Friday, January 01, 2010

The holiday wrap up!

As I write this, the Roof family is wrapping up a two week Christmas hiatus with lots of quality time at home! It was such a nice and relaxing time. We started off the break with a quick overnight trip to see Grandmomma and Poppa Roof in Columbia. We went to the family service at church on Christmas Eve (where Matthew yelled out "yea" very gleefully at the end of each hymn). We threw out our reindeer food and left out cookies for Santa (of course!). And we had a really fun Christmas morning! Katharine opened every gift saying, "this is exactly what I wanted!". Big hits were a dollhouse for Katharine, a wagon for Matty, and so many other fun things! On Christmas night we began a fun weekend of quality time with Grandmama and Grandpa Willert. And we even had a visit from Grandmomma and Poppa and Morgan right before New Year's. Good times!

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