Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break in Key West - Family Style

Here is the Roof family enjoying a five day sojourn to the Florida Keys! This picture is taken at Mallory Square where we took in the street performers and had a yummy dinner at a restaurant overlooking the water. Our favorite show was the Cat Man, who has these trained cats that jump through hoops, etc. And we had some good fun watching the juggling English chap as well.

We also had a blast staying with Nanna who has a lovely view of the water, a pool, and a hot tub - what more could we ask for! We jokingly call her house the Fick's Resort. We did some kayaking, KK did LOTS of swimming, and we saw lots of Florida Key's wildlife (Osprey, Iguana, Deer, Ibis, Pelicans, and turtles).

Other outings included our usual stop to Baby's Coffee (good coffee!) and a ride up to Big Pine Key and the Key Deer refuge. We saw a few deer on that outing but saw many more when we went back in the evening to eat yummy pizza at the No Name Pub (their niche is to have people hang a dollar on the wall and they claim to have $50,000 hanging on the walls).

This was Matthew's first time on a plane and he did really well (napped on two of the four flights). On the trip home he chanted, "on the plane" over and over as we boarded the plane.

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