tickle her. I was wishing I had taken a camera because they gave her these big sunglasses to wear so the examination light wouldn't bother her and she looked really cute!

Because of the timing of the visit today, I decided that KK and I would take the whole day off rather than try to re-insert ourselves into schedules that were well under way. So, we took our time this morning and did some cleaning up, went to the dentist, out for lunch, and then to the grocery store (and now she is napping). It has been so great to have a day like this in the middle of the week to just stop and catch up a bit. I have to remember to do this more often!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Update

Well, I guess you could say that all is well in the Roof household and that it is business as usual. Just keeping up with the daily routine keeps both mommy and daddy hopping! (And plenty sleepy at night - it is lights out pretty early in our household).

So, how is everyone doing? Paul is doing well in his new teaching position. I am continuing to feel challenged by my new teaching commitments but have survived their first exam without everyone getting A's (or F's) so perhaps I am on the right track. But, more interestingly, how are our little ones?

Katharine is doing fabulously at her new preschool and we are so thankful that she got in! She rides the bus downtown with me everyday and walks across campus like such a big girl to her school. Once we get into school, she runs right off to her classroom to play - - well-adjusted doesn't begin to describe Katharine at her new school. She continues to amaze us with the things she is learning and digesting about her world; her vocabulary continues to grow daily and her observations about the social world are always interesting. One cute thing she does right now is her own adaptation of excuse me. She has always been pretty good at saying excuse me for the appropriate things (burping, coughing, farting) but she has decided that she can take this social courtesy one step further. So, now, rather than excuse me, she will say, "burp me" or "fart me" as appropriate to the event that occurred. It is pretty funny and I think she nows it. As I have already opened the door to the topic of bodily functions (this will really embarrass her someday, eh?), I will briefly mention that we are at a some kind of roadblock with potty training and she seems to have lost all interest in this particular activity. Paul and I spend a lot of time wondering what the magic trick is going to be to make it happen!

Matthew is over his bronchiolitis and both children are in good health at the moment. Matthew is sitting up like a champ now and playing with toys and engaging with his sister. He seems to just adore his big sister and loves to get attention from her. (And she loves to give it and is very sweet to him and just about loves him to death - "gentle" is an often heard word around here!). We have just started introducing some soft solids with Matthew (peaches) and so far his interest seems to be in simply picking up the food and depositing it somewhere else (usually in the seat of his highchair). I'm not sure if he doesn't know it is food or isn't interested but I figure all things in good time. He continues to make sounds and has added the "m" sound to his repertoire (which is very tempting to count as "mom")! He still sleeps like a champ -- usually going to bed around 6:30 at night and waking up around 6 AM. And he is definitely still a very "chill" baby!