Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Ready

Today we did some practice hair and make up for KK's upcoming (first!) dance recital. Here she is looking fabulous in her stage makeup and up hairdo.

Katharine is very excited about her recital and getting on the stage. However, we (the parents) wonder if she will (or won't) get on the stage when the moment comes. Last Monday at class she "had a moment" and it didn't end with her talking the stage! It was observation day (which I didn't know) and a dress rehearsal day (which I also didn't know) so we didn't get off to a good start. Once it was time to dance Katharine went to line up and just started to cry and wouldn't dance. Then she sat on the sidelines and was less than stellar. Mistakenly, I asked her if she had stage-fright (never use negative words - what was I thinking?!) so that has become the "catch-phrase" of the incident. I was worried that it was all over but it seems there have been seeds of hope. Rather than addressing the issue itself I just moved on to hair and make up and the glitz and glamor in the hopes that it might just be "on" again. And, it seems, so far it is!

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