Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Update

Well, I guess you could say that all is well in the Roof household and that it is business as usual. Just keeping up with the daily routine keeps both mommy and daddy hopping! (And plenty sleepy at night - it is lights out pretty early in our household).

So, how is everyone doing? Paul is doing well in his new teaching position. I am continuing to feel challenged by my new teaching commitments but have survived their first exam without everyone getting A's (or F's) so perhaps I am on the right track. But, more interestingly, how are our little ones?

Katharine is doing fabulously at her new preschool and we are so thankful that she got in! She rides the bus downtown with me everyday and walks across campus like such a big girl to her school. Once we get into school, she runs right off to her classroom to play - - well-adjusted doesn't begin to describe Katharine at her new school. She continues to amaze us with the things she is learning and digesting about her world; her vocabulary continues to grow daily and her observations about the social world are always interesting. One cute thing she does right now is her own adaptation of excuse me. She has always been pretty good at saying excuse me for the appropriate things (burping, coughing, farting) but she has decided that she can take this social courtesy one step further. So, now, rather than excuse me, she will say, "burp me" or "fart me" as appropriate to the event that occurred. It is pretty funny and I think she nows it. As I have already opened the door to the topic of bodily functions (this will really embarrass her someday, eh?), I will briefly mention that we are at a some kind of roadblock with potty training and she seems to have lost all interest in this particular activity. Paul and I spend a lot of time wondering what the magic trick is going to be to make it happen!

Matthew is over his bronchiolitis and both children are in good health at the moment. Matthew is sitting up like a champ now and playing with toys and engaging with his sister. He seems to just adore his big sister and loves to get attention from her. (And she loves to give it and is very sweet to him and just about loves him to death - "gentle" is an often heard word around here!). We have just started introducing some soft solids with Matthew (peaches) and so far his interest seems to be in simply picking up the food and depositing it somewhere else (usually in the seat of his highchair). I'm not sure if he doesn't know it is food or isn't interested but I figure all things in good time. He continues to make sounds and has added the "m" sound to his repertoire (which is very tempting to count as "mom")! He still sleeps like a champ -- usually going to bed around 6:30 at night and waking up around 6 AM. And he is definitely still a very "chill" baby!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Amazing girl

Today, I had the most amazing conversation with Katharine - the kind that remind you how amazing children can be. We had a lovely outing this morning to the beach with new friends from ECDC and had a great time. After lunch, Katharine took a bath to wash off the sand and the sunscreen and I changed into some comfy sweats and an Applachian State University t-shirt that I rarely wear. I came back into the bathroom and Katharine looked at the t-shirt and said, "you haven't worn that in a long time." I though nothing of it and said that no I don't wear this shirt very much. And she said, "not since you came back from the doctor." And then she said, "And Nana came to stay and Daddy and Nana, and I came to see you." I realized she was talking about when Matthew was born and I went to find the picture taken of the three of us moments after I walked in the door from our hospital stay and sure enough there I was smiling up at the camera in my Appalachian State University t-shirt with Matthew in one arm and Katharine in my lap. Now, Matthew just turned 7 months old last week so it floored me that she would remember that detail and have it trigger a memory like that. Kids are amazing!


Poor little Matthew is sick again. About one day after finishing the medicines we were taking for the croup and the ear infection, he started showing signs of a cold. Then on Saturday morning he started to wheeze. So, off to the doctor again. We got lucky and our regular nurse/doctor team were on call. It ends up he now has bronchiolitis (often results from a cold) which is an inflammation of the bronchioli that causes wheezing and coughing. We are to spend the next three days giving him breathing treatments every 6-8 hours with a follow up appointment on Wednesday. Matthew is such a good boy during these treatments, sitting there patiently while the medicine is vaporized into his lungs. Apparently, it is not uncommon for kids to scream through the whole treatment but Matthew has been a trouper so far. And, they do seem to be helping to alleviate his symptoms some.

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Girl

Her ECDC report card for the last three days has had happy, tired, and moody checked for, "today, I felt:..." Finally, an indicator that she is my girl! ;)

This shot was taken during Matthew's 7 month photo shoot. Pink stripe seersucker dress courtesy of Nana.

The siblings share a moment

7 Months old - Compare and Contrast

Left - Matthew

Right - Katharine

Matthew - 7 months old

Well, it is really hard to believe that 7 months has already gone by! While Paul and I are constantly amazed about the work that goes into raising two tiny ones, we are also constantly amazed by their beauty and their spirit! They are definitely two special little kids! And, at the end of each day, we are two exhausted parents!

What's new with Matthew:
* Sitting up pretty well on his own
* Getting over a case of the croup and a mild ear infection
* Giggling, "talking", and shrieking with excitement
* Loves kisses
* Loves to be held
* Loves attention from his sister
* Reaches out to touch a loved ones face to get closer

Friday, September 05, 2008

Rain, rain....

Well, there is no denying that we have had a lot of rain today but it is now 8:30 PM and still nothing too serious to report on the storm front. We were even brave enough to load up the family and head out for dinner. Let's hope Ike doesn't head our way and Hanna counts as our living through a hurricane for this year.

Still waiting

It is now 2 pm and only a little rain to attribute to our storm day. But, the map shows Hanna still off the coast of Florida so there could still be plenty of excitement to come. The kids and I spent the morning at the doctor's office and the pharmacy for little Matthew. It ends up his first "cold" is really an ear infection and the croup. So, now he has two prescription medicines (no, the morning of an impending storm is not the time to visit the pharmacy). Now, both are napping and we are all enjoying the calm before the storm.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


So, we await our first tropical storm! The College of Charleston is closed tomorrow as is Matthew's daycare (and we expect word that CSU will close too - or we hope). She is expected to hit North of us so that will put us on the west side (which I guess is good) but we are still expected to get some serious winds and some rain.

We all knew...

... he was a mellow boy but isn't this picture really worth a thousand words?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sitting up on my own!!

Well, he's still a bit tentative and still a bit wobbly but I'm making it official - the boy is sitting up on his own! He does particularly well if you place a toy or object of interest in front of him for him to concentrate on.