Monday, April 05, 2010

Home with Sick Kids

So, when Matt woke up in a pool of his own diarrhea, I thought it might put a damper on my day. After we bathed him, changed the sheets, changed the changing table, opened the window and got the washer going; I thought maybe there was still hope for a day of quality time with my children. I mean, a gal can hope right? But, when he projectile vomited the drinkable yogurt I gave him for breakfast, I gave up and decided this was maybe just going to be a gross day. After cleaning the vomit out of my hair and starting my 5th load of laundry, I'm working on surviving it. This will be times I will look back on fondly, right?

Note to self (and other parents of sick children): Here is the big sign to look for pre-puke. If I can remember this, I may actually save some myself from another vomit-drenching. If you are aware your young child is sick and they go from playing happily or sitting quietly to restless roaming and whining, don your rain coat and go somewhere that can easily be mopped up!

Here's hoping it passes quickly and doesn't spread around the Roof household!

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Lisa :) said...

I'm sorry, I'm sure this wasn't meant to be funny, but you had me dying laughing at the first sentence!