Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My little elves

Here are my favorite little elves! Did I mention that these two have basically decorated and undecorated the tree about 50 times since we put it up? Who knew ornaments were the best toys ever - hard to resist!

Trimming the tree

Here is the Roof Clan shortly after trimming our tree! It was a fun night and the kids loved helping! Nanna was there to partake too!

ECDC Field Trip

On Friday, KK had a field trip to get to see a real plane up close! (Daddy was a chaperone!). They went out to the Charleston Executive Airport where her classmate Holland's Dad flew in his plane for them to see it land and take off. Then, as you can see at the left, they got a chance to feel what it is like to sit in the pilot's seat! I think KK looks like a woman in charge of her craft!

The Nutcracker Ballet

KK, Nanna, and I went to see the Nutcracker ballet this past Saturday! It was Katharine's first ballet performance. She thought it was pretty neat but perhaps a little too long. I think if we had left at intermission she would have been perfectly happy.

That night, KK spent the night at Nanna's hotel and apparently much time was spent watching KK give her interpretation of her ballet experience (the bed was her stage!).

We are planning to get KK started in some ballet/tap/tumbling lessons after the New Year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

My smarty pants!

Recently, Katharine made up a game for the children to play in her class based on a branch with four leaves on it that she found on the way to school. Her teacher was so impressed with her "game" that a write up about it made the ECDC blog!! I shamelessly stole the write up to include here in my own blog:

A New Game

We are always looking for good examples to help our students understand a constructivist view of cognitive development. This one is classic demonstration of how prior experiences are processed, assimilated, and adapted to create a new construct – in this case understanding what a game is and how rules apply to playing one.

One of the Sunflower’s (3 year olds) current finger play/game favorites during the transition from group meeting to lunch is “One Little Leaf.”

One Little Leaf

One little leaf, two little leaves,

Three little leaves today.

Four little leaves, five little leaves,

Blow them all away. Whew!

Five children at a time are chosen; each child is given a leaf with a numeral 1-5 on it and holds up his/her number when it is said. At the end, the children blow their leaves, then go wash their hands for lunch. This continues until all children have had a turn.

Katharine announced at large group time that she had brought something to share and had made up a new game for us to play, “but only four people can play.” When asked to describe the game, she said, “You get one of the leaves then you gotta do what I say. You shake it and then blow.” We let Katharine go and get her leaves, which was a branch containing four leaves (so she clearly understands the one-to-one correspondence connection that determines how many can play). She called four children at a time to stand up, then handed each child a leaf. Then she said, “now shake it and blow!” The children happily followed her directions, then Katharine told them, “Now go wash your hands!”

KK's leaf game 001KK's leaf game 002KK's leaf game 003

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Santa Came to Campus

As many of you know, KK is currently attending the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) here at the College of Charleston where I work. Each year the College has a "tree lighting" ceremony and Santa is kind enough to make it one of his stops on his pre-Christmas rounds. KK was a bit tentative about the close proximity but agreed to get this picture taken with Mom there to facilitate! She told Santa that she wanted a scooter a Christmas! It's funny because I sort of thought Santa might have a dollhouse in mind this year. ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look Who's 4!!

Today was KK's 4th B-day and we had a great day! We started the day with some present opening followed by a trip to the Farmer's Market. Then the afternoon was a fun party with some school friends (from left to right: KK, Grayson, Mae, Henry, and Evy). We had some great times and the kids played well together.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

In the jungle....

... the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.

Which leaves plenty of opportunity for the silly monkey to play!!

On a side note, Matthew had the follow-up appointment from his eye "probe" and they are deeming everything a success! Good news!

KK and the dogs, accesorized

KK had fun last night putting my jewelry on the dogs! I think she thought this gave them some added sparkle!

Googly Eyes - Funny Video

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harvest Fest

Here are KK and Daddy at one of our favorite events of the year - Harvest Fest. A great family affair!

It all adds up

While I realize most people don't like to air their dirty laundry in public, here is 4 days worth of Roof laundry. Our clothes dryer went out on Saturday and a new dryer was installed today (yahoo!). Can you believe I actually conquered this whole mountain in one day!?!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween from Katharine the good witch and our littlest tiger!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

ECDC Halloween Parade

Here is the Sunflower class moments before the ECDC parade!

Craft Project at ECDC

Kate (Leila's mom) and I went into the classroom on Thursday to do a craft project with the kids! We made Frankenstein noisemakers that the kids carried in the Halloween parade on Friday! We had a great time and this pictures shows KK's version of Frankenstein (3 eyes - the mad scientist probably should have thought of this!).

Carving the pumpkin

The eye - the final chapter (I hope)

Well, the eye thing turned out to be more serious than I thought. It ends up the cellulitis did not respond to the shot of antiobiotics so when we returned to the doctor, he said we had to be admitted to the hospital. So, Saturday afternoon we went off to the hospital where we ended up staying until Tuesday evening.

Matty was a real trooper and an angel given all he went through. He was not at all keen on having the medical professionals use any kind of device on him.

  • Stethoscope -- OK
  • Temperature under the armpit -- OK
  • Rectal temperature -- not great
  • Blood pressure cuff -- bad
  • Inserting IV port (3 different times!) -- screaming like possessed by the devil bad
You follow my drift here. Matty really wanted to be with his momma during this time and we got a lot of bonding time over the 4 days. He would sleep in his little "jail" crib at night but would only nap in my arms. They had a couch I could sleep on but I had to sleep lightly so I could get up every time a tech wanted to check his blood pressure in the middle of the night to let them know I thought sleep was more important than an inaccurate blood pressure reading because he is screaming his head off every time you take it. Seemed like the obvious to me and by the last night it seemed they had it down.

Matthew had to receive his antiobiotics through IV which was the main reason we were there -- Rosecpherin every 24 hours (over half hour period) and Vancomyacin every 6 hours (over a 2 hour period). When we first checked in they were doing the Vancomyacin over a 1 hour period but Matthew got "red man syndrome" which is a side effect of it being such a strong medicine that his scalp and eyebrows turned all bright pink when he got it. So, we had to stretch it out over a two hour period. Apparently, "red man syndrome" is pretty rare and the pediatrician actually chuckled when she heard because she said ordinarily doctors usually only hear of that on med school tests. Only my Matty!

On his last day in the hospital they "probed" his tear duct because they were pretty sure that a blocked tear duct was a contributing factor to all this. The eye doctor said the procedure was a success and she did feel resistance and a "pop" when they did it that she felt indicated that there was a membrane from birth that had never resolved itself and opened up. (Apparently, the procedure is the equivalent of taking a stick pin and send it down the tear duct where it would normally drain into the nasal passage). This was the only time that Matthew was not with a family member and when he woke up in recovery, he wanted his Momma. He really is such a sweet boy!!

So, we followed up today with the pediatrician and she feels that the infection is gone but there is a bit of residual redness around the eye which is normal given the degree of inflammation he had. However, all the antiobiotics have given him diarrhea so he now has a raging diaper rash with likely yeast infection. We added a prescription diaper cream to his regimen and some probiotics to really load him up on that "good bacteria". And in two weeks we will follow up with they eye doctor to make sure everything looks as it should.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hah! Mom beats doctor.

Well, not exactly but my mom instincts were telling me something still wasn't right with Matty. So, after a brief discussion with our nurse, we were headed back to see our regular doctor at 12:15. As soon as nurse Stephanie saw us (and Matty's swollen up eye), she said she was glad we came back in to today!

Dr. Goedecke had a look and determined that he now has cellulitis (an infection that has been known to land kids in the hospital!). Fortunately for Matty, his case is not that serious. It seems that Matty probably started with a clogged tear duct, which made him more vulnerable to conjuctivitis, he got conjunctivitis (which starts in that area where you pull down your lower eye) but instead of moving to the eyeball as conjuctivities normally does (hence the term pink eye) the infection moved downward into the tissue and became cellulitis. So, we suspended the eye drops (which Matty hated because they burn) and went for some more serious antibiotics. We started with a shot of antiobiotics (unfortunately, a slow painful shot); which not only brought Matty to tears but had him crying "oweee". Poor bub! And then it is back to the doctor tomorrow for another check. If it seems the shot is working, we will begin a 14 day course of oral antibiotics (Augmenten). If it seems the shot didn't have much impact, then we get another shot, and then 14 days of antibiotics. Whew! This kid is seriously either going to go to med school when he grows up or really, really hate doctors! Hopefully, not the latter.

And I just have to conclude by saying how much we love, love, love our pediatrician and her nurse - they are truly awesome!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ugh - My poor boy

The doc who was covering the sick appointments today says that the little bubba has pink eye. Ugh. I'm sure he knows more about the field of medicine than me but this is a case of pink eye like I have never seen before. The eyeball itself just doesn't seem that red to me but his eye sure is swollen. "Oweee" is what Matty has to say about it. He even had a fever tonight (101.4). This sweet boy of mine sure does know how to stress me out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun!

Today, after we had safely deposited Matty at daycare, KK and I decided to have some fun! So, we went to KK's first movie ever in a movie theatre! We choose, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and it was in 3-D (hence, the glasses). I think she looks like a mini-Elvis Costello. KK initially took a seat fairly near the front and was a tad overwhelmed once the film actually started. Fortunately, we were the only ones who chose to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" at noon on a Tuesday so we had our pick and moved farther back. I think she enjoyed it for the most part, although parts were scary to her and the volume was unbelievably loud. She said she is up to another one with no scary parts.

After the movie we made a brief stop at the playground to get some fresh air. KK was all over the place showing me a lot more of that bravado she is developing. She is photographed here climbing up this ladder type thing on her way to hit another slide! The slides seems to be her favorite right now. She had a blast and you would never know she had just been through the dreaded H1N1 flu! We had a great day!

Most recent doctor's visit

Today was Matty's follow-up with the pulmonologist and there isn't anything much to report. Good news on the sweat test, a negative. And, basically, they just want us to stay the course on everything else: Prevacid once a day, Flovent twice a day, Zyrtec once a day, and Xoponex as needed.

They did not recommend seeing an allergist yet. Apparently, kids under two don't technically have allergies. And, I guess allergy testing can be unpleasant and they don't feel like too much will change in terms of the course of treatment.

Friday, October 09, 2009

The results from the doctor

Life is rarely a simple case of black or white in which something is or it isn't. Our trip to the doctor today is just such an example. Let me explain. I have been hypersensitive to the H1N1 flu because of Matty, his asthma putting him at much greater risk for complications should he catch it. And now it is coming to light that H1N1 is posing serious risks to pregnant women. No, I'm not pregnant but a close friend and co-worker is; she sees KK almost daily at the office and usually lets KK sit next to her on our bus ride home. KK had seen her on Wednesday afternoon and they had indeed sat next to each other on the bus. So, for these two reasons, I was more cautious about calling the doctor than I might have been otherwise.

As it turns out, the doctor feels that Katharine has the flu, the symptoms were clear. And she said in most cases doctors aren't even bothering to test, just assuming it is the flu and treating. But, like I said life is often not simple and after explaining to her my two concerns, the doctor felt like she should do the test. So, swab up the nose (KK did not enjoy) and 10 minutes later we find out... the test is negative. So, she doesn't have the flu? Well, not so simple. This test is only 60-70% accurate, so the chances of a false negative are high. The doctor felt this was most likely a false negative and we should proceed as if we have the flu, the dreaded one. So, KK is on Tamiflu 2x a day for 5 days (treatment), and Matty to go on it 1x a day for 10 days (preventive). As we were leaving, I saw the doctor in the hall and she said, "here's the thing. I just looked and we have a positive test... another child from ECDC and I believe this child is in KK's class." More evidence to assume we got a false negative, definitely proceed as if this is H1N1.

The upsides are that KK really doesn't seemed to badly off for having the most feared illness of the season; Matty hasn't caught it yet (nor have we, nor has pregnant friend); and it seems that there is some residual protection from taking the Tamiflu that can last up to 4 weeks (which should hold us over until we can get the kids vaccinated). Also, Tamiflu is supposed to start working quickly so hopefully KK will be feeling better soon and Matthew will be getting some protection soon!

Off to the doctor

Looks like it could be the flu... you know, the dreaded one. I will post more details once we have been to see the doctor.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sick kiddo

Well now its KK's turn for sickness. They called from ECDC today right before lunch to say she had a fever of 101.6. I picked her up and she was a little bit pitiful. Teary, hoarse, and hot. So, we came home and she spent the afternoon in bed watching movies on my computer (but still no nap). A dose of Tylenol seemed to help bring the fever down to about 100. After nap time she got up and seemed to be doing OK, had a little dinner and a bath. Then, after the bath she said she was cold and just sort of fell apart. I wrapped her in a blanket and popped her in bed and she fell fast asleep. She just woke up and it seems the fever is back up to 101.7. So, more Tylenol and a little drink of water and she was back to sleep. We'll see how she is after a good night's sleep.

Cystic Fibrosis Test - The Sweat Test

This morning was Matty's "sweat test" to rule out Cystic Fibrosis. I had no idea what to expect and how in the world they would get the sweat out of him. As it turns out, it is a pretty interesting process (according to me, Matty thought it sucked). It went something like this, they attach something similar to a car battery to his right arm (between his elbow and his wrist). It has negative and positive which are labeled with red and black just like a car battery. They put some gel disks on electrode-type things that were then attached to his arm with velcro straps. The gel disks were some kind of substance that had to be kept refrigerated and would help to distribute the heat and keep the temperature consistent (to further insure he didn't get burned). The battery process lasted for 5 minutes to heat up just that portion of his arm and activate his sweat glands. Then they attached another device to the spot where the red electrode-type thing was and attached that with another velcro strap. This thing looked like a watch but instead of a watch face had a spiral, maze-like area. As soon as they attached this device a little bit of blue began to weave out from the center through the spiral maze. This is apparently a good sign. So they taped the watch like device to his arm with what looked like green ace bandage and then it was out to wait in the waiting room for 30 minutes. Apparently, the trick of it all is if he will sweat enough and if he does, to insure it lands in the collector by not allowing Matty to move the device at all. Thank goodness for a fish tank in the waiting room which kept him interested for almost 15 minutes. Then there was a painting with some sheep (the ba-baing bought us another 2 minutes). A tour around the waiting room, including reading of bulletin boards bought us another 4 minutes. 3 minutes of watching Dora and a sip from our sippy cup got us to 24 minutes when the tech came to let us know we had 6 minutes to go. Another spin around the waiting room and back to the finish tank and we managed to kill 30 minutes with no damage to the bandaid! So, back to the tech's room for removal of the bandage and determination if the test was successful. Phew, the little blue line went far enough to warrant a success!

We won't know the results of the test until we visit the pulmonologist next Tuesday. However, the doctor did make it clear that this was to rule out Cystic Fibrosis. And the tech said, while he didn't know the results, he didn't think Matty had it. He said he had seen enough kids come and go for this test and Matty just looked too healthy in comparison to the kids he saw come back positive. So, I am still on the course of not worrying until I'm given something to worry about! more to follow next Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Best Playdate ever!

This past Saturday we went on the funnest outing!! I organized an outing for ECDC families to go out for a two hour boat ride with Anton Dumars of Tideline tours (tidelinetours.com - if you're ever in Charleston, check it out!). You know he has to be good if he didn't even hesitate before agreeing to take out a boat full of 3 year olds. We had enough enthusiasm to fill two boats and the word on the street is that everyone had a good time. I know the Roofs had a blast!
So, we cruised off into the Folly River with 7 kids, 4 brave moms, and our fearless captain. It was a beautiful day and moods seemed to be good! Captain Dumars showed the kids authentic pluff mud and salt water, then proceeded to catch fish and shrimp with a fishing net. The kids could touch and explore - very experiential learning! He also pulled up a crab pot to show the kids some crabs.
Then it was off to Morris Island Lighthouse (approachable only by boat, only at lowish tide) for a little shell seeking. All the kids had a blast with some freedom, some shells, and lots of sand.
On the way back we saw Egrets and lots of dolphins (so cool). It was a well spent two hours!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Future Thrill Seeker

So my biggest little one is developing some bravado! This past Sunday we went downtown to Marion Square for the Annual "Green Festival". Katharine saw this huge blow up slide and said she wanted on. I thought for sure she could be talked out of this or would change her mind once she realized that Daddy or I could not come with her. But, no, she still wanted to go. So, I bought the tickets sure she would change her mind once she started climbing the rope ladder like stairs to get to the top. But, no, she went for it. Climbed all the way to the top, never had a moments doubt and slid on down to us waiting expectantly at the bottom. She even took her second turn! I was pretty impressed! (She is the little blonde spec up there at the top!).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first race

This past Saturday, I ran my first road race (with much encouragement from my husband). It was only 2 miles but as one of America's biggest coach potatoes it was a big deal for me! Paul pushed the kids in the stroller so it was a family affair! Katharine did a great job of cheering me on to the finish line!

Future shopper in training

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One more med in the mix

In a recent turn of events, I have come to think that at least part of Matthew's issues are related to allergies. I base this on the most recent bout of runny, nose, cough, etc. we are going through with him. On Saturday, the AC decided to take a brief vacation so we opened all the windows. On Sunday morning Matty's nose was running. By Sunday afternoon the asthma cough was kicking in.

So, I had a chat with the nurse today who had a chat with the doc and we are now going to add children's Zrytec into the mix: 1/2 tsp every night before bedtime. Fortunately, it is OTC and bubble gum flavored so there was no resistance on Matty's part. As a matter of fact, after he got the first taste, he gave me a big smile so I think he thinks it tastes pretty good.

The side-effects/precautions listed on the box of CHILDREN'S Zyrtec includes:
  • May cause drowsiness (really!?!, hmmm... I can't help but wonder if it might also cause sleep through the nightness)
  • Do not operate an automobile or other major machinery while taking this drug (really!?! I'll remember to take my son's car keys away)
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages, sedatives, or tranquilizers while taking this drug (oh man, no more beer and qualudes before bedtime??)

WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING....The medicine is for children!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Matthew's developmental update

Matthew's Vocabulary:
  1. Momma (of course!)
  2. Dada (of course!)
  3. KK (he loves that big sis! - She is great role model)
  4. Shoes (he loves his shoes and if you aren't careful how you go about it, he may cry when they are removed!)
  5. Book (he loves him some readin')
  6. Dog
  7. Eye
  8. Nose
  9. do (as in "do X for me")
  10. Bye
  11. Hi
  12. Go
  13. No (of course)
  14. (Will nod his head yes)
  15. Night-night (occasionally used in combination with No)
  16. Nanna (for my mom)
  17. Nany (for banana - sounds alot like Nanna above so it is good thing we call her "Nanna Banana")
  18. Duck

Body parts he can identify:
  • Nose (this was the first one and was quite a thrill - my nose, his nose, my nose, his nose...)
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Hair (often by pulling KK's)
  • Mouth
  • Belly
  • Toes (although we prefer the term "piggies" - mention of seeing these can help with shoe removal, see "Shoe" above)

A Sunday Afternoon at Boone Hall Plantation

Here are KK and Matty enjoying a Sunday afternoon of Bluegrass and BBQ at Boone Hall Plantation. As you can see, KK got her face painted (a butterfly) - which she loved! It looked cute but took some scrubbing to remove later on at tubby time! A good time was had by all!

Friday, September 04, 2009


On August 15, Paul's parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. As Paul said in his toast, 50 years is a long time! Joe and Lucy were actually married in a double wedding with her twin sister, Mary (who married Oliver), so it was also the 50th wedding anniversary for Aunt Mary and Uncle Oliver. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU ALL!!

The couples celebrated with a party hosted in their honors by their children at California Dreaming, a restaurant in Columbia. All of the six total children (3 to Lucy and 3 to Mary), their spouses, their children, and a few other special folks all gathered for the event. A fun time was had by all!

KK's back at school

Here is KK on her first day back at ECDC with her new teacher, Ms. Phyllis. Katharine is in the 3 year old classroom now; the "sunflower" class!

She had a rough first day as she was recovering from a wild weekend so she was pretty grumpy. But, apparently it has been smooth sailing since then. She seems to have gotten reacquainted with her old classmates and has made some new friends as her class has 4 new children this year. Leila is still one of her best buds but she does a pretty good job of working the room throughout the course of the day.

The wild weekend that preceded the rough first day of school began with a day trip to Columbia to celebrate Joe and Lucy's 50th wedding anniversary! At the party, she and Morgan had a fabulous time together and with the drive home, it was a late night. Then on Sunday, Nanna came in to town and KK spent the day with her having fun in the sun - a long day of beaching and swimming in the pool. KK spent Sunday night at Nanna's condo throwing up from 11 PM to 4 Am (poor Nanna had to handle this mess solo). Nanna said KK was so sweet about it all, apologizing for making a mess after she would throw up. (TMI, I know). We think she might have gotten a little bit of sun poisoning. So, anyway, all that wore the poor girl out and I think it took her a few days to get back to her old self.

KK continues to love school and is happily settled in to her new 3 year old routine!

Matty Boy

This picture was taken at the annual Dowdle Reunion (Paul's mom's side of the family) which is ALWAYS held the first Sunday of August at noon at the old school house.

Matty continues to be the sweetest little boy I know! He melts my heart on a regular basis. At his 18 month check-up he weighed in at 24 pounds, 3 ounces (30th percentile) and 33.5 inches long (90th percentile). Early indications that tall and thin may be in his future. While the doctor can predict more accurately when children are two, she made an early prediction that Matthew would be 6'1"! I know it shouldn't matter, but I was durn proud to think about having a tall, strapping lad about the house some day!

However, we are continuing to battle with his respiratory issues. So, we were back at the doc about a two weeks ago after Matthew had another round of runny nose, fever, coughing, and breathing treatments. We have been trying acid reflux medicine (we started with Zantact because the health insurance company wouldn't cover the Prevacid the doctor ordered - insert resentful tone here). So, after all this and still being very "breating treatment dependent", we were off to the pediatric pulmonologist. They were very thorough and asked all kinds of questions that I wouldn't have anticipated to be related to pulmonology stuff. Such as: is his poop especially smelly?, does he have bad breath in the morning?, and on and on. Then another chest X-ray; which Matty was not happy about and to get the side view we had to strap the poor boy to a board while he screamed the entire time (I've had better moments than being a contributor to that!). So, where does that leave us? They seem to think Matty has asthma (triggered largely by colds and/or congestion) and acid reflux (which exacerbates the asthma isues). But, just to be thorough and to make sure it has been ruled out, Matty is going to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis. Scary to think about but I refuse to let myself worry about something like that until it has been diagnosed because I am pretty confident that he does not have that. Anyway, for now the pediatric pulmonologist has increased the strength of his Flovent (topical steroid taken through an inhaler), switched us from Zantact to Prevacid (and, yes, now the insurance company will cover it), and we continue the Xoponex as we need it. We are supposed to get to the point where Matthew only needs breathing treatments once or twice a month (rather than the twice a day we have to do now for the entire time he is sick - which is anywhere from 1 to 3 of every 4 weeks). I hope the end result will be to get him healthy and strong before this flu season really kicks in as his asthma puts him at high risk of complications if he gets H1N1.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Our new digs

So here is a pic of our new house, which we moved in to on July 7. We have been busy unpacking boxes, emptying the storage unit, setting up cable, and on and on! We are starting to get settled in and just loving it! The new neighborhood is so nice that we feel like we have actually changed towns not just moved a mile down the road. Good times ahead.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame....

A Friday night ballgame with Daddy!

This little piggy went to preschool....

Matthew's first haircut

These were taken this past Saturday and Matthew was such a good boy -- no tears!!

Operation Roof Relocation - Mission Accomplished!

Well, there are yet a few i's to be dotted, t's to be crossed, and headaches to be had but we have sold our house and bought a new one!! We are scheduled to close on both properties on July 7 and we are so excited about our new address (or, we will be when we get there!).

Now there are many, many boxes to be packed (haven't packed even one yet!). More to follow soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


KK still has a fever so no school and no work AGAIN! I will have some serious butt-kissing and catching up to do when I get back!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sick day

Can you believe it?? -- Out of work again today! Ugh, the Roof household is just not getting a break this season. It all started Sunday when I had a fever and a backache like none other. Then this morning KK was feverish and weepy. So, I took Matthew to school and came back for her but still no movement. So, we took the temp and made it official - no going to school. She laid on the bed all day watching movies on my computer. But, she was a good, sweet girl today and, while I hate that she was sick, I enjoyed the quality time with her.

(This photo was taken this past weekend, not today).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sick Day - Cold number 182

Matty and I were home sick today with another round of fever, runny nose, and wheezing. I feel so sorry for Matthew - I feel like he has basically had a head cold since September! Come on cold and flu season, move on!