Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swimming Lessons - Part II

Well, I think it is safe to say that the swimming lessons were a success. Perhaps even worth the 2 hour, crack of dawn wait in line to get her in (I am laying the groundwork for next year's entry when I do it all over again!). While there didn't really seem to be a whole lot of "lesson" in each lesson, it was a great opportunity to get her some more exposure to the water and gain some confidence in the water (I suppose they might argue that is the lesson in the water-baby swim lessons). In addition to this, it gave KK and Daddy something constructive to do during the their first two weeks of "Daddy daycare." I think it was some great bonding time and Paul did a great job of connecting with all the housewives with him in the lesson.

Katharine did gain some water skills during her lessons. She will now jump in from the edge of the pool, put her head under water, kick her legs as if she were swimming, and blow bubbles in the water. Of course, I think she also spent a good bit of each lesson on the steps or the edge of the pool directing the whole process.

Today was her last lesson and I played "hookie" from work to take her since I had missed out on the experience. We had a blast and it is always fun to see her doing something she really enjoys. I'm going to be taking about 12 days off in August to stay with Katharine as Paul gets started with his new job (and before her new school -- ECDC -- starts) and I am hoping that she and I will get some beach and pool time in!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Towelled up and cute

This picture was taken tonight after our two little ones finished their baths!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Swim Lessons - Part I

Today we signed Katharine up for her first official swim lessons! And I must tell you this marks a watershed moment for the Roof family - the first time, of what I am assuming will be many more to come, one of us has had to get up at the crack of dawn and get in line to get our child into some program or service. Fortunately, the aquatics director gave me the heads up that I needed to get there by 6 AM or earlier to get in the line for the 8 AM registration. I got there at 6 AM this morning to discover that 20 other parents were already there, lined up outside the building in their folding chairs, morning coffee and reading materials in hand. So, we sat and we waited until 8 AM and I got the last spot in the "water-babies" class! This is where Paul's piece of the parenting game comes in as he will be the one to take her Monday - Thursday for two weeks during daddy daycare!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The sibs

Katharine and Matthew - taken on July 5 (Matthew's 5 month birthday)

Compare and Contrast at Five Months

Left - Matthew at 5 months

Right - Katharine at 5 months

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Digging for gold

In the process of trying to capture Matthew's laugh, I got this cute video clip that we can use against Katharine when she is a teenager!! Watch closely for the wandering finger!

Giggle, giggle

Here is a video clip of Matthew laughing at Katharine! Laughing is a new accomplishment for Matthew and it is just so cute!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Daddy daycare, transitions, and giggles

Finally, a little narrative to update everyone on life at the Roof household. Let's take it player by player for a rundown of all the latest and greatest:

Paul: Yup, he's doing it - playing the househusband for the summer. Katharine will be transitioning from her current daycare to the preschool at the College so Daddy is going to spend some QT with KK before the new school year starts. It works out perfectly because it saves us a little bit of money, it is timed perfectly with her current daycare teacher leaving, and gives her some time at home before starting her new school at the end of August (August 26 to be precise). Today was practice day 1 for this summer project and was a relative success (whew!). Daddy and KK spent the day taking a walk around the block, going to play at the Kidz Club area of the gym, eating lunch at Chik-fil-a, taking a nap (the sneaky KK version which doesn't really involve napping), and watching a movie. An action packed day. Paul is also transitioning from his job at CofC to his new tenure-track position at CSU so I imagine Katharine will get to spend some time at Daddy's office this summer too.

Karin: I am wishing that College staff also had the summers off. But we don't so I am sticking with my 9 to 5 grind and trying to make the best of it. Being a full time employee and mother to two little ones is very, very, very busy but we manage and we get better at it every day. In other news, I joined the gym that Paul goes to yesterday. I have not had a solid workout routine for a LONG time so lets hope I can follow through and get back in shape (trust me, this two-time postpartum physique is begging for some help!). I don't know exactly where in the day this new activity is supposed to fit in but I am guessing that it will largely mean sacrificing a bit of sleep (but hopefully not my blog time!).

Katharine: I'll tell ya', this kid is quite a charmer! She chats up a storm now and loves to do lots of imaginative play. She is officially 2 and a half so we also have our fair share of emotional drama. While she is very well-behaved, she is not without the full range of emotions. We recently had a fancy dinner out with Nana and iPop (visiting on their way to the Duke Wellness Center to look into Jerry's health issues) and I couldn't believe how amazing Katharine was during our very long, fancy dinner. She wore her pretty dress and enjoyed the many courses with us (as well as 2 Shirley Temples and a chocolate flower sucker for dessert). Now that I have one of each gender, I can take the liberty of calling Katharine my favorite daughter but more commonly I tell her she is my best girl. Recently she said she wanted me (not daddy) to read her her bedtime stories. When I asked why she wanted me to read them she said, "because you are my girl!" It was too cute and since then she often reciprocates and tells me I am her best girl. I have to get that documented in case the tides turn when she is a teenager! Katharine is still being a really good big sister and Matthew just adores her.

Matthew: He is the cutest little boy baby a gal could ask for. He is the very definition of mellow. He almost never cries - it actually really throws us all off when he does (usually due to hunger!). At night, I give him a bottle then put him in his crib, get his mobile started and he will just hang out in there until he falls asleep. In the morning when he wakes he just lays in bed talking to himself until I come to get him. When he sees me looking into the crib he just beams this big smile! Other neat things that he is doing includes blowing raspberries (see video), giggling when you tickle him, rolling over, following us with his eyes as we move about the room, an absolute fascination with his hands, and reaching out and touching objects that are before him. His favorite thing is to get one on one attention from pretty much anyone but especially from KK, mommy, or daddy. We are also working on his core strength (bumbo, tummy time, etc.) so that he can learn to sit up on his own. We have also begun to introduce baby foods to work on taste and texture. So far I think he is sort of so-so on the whole thing but I think any day he is bound to catch on and really start enjoying it. The pediatrician also suggested we introduce a multivitamin (largely for the Vitamin D to help with calcium absorption) and he thinks that stuff is really yucky. He looks at me like he is totally offended when I give it to him.

The Family: As a family, we have a few fun things lined up. Next week we are going to rent a cabin in Boone, NC for a long weekend and a little family vacation. It is going to be really mellow and a nice to get away (and maybe cooler!). I think we will picnic and just enjoy our cabin! We are also planning a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa Willert (and the rest of AL family) in early August. Then mommy is going to take a week or so off to play housewife to finish out Katharine's transition for the summer.

Baby Foods!

This is Matthew starting to work on baby foods! We started shortly after he turned 4 months with rice cereal (that is what he is having in this picture).

So far we have tried:
rice cereal - good
pears - very so-so
peaches - ok
peas - good

I thought he would really just go nuts over the baby food given what a solid boy he is but is taking his time getting used to the whole process.

Naked Tummy Time

Here is Matthew enjoying some naked tummy time after his bath!