Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of ECDC

Matthew's first day in the two year old classroom and Katharine's first day in the four year old classroom.

They both had a great first day. Matthew was very excited about his new school (including his new need for a lunchbox) and probably would have ran straight into the classroom if it weren't for his constant desire to be clutching something. On this day, it happened to be a batman figurine we got out of happy meal that he calls "blue spiderman." So, after being told he could get new toys in the classroom he agreed to put his blue spiderman in his cubby and give it a shot. Apparently, he started the day out with some jungle themed legos and carried the elephants around most of the morning.

Katharine was very excited to get back to see old her old school friends. However, she has been a bit shy in certain circumstances lately and has been a bit hesitant with the older children who are in the 5 year old classroom (the 4's and 5's are in a semi-combined setting). I'm sure she will acclimate and being running the show once again soon.

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