Thursday, January 31, 2008

False Alarm

Well, still no baby despite my midnight rousing convinced that this was it! A call to the doctor and I'm told to go back to bed and wait until the morning. I went in to the office this morning and she said I am still 3 cm but now 80% effaced. However, this was not enough change to warrant going to the hospital so back to work and back to waiting!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

37 Weeks

I am 37 weeks today and still no sign of an imminent delivery. So we continue to wait and see! My mom is due in this afternoon and we are starting to getting about as ready as one can get for these things!

Monday, January 28, 2008

At the doctor

This morning was my weekly check-in with the doctor and things have progressed even farther. I am now 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced (don't worry about the gory details just know that it was more than last time). It is likely that we will see Matthew within the next week. I have an appointment scheduled for next Tuesday and I was told to schedule it for the office that is closer to the hospital and to make sure I come to the appointment with my bags! The anticipation is killing us! Lucky for us, Nana is planning to leave tomorrow and will be here on Wednesday and Paul's parents will be in town tomorrow night!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another step to big girl-hood

Yes, I am about to write on the blog that my daughter made a pee-pee in the potty today for the first time at home! Anyone who has gone through the trial and tribulations (and laundry) revolving around potty training will understand my excitement. We had been having no luck at home with the whole potty situation so we decided today that maybe some adaptive equipment would be helpful. We had been to trying to get her to adapt to the big potty and finally decided she needed a potty of her own. So, off to Walmart we go, and we come home with a nice pretty kid-sized pink potty. Within a half hour of setting it up, KK had a made a pee-pee in it. She was so proud of herself (and so pleased with the praise she was getting from us) that she spent the next half hour getting on and off the potty trying to make another one. Hopefully, this is a sign of more progress to come!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doctors, Nursery Day, and Anticipation

I haven't posted an informational piece in awhile so I know many are wondering how the pregnancy is going and how close we are getting to the end! The actual due date is February 21 but I think we will see a much sooner ETA! I've had 3 doctors appointments since I last wrote about the pregnancy. The first involved the doctor coincidentally "checking" to see if anything was going on and stating that I was 1 cm dilated (I was about 34 weeks at this point). So, she recommended modified bed rest to help ensure Matthew didn't come to early. Apparently, white, male babies have the worst odds when it comes to premature delivery so she really wanted to try to get Matthew as "fully cooked" as possible and it seemed at that point he was only medium-rare! So, I did my best at being still (not easy with full-time job and 2 year old) and was told to come back in about 4 days. Upon my return, I saw a different doctor because mine was out sick. He checked and said he saw no reason for concern or bed rest (although he made the same prognosis as the first doctor in terms of my "status" in cervical area). He said no need to come back until 36 weeks and then I would be on weekly check ups anyway. So, we went back to life as normal and Matthew has yet to "fall out" so it all worked out just fine. I am 36.5 weeks now so they wouldn't try to stop labor if it started at this point (40 weeks is full term). The latest visit (this past Monday at 36 weeks) revealed that I am now 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced (if you don't know what effacement means for simplicity's sake let's just say it's a further sign that the body is getting ready). Her best guess was that I would not give birth this week but that it wouldn't be too much longer and that I definitely wouldn't make it to full term. She asked if I had already set up my "inducement day" (the day they would induce if you made it all the way to 40 weeks) and I said no. She said she wasn't going to bother then at this point because we wouldn't need it. Now, we just wait and hope the little fella waits until my Mom gets here to help out with Katharine (she is due around Feb. 1)!

In the interim we have been readying the nursery (very cute in a tugboat theme!) - which is now virtually complete (all the essentials are in place it is just some "fluff" stuff left to do). We had Martin Luther King Day off so it become dubbed "nursery day" and a lot sure got done! We have a bassinet by the bed for those late night feedings, pre-registered with the hospital, and I even have my bag for the hospital packed! I have also been washing little tiny baby boy clothes in Dreft so we can get him dressed and have his dresser stocked with a few newborn diapers. I guess we are in pretty good shape. So, now all that is left is the anticipation where I every time I feel a twinge we all stop and wonder if this is it! We have trying to prep Katharine regularly by talking about Matthew a lot and lately talking about how he is going to "come out of my belly" and live with us. It seems to be having some impact on her but I think she may be a bit surprised when the tiny creature really does come home with us. I also think she has come to think of me in this bizarre round shape (you know, the look of someone who has swallowed the prize-winning watermelon at the fair whole). So, it may come as a surprise to her when Mommy is shaped like a normal person again!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleeping in the Big Girl Bed

As you can see, KK is now sleeping in a "big girl bed." Largely because it is time and she is the appropriate age for this transition, but also because she is getting "kicked out" of the crib so we can get it ready for baby Matthew who is soon to arrive. Fortunately, this transition has gone quite smoothly and she has sleeping in this bed for both naps and overnight since Friday. We have also begun to work on potty-training and I wish I could say that is going as smoothly but it is a slower process (involving lots of laundry)!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Holiday Summary and New Years News

Well, the Roof family had a great holiday season and enjoyed a nice break from work and daycare with no travels so we really got to relax. Katharine had a great Christmas and enjoyed Christmas morn. However, she is about the slowest present opener we have ever seen (especially for a kid) and would often get so caught up in the present she received that she would totally forget there were more presents to be opened. Maybe it is a sign that she is more into "quality" than "quantity."

We had a nice visit from Grandma and Grandpa Willert and other than a small kitchen fire while making my favorite red velvet cake, it was quite a nice visit. No, seriously, the fire was very well contained in the oven and was more a comedy of errors than a true hazard. And, yes, we even managed to save the cake! The moral of the story is that if a recipe calls for cake flour, find cake flour (don't substitute with regular all purpose flour that will overflow onto your oven coils and ignite into flame!).

Paul and I rang in the New Year's by staying up to the very late hour of 10:30 and then trying to sleep through all the fireworks going off in our neighborhood and on the rest of the island. At least the chaos and booming didn't wake up Katharine! You can see that Paul and I are not exactly wild anymore!