Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Berry Dorm Halloween Festival

Well, yes, it is starting to seem like we managed to participate in every Halloween event going now that I come to summarize them in our Halloween wind up series! But, it's all just to fun to miss out!

On Tuesday night we went to a Halloween party being put on by one of the dorms on campus. As you can see we teamed up again with our new friend Leila and we just had a blast! The dorm did such a great job of offering tons of fun stuff to do! So, we ate hot dogs and made mud pies and trick or treated around the dorm rooms, and generally had fun!

Above, Leila and KK are featured doing some dorm to dorm trick or treating. I don't know about Leila but it was KK's first time actually doing that as we felt she was too young last year. She seemed to have a good time and liked having a bag full of candy. At left, the kiddos are featured having oodles of fun in an inflatable toy filled up with balls. You can see that suckers and lollipops are big this year as lollipop sticks are hanging out of one or the other's mouth in most of the pictures.

I just love this picture because I think to some extent it captures elements of young mom-isms! Featured here is Leila's mom Kate who is awesome and has been a great new friend! But, I love the picture because she is carrying about 3 bags while keeping an eye on her own child and mine, all done with love as the threesome walks hand in hand! It is a classic!

Halloween Festival at the Children's Musuem

This past Saturday continued our Halloween festivities with a play date to the Children's museum for their Halloween Festival with our new ECDC friend, Leila! We had a blast and the girl's probably enjoyed the museum and each other much more than the added Halloween activities. This museum is great fun for little ones with about 5 different themed rooms all intended to stimulate little minds (children's minds, that is). The girls made some arts and crafts first then went in to the "ball" room that seemed to be a mini-lesson in physics to me, from there to the water room (which is great fun and comes equipped with smocks), which lead to mixed reviews of the life size fishing boat followed by rave reviews in the pretend grocery store! We wrapped up our little outing with a snack and some bubble blowing outside the museum. On the way home Katharine said, "the lion is tired." (Yes, I know she is dressed as a tiger but she had it in her head she was going to be a lion so I don't argue!).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween kick off - The Pumpkin Church

We kicked off our Halloween festivities with our annual trip to the "Pumpkin church" to pick out some pumpkins! We saw pumpkins of every size and had a fun time picking them out and filling up our wheelbarrow with pumpkins in various sizes to take home. This year marks our third year heading out to this nearby church for our pumpkin shopping - it is neat sight to see as their front yard becomes filled with pumpkins!

Katharine had a blast running around with daddy, comparing pumpkins, and helping to fill the wheelbarrow! Matthew fell asleep on the car ride over and slept through the whole experience! Oh the things the littlest ones don't even know they slept through at that age!

Katharine was very happy with her selections and wished we could bring them all home I think!

Matthew continued to sleep and was totally unaware of the fun the rest of us were having! (Occasionally at his expense!)

A good time was had by all!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here are Paul and KK running in their first race together! It was a 5K that included 3 laps around this beautiful park downtown. KK did pretty well but lost patience a bit around lap 3.

The Roofs have spent the month of October gearing up for Halloween and I will share all the fun activities in separate entries to follow this week.

Katharine has been very excited about the upcoming holidays including Halloween, her 3rd birthday, and Christmas! Lots for a little girl to be excited about. She regularly now holds up three fingers and talks about how she will be this old soon. We are also starting to see some progress in the potty department!! I won't go into the gory details and the progress is still not consistent but at least she is expressing some interest in the potty again! She also impresses me with the things she is absorbing. She now often reads the stories I read her at bedtime right back to me by going through the book and following along with the pictures. Today, one of her classmates had her last day at ECDC as she is moving back to Argentina. Tonight, Katharine was riding her toy pony and came over and said to me, "Mommy, ask me where I am going on my horsey." So, I asked her and she replied, "to Argentina!" I asked her if she was going to visit her friend Julia and she said yes. Too cute!

Matthew is sick again! This poor boy, everytime he gets a cold he gets laid really low. So, Tuesday we were back to the doctor again for another round of coughing and wheezing! Now we are the proud owners of very own breathing machine. We have finished our second round of breathing treatments (a step down approach of 5 total days, starting with 3 treatments a day and then stepping down to 2 treatments a day) but we are still waiting for the cold symptoms to move on. Apparently, some babies are just like this and have a bit of lung troubles when they get colds. It may be this whole season that we see this or maybe even two seasons. But, hopefully, he will just outgrow it. He is still working on his crawling and is now spending part of every day over in the crawlers room. He is still loving is big boy baths, interacting with his sister, and laughing at almost anything. We have starting offering a little bit of soft solids (like really soft carrots, and baked apples) but he really doesn't seem very interested. He mushes them all up in his hands and them drops them. It is funny because anything else you give him goes straight in his mouth but give him food and there is no interest! He is also proving to be a great sleeper - he is out cold by 6:30 PM every night and sleeps until at least 5:30 AM every morning. This may sound very early but it works out just fine with our crack of dawn schedules as Paul and I both attempt to get up at 5 AM every morning (this is pretty rough most mornings).

At any rate, life continues on and is good but busy, busy, busy. As I write this I realize there are still bottles to be made, a lunch to be packed, and bags to be organized for the morning!

A body in motion stays in motion

Cool Guy

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bathtime Giggles

This video show Matthew and Katharine giggling away in the tub!
(If only we all found our daily hygiene routine this much fun!)

First Big Boy Bath

Tonight was Matthew's first official "big boy" bath (no more infant tub). I decided it was time because he refused to lay back into the curved design of the infant tub anymore and was continually craning his body to get himself upright.

So, tonight we gave it a try and Katharine was not going to miss out on one of Matthew's firsts and hopped right in there with him! They laughed and giggled and played and generally had a good time.

"HI" from Matthew

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crawling Video

The first steps towards crawling!

Starting to Crawl!! - Backwards!

Exciting news - Matthew seems to be starting to crawl! This afternoon he spent some time on his tummy and he started using his arms to push himself backwards. So, it is only a start since it was more like a snake sliding backwards but the wheels are in motion!

I just bet it won't be long until we are chasing this little fella all over the house!

Grandmomma and Poppa

This photo was taken about a week ago when Joe and Lucy had the opportunity to make an overnight trip here in Charleston. We all went for some Cuban grub at El Bohio and came back to the house for some yummy red velvet cake!

A good time was had by all and we all loved getting a chance to catch up with Joe and Lucy!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

8 Months Old

Matthew turned 8 months old on Sunday and I just can't believe it. In my head I will catch myself wanting to say he is 4 months old or 6 months old and I have to stop myself and say, no, he is 8 months old now. Time really does fly!

This photo was taken on an outing to a really cool park in Mt. Pleasant called Pitt Street Bridge.

Matthew is doing great and is still a really sweet baby. He is sitting up like a champ now and really starting to push himself to reach for things around him. You can almost see him trying to problem solve and figure out how to get to something just out of his reach. I would say he will be crawling soon but you never know with my kids, they seem to like to take their time with these things.

Today Matthew had his flu shot. He cried a little but got over it in an impressively short amount of time. (Katharine also got her flu shot in the form of the nasal spray and she was such a good sport!). We have started introducing Matthew to soft solids (carrotts, peaches, and "yogurt melts" so far). He thinks that they are great fun to squish but shows little interest so far in putting it in his mouth. I worry a lot less about these things the second time around and I figure he will figure it out eventually.

He is also clapping his hands a lot and "talking" a good bit. He makes a sound now that sounds like "mom-mom" and it is so tempting to count this as his first word! But, it really isn't consistent enough to be likely. But, maybe it is a sign that momma will be his first word!! I think I actually wouldn't mind having a little momma's boy around!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Talk

You gotta love babies to enjoy this footage! But, if you do, it's a pretty cute couple of seconds of Matthew working on his "talking."

The Kiss

At Home - Chillin'

Matthew playing with Molly (he actually loves wet doggy kisses!)

Nana's Masterpiece

Here is KK featured with her latest acquisition of original art courtesy of Nana Ficks! Now Matthew and Katharine are the only two people to own Trudie Ficks' originals of this size!

The Dentist - Visit #2

Today KK had her second visit to the dentist. Since the first visit had gone well, KK wasn't scared at all but mommy was shaking in her boots. A black spot has been developing on one of her back molars despite mommy's attempts to brush, brush, brush and I was worried that we were going to have a traumatic visit. But, while all is not perfect, all is ok for now. The dentist (a pediatric dentist) also does not want such young children to have traumatic dental visits so for now we are just monitoring the situation. It seems that the enamel on some of KK's teeth is not fully formed (or something like that). Apparently this is something that happens in utero and there is not much that can be done. So whether it is due to that or if it is staining from the multivitamins she is taking seems to be uncertain but there is definitely something bad developing back there. The dentist said it was not soft yet so she wasn't too worried about it and we are to come back in three months for another look and another flouride treatment. All this in the hopes that KK will continue to gain maturity and coping skills to help her deal with what seems to be bound to come. At this age, if the dentist has to go in and fill it then KK will have to be sedated (they don't like to put kids fully out, just woozy enough so that they don't remember how horrible it was). I took that translation to mean it would be a terrifying experience for mommy and KK but only mommy would be able to remember it (maybe I could get a bit of that sedation too and Paul could just come pick us up later!!).

But, we got through the visit with KK having little to no awareness of this trouble and being a pretty good sport about the cleaning and inspection. She actually giggled through much of the cleaning as the dental equipment seemed to tickle her. I was wishing I had taken a camera because they gave her these big sunglasses to wear so the examination light wouldn't bother her and she looked really cute!

Because of the timing of the visit today, I decided that KK and I would take the whole day off rather than try to re-insert ourselves into schedules that were well under way. So, we took our time this morning and did some cleaning up, went to the dentist, out for lunch, and then to the grocery store (and now she is napping). It has been so great to have a day like this in the middle of the week to just stop and catch up a bit. I have to remember to do this more often!