Tuesday, April 21, 2009


KK still has a fever so no school and no work AGAIN! I will have some serious butt-kissing and catching up to do when I get back!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sick day

Can you believe it?? -- Out of work again today! Ugh, the Roof household is just not getting a break this season. It all started Sunday when I had a fever and a backache like none other. Then this morning KK was feverish and weepy. So, I took Matthew to school and came back for her but still no movement. So, we took the temp and made it official - no going to school. She laid on the bed all day watching movies on my computer. But, she was a good, sweet girl today and, while I hate that she was sick, I enjoyed the quality time with her.

(This photo was taken this past weekend, not today).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sick Day - Cold number 182

Matty and I were home sick today with another round of fever, runny nose, and wheezing. I feel so sorry for Matthew - I feel like he has basically had a head cold since September! Come on cold and flu season, move on!

Easter Sunday

The Siblings


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Roof Family Update

Well, it has been a busy month and my posts reflect this state of affairs. I don't think I have posted a family update in quite some time, so here is what we are all up to:

The grown-ups: Operation Roof Relocation is still on and the house has yet to sell. But, we are getting a lot of showings and have already had one (unsuccessful) offer. So, we hold out hope and continue to wait (and clean!). Paul is finishing up his first year at CSU with much success. I have had a rocky winter in terms of health with bronchitis over Christmas break, pneumonia twice, and a few head colds sprinkled in between. I am definitely not used to being so sick. The rumor is that this often happens to parents of young kids and the upside is that I will have a great immune system now. We have also had some fun travels this spring with a weekend trip (kid-free) to NYC for a beard and moustache competition (yes, Paul competed but no prizes). We also got to visit my stepbrother, Philip, and his partner Mike which was tons of fun and they really showed us the town! This was followed by a weekend trip to Altanta to see the new aquarium and a marathon for Paul (5 hours, 9 minutes). And, most recently, we were in Myrtle Beach for a wedding.

Matthew: he is still working on walking and is now up to about 10 steps at a time (this progress just happening today). He has also had lots of head colds this winter and early spring (par the course for young daycare kids). He is still sleeping like a champ with two naps during the day (if he is at home) and 11-13 hours at night. He is eating exclusively solid foods and having only one bottle at bedtime. He says: bye-bye, ball, dada, mama, and calls just about everything and anything baby. He points and use ooh-ooh to indicate something he wants and will shake his head no for something he doesn't.

Katharine: Katharine is doing just great and it is amazing how much she has grown over the past year. She is quite independent now and seems so "urban" to me as we ride the bus downtown and walk to her school. She seems to be finally potty-trained now with only one accident in the past 9 days or so and is still very excited to be in the underwear club. She loves painting her fingernails and toenails and wearing the stick on earrings she got from Grandma Willert. She loves the colors pink and purple and, correspondingly, the books Pinkalicious and Purplicious. She does have an odd habit of using the sound "oink" -- which I think she uses as a defense mechanism when she is uncomfortable. It's weird, I gotta admit, and we are hoping to break her of the habit.

Easter Video

Decorating Eggs - Bring it, Bunny!

KK is so excited about Easter! She absolutely loved decorating eggs and has been working on Easter projects all week at school.