Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Underwear Club

Katharine has officially made the step out of pull-ups and into underwear! Paul and I had been pretty frustrated with this whole process of potty training and feeling like every step forward came with two steps back. So when the email came from the ECDC Director about her concerns that there were 9 children still in pull-ups or diapers in Katharine's class, my anxieties went into hyper-drive. My emails, hallway chats, and sidewalk conversations all turned to potty-training (people have probably started to avoid me!). And, then came the realization - we are diaper dependent. Katharine can do it, she knows how it all works and when the mood strikes her she will impress us with her pottying skills. But, just as easily if we were having too much fun and had that pull-up on, she was pretty comfortable just letting it slide. So, in the midst of all this potty anxiety one of the ECDC teachers said, "She's ready, just tell her you are out of pull-ups and the store doesn't have any more." So, I decided she was right and had the perfect opportunity to put this plan into action - a weekend trip to Atlanta with only enough pull-ups packed for bedtime. On friday as we were leaving Katharine's school one of the graduate assistants made the off-hand comment that it was time for Katharine to join the underwear club. Well, that phrase did it and Katharine has been striving to be a member ever since (the trip was this past weekend). Her record is not perfect yet but pretty impressive and she hasn't given up on wanting to wear the underwear. She has even made it two nights in a row in underwear. So, as Katharine says, "Goodbye diapers, hello underwear!"

Playing Dress Up

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another tooth

Another molar coming in for the big boy! I just noticed today that another molar is emerging (on the top this time, right above the one on the bottom). Maybe this explains why he was so fussy last night and seeming like he was getting a cold?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Face Painting is Fun

KK's first face painting experience - a pink puppy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A few more steps...

Well, we are definitely on our way as we had a few more steps again today. They are very tentative and very unsteady and oh, so cute! And he is doing more and more standing with no assistance. We find this so exciting that we carted him on over to his Godparents house to try and impress them with his new abilities. He performed well (not at the top of his game) but I think they were still impressed!

P.S. Get well soon, Scott! Thank goodness for that magic chair!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Steps

Last night Matthew took three tiny, unaided baby steps! And he is standing without anything to hold on to more and more often as well. I picked him up from school on Wednesday and when he saw me he was standing on his own and he raised both his arms for me to pick him up in that standing position -- it seems like a small thing but I was impressed! It won't be long until the little fella is on the run (and I can tell you, his sister can't wait). (It might also make mom and dad's life a little easier too - that boy loves to be carried all the time!!).

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Tonight I grabbed the camera to capture Matthew hanging out with the dogs. When I started photographing him, he stood up all by himself and stood for several seconds while I took this picture. This is the first time he has stood up without a support to hold on to!

This week we are back to single child status. Katharine is spending the week with Grandmomma and Poppa Roof. Her preschool is closed because it is the College of Charleston's spring break (which staff, like me, don't get off) and it is not Paul's spring break at Charleston Southern. So, we shipped her off! Actually, Joe and Lucy were kind enough to take her! We are going to miss her like crazy but it will slightly less stressful with only one kid around the house.
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