Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My little elves

Here are my favorite little elves! Did I mention that these two have basically decorated and undecorated the tree about 50 times since we put it up? Who knew ornaments were the best toys ever - hard to resist!

Trimming the tree

Here is the Roof Clan shortly after trimming our tree! It was a fun night and the kids loved helping! Nanna was there to partake too!

ECDC Field Trip

On Friday, KK had a field trip to get to see a real plane up close! (Daddy was a chaperone!). They went out to the Charleston Executive Airport where her classmate Holland's Dad flew in his plane for them to see it land and take off. Then, as you can see at the left, they got a chance to feel what it is like to sit in the pilot's seat! I think KK looks like a woman in charge of her craft!

The Nutcracker Ballet

KK, Nanna, and I went to see the Nutcracker ballet this past Saturday! It was Katharine's first ballet performance. She thought it was pretty neat but perhaps a little too long. I think if we had left at intermission she would have been perfectly happy.

That night, KK spent the night at Nanna's hotel and apparently much time was spent watching KK give her interpretation of her ballet experience (the bed was her stage!).

We are planning to get KK started in some ballet/tap/tumbling lessons after the New Year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

My smarty pants!

Recently, Katharine made up a game for the children to play in her class based on a branch with four leaves on it that she found on the way to school. Her teacher was so impressed with her "game" that a write up about it made the ECDC blog!! I shamelessly stole the write up to include here in my own blog:

A New Game

We are always looking for good examples to help our students understand a constructivist view of cognitive development. This one is classic demonstration of how prior experiences are processed, assimilated, and adapted to create a new construct – in this case understanding what a game is and how rules apply to playing one.

One of the Sunflower’s (3 year olds) current finger play/game favorites during the transition from group meeting to lunch is “One Little Leaf.”

One Little Leaf

One little leaf, two little leaves,

Three little leaves today.

Four little leaves, five little leaves,

Blow them all away. Whew!

Five children at a time are chosen; each child is given a leaf with a numeral 1-5 on it and holds up his/her number when it is said. At the end, the children blow their leaves, then go wash their hands for lunch. This continues until all children have had a turn.

Katharine announced at large group time that she had brought something to share and had made up a new game for us to play, “but only four people can play.” When asked to describe the game, she said, “You get one of the leaves then you gotta do what I say. You shake it and then blow.” We let Katharine go and get her leaves, which was a branch containing four leaves (so she clearly understands the one-to-one correspondence connection that determines how many can play). She called four children at a time to stand up, then handed each child a leaf. Then she said, “now shake it and blow!” The children happily followed her directions, then Katharine told them, “Now go wash your hands!”

KK's leaf game 001KK's leaf game 002KK's leaf game 003

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Santa Came to Campus

As many of you know, KK is currently attending the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) here at the College of Charleston where I work. Each year the College has a "tree lighting" ceremony and Santa is kind enough to make it one of his stops on his pre-Christmas rounds. KK was a bit tentative about the close proximity but agreed to get this picture taken with Mom there to facilitate! She told Santa that she wanted a scooter a Christmas! It's funny because I sort of thought Santa might have a dollhouse in mind this year. ;)