Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here is KK in her new sunglasses! She thinks they are just the right glasses as the lenses are actually on hinges that swing open! Very high tech.

Funny comments from this morning (St. Patty's Day):

1) After much cajoling I talked Katharine into wearing a green shirt today for St. Patrick's Day (I shirt I bought and she has completely refused to wear for months). So, after getting her psyched up about St. Patty's Day the night before, when it came time to wear the shirt, she was not feeling it. And she said to me, "Mom, green is just not my color!".

2). Katharine was approaching the bathroom sink and was brushing away a piece of hair that had drifted into her mouth and she said, "Whoa, got a piece of hair in my talker!"

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Lisa said...

Now that is funny!!