Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here are my two babes on the beach at Folly! This was taken Wednesday night after a dinner out at Surf Bar. I am off for three whole days this week and we are just hanging out!

Play date

We have found the best system for date nights!
A very good friend of mine has her children in ECDC as well and her two girls are pretty good buds with KK. So, we decided to swap kids once in awhile to get some adult time without the cost of a babysitter. We have done it twice and so far it has worked out great! Here we all are enjoying a homemade mac and cheese dinner (with addition of Olga and Nela to add to the fun!).

We had a great time and general chaos was the main theme of the night. But we also gave Nela popcorn for the first time and had a very lively viewing of the Barbie Movie (The Diamond Castle) - it was interesting how many folks could sing along with all the songs! We laughed a lot and had a grand time!


I swear we don't force him to do this! (And I can't resist sharing it!)

"I love you, Mom"

Here is Matt helping out with some yard work! He is actually starting to figure out I want him to smile for the camera!

Today marked one of my favorite milestones. The first, unsolicited "I love you!" I was carrying Matt upstairs for his nap and snuggling him and he just spontaneously said, "I love you, Mom." That just gives me the biggest warm fuzzy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good Dinner/ Bad Dinner

Were these children at the same dinner table? This behavior landed KK in her room for "time out" where she bundled herself up in a blankie and fell dead asleep.

Drama Queen

So, this is my "injured" princess leaving the urgent care center because she refused to walk on her foot since Friday afternoon when her foot was either stepped on or she stubbed her toe at camp (I pity poor Elizabeth who supposedly did this to her - whichever camper that may be!).

At any rate, I was pretty convinced that nothing was wrong - no swelling, no bruising, and no wincing when the foot was examined. After two days she was still hopping and crawling around like the foot was simply of no use. Even the temptation of visiting Columbia to see her cousins Parker and Sarah didn't get her on her feet. She hopped or scooted on her butt all over Columbia. Then the sadness of missing a swim playdate with Leila was still not temptation enough to get up and walk. So, off we go to urgent care this afternoon. A $35 copay later and a swell time impressing the young, female doctors with ability to (now) hop on both feet! I guess it took a certified, medical professional to convince her it was once again safe to step on the foot. In this picture she is holding the coupon for the "free"(aka $35) ice cream at Chik-Fil-A. At least she will be able to enjoy it on two feet!

Tootsie Pops

How many licks does it take....?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes fun is easy!

Sometimes all it takes is a little cool water and you have a party!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

An afternoon swim with sweet Nela and "the Godfather"!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Happy 4th of July

The Roofs spent their 4th of July at the Riverdogs baseball game. We had a blast and even stayed all the way through the fireworks! It was a late night but we had lots of fun. We went with members of our church so Katharine made a friend to play with and Matthew is obsessed with the mascot, Charlie the Riverdog, so they both had things to keep them amused. We actually stayed in our seats the whole game!

Does this picture get any more American?? A kid in red, white, and blue munching on some chips with the home plate in the background! I think only a slice of apple pie could help!