Thursday, March 27, 2008

College material?

This is Matthew at 7 weeks old. This picture was taken while Grandma and Grandpa Willert were visiting and they said he looked just like a college student in this cute vest!! (No pressure - ok, it's pressure but we all want the best for our kids and grandkids, right??).

Friday, March 21, 2008

Picking up poopies

Funny story from daycare the other day. When I went to pick her up her teacher told me that she had taken a dust pan and a block and was using the block as if it was the broom to sweep into the dust pan. She told her teacher that she was picking up poopies! All afternoon, Katharine would pick up small toys and say she was picking up the poopies. I told them that it was probably because she had seen her Dad picking up dog poopies in the yard. I also told them that this is only another extension of her usual cleaning routines at home where she often gets out the rubber cleaning gloves and lysol wipes to clean as well as bringing out her miniature broom. We can only hope this love of cleanliness will last!!

Egg Hunt

This is Katharine on her way off to daycare where they were having an Easter egg hunt today. She was so excited to take her basket of eggs to school today!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

6 hours

Matthew actually went 6 hours between feedings last night! As a tired mom, I can only hope that this is a sign of improving sleep patterns and more sleep for mommy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

6 Week Update

Matthew turned 6 weeks old yesterday and it really does seem like time is flying by and soon he will be up and running. I took this picture this morning when we had a little play session on the floor, including our first real tummy time! He still likes to eat a lot -- every 2.5 to 3 hours but we have started to see the evening feeding stretch out a bit. He went five hours between feedings Sunday night and four hours last night. Matthew has been having a bottle everyday now to get him ready for daycare and he seems to be taking to it very well. He has also begun to make "cooing" noises which really aren't too far from the stereotypical goo-goo ga-ga sounds. And I think he has smiled a few times but I'm still not sure if they were actual smiles or just gas. He has become more alert and is awake a bit more during the day. He really likes to look at the mobile above his swing.

Katharine still seems to like him -- she calls him her little "bubba" for brother. My northern family was a bit appalled by this nickname but it cracks me up. Today Paul asked Katharine if she wanted a sister and Katharine said, "No" (Thank goodness). Then Paul asked her if she wanted another baby brother and she said, "No, I already have a little bubba." I take that as a sign that she is satisfied with what she has and it is a good thing because I'm pretty sure our family is complete now.

OK, no time to write more, the little fella is fussing up a storm and I really have no clue what is wrong with him. Better go try to do something to get him in a better mood!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The vocabulary of KK

I get such a kick out of some of the things Katharine says these days that I thought I would try to write a few of them down to share with all of you.

  • After handing you something she thinks you need, she may say in an excited tone, "There you go."
  • If she sees something she likes, she will shout excitedly, "I like it, I like it" or even, "I love it, I love it."
  • Finger is pronounced "himmer"
  • Naked (as in, "I'm a naked girl" -- said before getting the bath) is pronounced "nik-nik"
  • Napkin is pronounced "nap-nik"
  • Matthew is pronounced "Mam-mew"
  • Not touch it (her current phrase when you shouldn't touch something) sounds like, "Not chocolate"
  • Chocolate is pronouced like "toc-late"
  • Please is pronounced "pleesh"
  • If the cat walks away from her she will say, "May-may not like me anymore"
I could go on and on here and maybe you have to hear it to really appreciate it but I get a kick out of her. Of course there are times where we have no clue what she is saying and we go round and round trying to figure out what it is she wants. But everyday she gets more verbal and has more to say. Her sentences are getting much longer and more descriptive. Before long she will be writing her first novel, I am just sure of it!

Matthew - 5 weeks old

This picture was taken this morning -- Matthew is 5 weeks old and 1 day. He is growing like crazy and I made a point to take this picture today because I think he is about to start out-growing some of his newborn clothes. I thought this shirt was cute so I wanted a picture of it before he couldn't wear it anymore (he may only get to wear this once!).

Now he sleeps peacefully in his swing while it gently rocks and Katharine is engrossed in her first episode of Sesame Street. A quiet household - it can't last long.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Well, today Matthew is 5 weeks old and sometimes I wonder where the time goes. People often ask how my "vacation" is going and I wonder when someone is going to bring me my pina-colada poolside. I myself often feel like so much more should be accomplished in a day with no 9-5 work to get in the way. But, then I blink, realize I have no time to sit and wonder and that I had better get back to house and home. So, 5 feedings, 6 loads of laundry, 1 bath, and 7 diaper changes later I can think about "retiring" for the evening (translation: collapse in to bed and hope this is not the time that Matthew feels like being awake).

Seriously though, how is everyone in our fam doing? Pretty good actually. Katharine still seems to like having Matthew around and is pretty tolerant of his needs. She calls breastfeeding giving Matthew my "body-juice" and still seems to be young enough to not find it weird and simply take it in stride. Katharine can talk up a storm now and sing and sometimes I think read. She loves imaginative play and is often delivering us pizzas (not only pizzas but hot pizzas which we have to be careful to blow on before we eat). She is working on potty-training (going better at school than at home) and I know one day she will just get it and that will be it (or, at least, I can hope).

Matthew is growing like a weed and I can't imagine how big he will be the next time we go to the doctor. He is still waking every 3 hours and seems to do some of his best sleeping in the late afternoon. I would swear he smiled at me yesterday and it was the prettiest smile (or should I say handsome?). He seems to still be a relatively peaceful baby with very few "fussy" periods. While I know any doctor would say it is too soon to tell, I am betting money that his eyes stay blue and end up looking just like his big sisters.

Mommy is a bit sleep deprived but trying to stay as productive as possible. Today was my 6 week check-up (a week early) and everything seems to be healing and there were no concerns. Matthew went to the appointment with me and they all oohed and aahed over him. I try to stay at least minimally connected to work so it is not a total shock once I go back and that helps me feel connected to the outside world.

Daddy is doing very well and does all he can to help with the kiddos and still maintain his regular existence. He has been pursuing several job opportunities and hopefully there will be good news to report very soon.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Monday, March 03, 2008

Inside Joke

Yes, I probably seem like a cruel mother to post a picture of my kid crying and say it is an inside joke. But, for those to whom it applies they will know why and they will know why it is funny. To everyone else, it has nothing to do with torturing my child for fun just a little ha-ha that my child is not as perfect as I continue to post on the web. While Matthew is a pretty good baby, here is proof that he does cry on occasion (but only in the most normal way).

Like Sister, Like Brother

I just had to post this picture too because it features Matthew in these little bear overalls which his sister wore as a baby too! Matthew, however, has chosen a lovely light blue H&M onesie to compliment the overalls, whereas, Katharine wore this ensemble with a peach flowered onesie to keep it feminine! Enjoy the cuteness!

Cute New Outfit

Just had to show off this cute new outfit that Aunt Sue-Sue sent to baby Matthew! This photo was taken on Saturday before an outing to the grocery store (may seem like just an errand to most but getting all four of us just about anywhere these days is a major outing!!).