Friday, October 09, 2009

The results from the doctor

Life is rarely a simple case of black or white in which something is or it isn't. Our trip to the doctor today is just such an example. Let me explain. I have been hypersensitive to the H1N1 flu because of Matty, his asthma putting him at much greater risk for complications should he catch it. And now it is coming to light that H1N1 is posing serious risks to pregnant women. No, I'm not pregnant but a close friend and co-worker is; she sees KK almost daily at the office and usually lets KK sit next to her on our bus ride home. KK had seen her on Wednesday afternoon and they had indeed sat next to each other on the bus. So, for these two reasons, I was more cautious about calling the doctor than I might have been otherwise.

As it turns out, the doctor feels that Katharine has the flu, the symptoms were clear. And she said in most cases doctors aren't even bothering to test, just assuming it is the flu and treating. But, like I said life is often not simple and after explaining to her my two concerns, the doctor felt like she should do the test. So, swab up the nose (KK did not enjoy) and 10 minutes later we find out... the test is negative. So, she doesn't have the flu? Well, not so simple. This test is only 60-70% accurate, so the chances of a false negative are high. The doctor felt this was most likely a false negative and we should proceed as if we have the flu, the dreaded one. So, KK is on Tamiflu 2x a day for 5 days (treatment), and Matty to go on it 1x a day for 10 days (preventive). As we were leaving, I saw the doctor in the hall and she said, "here's the thing. I just looked and we have a positive test... another child from ECDC and I believe this child is in KK's class." More evidence to assume we got a false negative, definitely proceed as if this is H1N1.

The upsides are that KK really doesn't seemed to badly off for having the most feared illness of the season; Matty hasn't caught it yet (nor have we, nor has pregnant friend); and it seems that there is some residual protection from taking the Tamiflu that can last up to 4 weeks (which should hold us over until we can get the kids vaccinated). Also, Tamiflu is supposed to start working quickly so hopefully KK will be feeling better soon and Matthew will be getting some protection soon!

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