Monday, June 30, 2008


Here are my two kiddos interacting. I think the look on Matthew's face is cute. They are starting to gain a real appreciation for one another. Matthew smiles and is so thrilled when Katharine pays him attention and she seems to take a lot of pride in making him happy. (Note: For those with an eye for detail, the tatoo on Katharine's is not permanent.)

Cute sleepy pictures of the kids

Blowing Raspberries

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rolled Over Again

Well, the little fella did it again last night! Katharine, Matthew, and I were all playing in Katharine's room and Matthew rolled from his back to his tummy this time! I think this boy is ready to be in motion!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

He rolled over

Another milestone chalked up for our littlest one! Last night, right after Katharine was safely tucked away in bed, Matthew was enjoying a little naked tummy time before his bath with his daddy (who was just supervising not also naked or on his tummy). And, of course, as soon as mommy turned her back Matthew rolled over from tummy to back. Just because I couldn't miss something like that, I had to make him do it again. And, sure enough, he rolled over again like a champ! I think he was actually quite proud of himself!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Compare and Contrast at Four Months

Left: Matthew at 4 months

Right: KK at 4 months


Can you feel the love??

My beautiful babes!

A big bear hug!

Matthew - 4 months old

Here is one of our favorites from Matthew's four month photo shoot!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Family Update

It has been awhile since I did more than post a photo so here is an update with a little more substance! The month of May flew by (as have most of the months since Matthew got here - life with 2 kids is so busy!).

May marked mine and Paul's 6th wedding anniversary! We celebrated with a weekend trip to Athens, GA. These trips are usually kid-free but we felt Matthew was just too young to leave behind for three days so we took him with us. Katharine stayed with her Grandmomma and Poppa Roof (it was a full house too because they now have a new roommate - Amber!). While in Athens we checked the University of Georgia, Jittery Joe's coffee, and Weaver D's (a locals favorite) as well as the funky downtown area. We also ate in two vegetarian resaurants - it ends up I can enjoy a meal without meat. Saturday we went into Atlanta for a friend's wedding combined with a side trip to IKEA (which I loved and Paul has since compared it to Hell). Anyway, all and all, we had a nice little getaway.

Katharine also went to a luncheon to check out the new preschool she will be attending beginning in August. It is affiliated with the College of Charleston, has an incredible reputation, and we are so thrilled that we managed to get a spot (by turning in the application, literally, on the day she was born). It is called ECDC and she had a great time at the luncheon so I think she will adjust nicely to the change. It is located on the College campus and has observation rooms so parents can come and watch them learning without interrupting their routines. So, starting in August Katharine will ride the bus with me and head over to ECDC!

Matthew had his four month check up this past Thursday and here the latest on his stats! He is up to 15 pounds, 4 ounces (55th percentile), 26.5 inches long (92nd percentile), and 16.75 inches head circumference (70th percentile). So, maybe he is going to grow up to be tall like his Grandpa Willert. The doctor said that everything looked great (except for minor cold and there is not too much you can do about that). He received three shots and an oral vaccine (Matthew was NOT happy about any of that). We also got the go-ahead to begin to introduce rice cereal followed by baby foods. And, something different than we did with Katharine, she suggested we introduce a multi-vitamin for Matthew. She said the main reason for this is to get the vitamin D. New research is showing that a lot happens in the first year in terms of building bone mass and that babies aren't getting very much vitamin D from the sun anymore because of all the precautions we take with sunscreen so they have found that the vitamin D can make a difference.

Katharine and I have made two trips to the beach and we just love it. We go early in the morning and only stay for an hour or so. It works out perfect because the beach is still fairly quiet (as are the parking lots!) and the sun isn't as strong yet. She loves to dig in the sand but is still a bit cautious with the water and the waves.

Right now Katharine is really into the Wizard of Oz ("I want to watch Toto" -- pronounced tato), Nanny McPhee, and Blues Clues. She is talking up a storm and really communicating at a pretty high level now. She is aware she is 2 years old, she can tell you her full name, and she loves to read stories. Outdoor activities that she loves are walking around the block and blowing bubbles. She also likes to "help" Matthew with his tummy time and take care of her dollies. She likes the term "best friend" and it varies from day to day who her best friend is (sometimes our favorite doll, Katie; sometimes Mommy, sometimes Daddy, sometimes Matthew, and sometimes our friends Scott and Ashleigh).