Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dance Lessons

We have been talking as a family about taking KK to dance lessons for months and on Monday, she finally had her first lesson! She was so excited and she had a great time. She is featured here in the new dance leotard that Grandmomma and Poppa gave her for Christmas (which she loves). The classes are ballet, tap, and acrobats for 3-5 year olds. We are hoping that Katharine's friend Leila will get to start next week.

Katharine has been told that her dance leotard is only for dance classes and not for play (good thing too or she would have worn it everyday this week). Katharine feels she needs to practice and has found her own way to feel like she is in dance clothes. I will describe what she was wearing yesterday when I got home from work as an example: a long sleeved white shirt, her polka-dotted bathing suit over the shirt, brown and white struped leggings on top of the bathing suit, and her pink play tutu on top of all that. It really was hysterical and it is just amazing the things Katharine comes up with to wear!

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