Thursday, February 04, 2010

My name is "My-shoe"

My boy did the cutest thing last night and then replicated it for Dad's benefit this morning. Last night, he wanted me to pick him up so he could look at a cluster of photos we have on the wall of he and KK. He pointed to KK and said "KK" (which he has been doing for some time). But, then he pointed to the picture of himself and said "Matthew" (pronounced, my-shoe) which he had not done before. At first I didn't know why he started talking about shoes but then I got it! It was too cute and he was so proud!

This morning we took a look at our photo calendar, which for Matthew's birthday month features two shots of him on his birthday last year (one posing and being cute and the other covered in cake). He looked at the first photo and said "My-shoe" -- praise, praise from the parents --- and then he looked at the picture of his face covered in cake and said, "uh-oh!"

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