Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Steps

Last night Matthew took three tiny, unaided baby steps! And he is standing without anything to hold on to more and more often as well. I picked him up from school on Wednesday and when he saw me he was standing on his own and he raised both his arms for me to pick him up in that standing position -- it seems like a small thing but I was impressed! It won't be long until the little fella is on the run (and I can tell you, his sister can't wait). (It might also make mom and dad's life a little easier too - that boy loves to be carried all the time!!).

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Aubrey said...

That sounds wonderful, and I miss seeing them all the time. I know that you had called about babysitting and I completely forgot to call back but feel free to call again if you need someone to watch them. I would love to if I can.