Friday, September 24, 2010

Gonna miss these guys!

Working on the weekends is no fun. Here I come Wabash.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Official

No more crib - it went out with the trash on Thursday! Matt finally said he was ready to say goodbye to his crib and then got down right insistent we get it out of there. I guess there is something to be said for patience!

The Roof Family

A Candle in Honor of Amber Ancrum

We light this candle in memory and honor of Amber Ancrum, a girl whose soul lit up the room and blessed those she knew with her smile. May her gifts and her memories live on in the hearts of those who loved her.

Tell me who couldn't love these faces???

Taken by the very talented Colleen McBride!

William got sprinkled!

On Sunday, September 19, William Scott Parr was baptized at Blessed Sacrament church. Paul and I have the honor of being his co-Godparents along with Mike and Betsy Burgess. We are so excited and honored to be a part of it all!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Look what I can do!

Katharine's new trick.

Which brother is right behind to try and imitate!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Retro tubby time!

Pictures taken with my new Retro Camera application on the Droid! I think these pictures do three things: 1) capture some neat emotions between the two of them, 2) look like they actually grew up in my generation, and 3) will be great to pull out when they are teenagers!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

On Wednesday, the kids both gave me examples of why they make us laugh so much and I thought I would share these two short anecdotes.

Katharine: As I came walking in to the classroom to pick KK up from school, she was playing in the block area and did not see me as I entered the room. She was holding a long wooden, rectangular block to the base of her chin and showing everyone saying, "look at my beard!" When she saw me, she said, "look at my beard, Mom!"

Matthew: We have started participating in the "Wednesday Night Live" series at church to get a bit more involved in the hopes that Katharine would begin to feel more comfortable there (and I think it is working). As we were leaving, we had to walk along a path that cuts through the cemetery to get to our car. All of sudden Matt went off the path and started to press his ear to the top of a headstone. He held his ear there for a second and then looked at me and said, "nobody in there!" He continued to do this to each headstone around him and pronounce, "nobody in there!" I have no idea what possessed him to do this and Paul simply said, "they must have gone to Heaven."

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Roof Family Update

Well, it has been a long time since I have done just a general family update. Here is how everyone is doing!


Paul has just begun his third year of teaching at Charleston Southern University and he is probably one of the most popular professors on campus! The kids just love him despite what he tells me about how strict he is in class. He definitely seems to have a gift with the students. He has also taken on some courses that are not his favorite: statistics and research methods. He much prefers pop culture and urban! His beard interests continue and his local club (The Holy City Beard and Moustache Society) is still going strong. We will be hosting another competition here in Charleston in February and are hoping to go to Norway so Paul can compete in the international competition. Paul continues to enjoy marathon running and triathlons (and is hoping to catch up with his brother who just completed his first Iron Man).


I am now in my fifth consecutive year with the College of Charleston and still ruling over the institutions survey processes. Full-time work and taking care of the kiddos gobble up a lot of time but I still love to take pictures and read novels! I have also joined a circle within our church and am on the advisory board for a local non-profit (Lowcountry Women with Wings) whose mission is to increase awareness of ovarian cancer. I have dreams of writing a sit-com and/or a novel someday and have starting experimenting with decoupage!


Katharine will be 5 in November and she is smart as a whip. She is in the 4K class at ECDC (the Butterflies class) with Ms. Jane Hart and is off to a roaring start. She is often described as a natural leader but still can be very shy until she in comfortable in an environment. She has an incredible vocabulary for a 5 year old and it is amazing the things she absorbs and remembers. As an example, the other day we were driving to school and I was listening to NPR and thinking the kids weren't paying it any attention. The story being covered was about air quality and the ozone and they were discussing how in some parts of the country mothers of children with asthma would come pick their kids up early so they wouldn't go outside on the playground and breathe the air, etc., etc. A minute or two goes by and Katharine says to me, "Matthew has asthma. Does that mean Matthew can't go outside?" Then she sniffs and says, "Is that that bad air I'm smelling?" So, to comfort her, I say, "Don't worry, we don't live in a part of the country where we have to worry about this air problem." To which she says, "Well, what if we travel somewhere and they have the bad air, will Matt be able to breathe the air?" And on and on it went (because she also still likes to talk A LOT). I was just really amazed that she listened to this story, seemed to interpret it's meaning, and related it back to our own family issues.

Katharine is participating in dance classes again this year and after a rocky first class she is back to loving it again. She is even adapting to the boy in the class, which after week one, she told me "she was not comfortable with."

Basically, she loves all things girly, glittery, or sparkly. She loves having her toenails painted, dressing up, and all types of pretend play. And, most of the time, she really loves her little brother!


Matthew has just begun his first year at ECDC and we are so excited to have him in Ms. Stephanie's class. She has the perfect personality for working with 2 year olds and we have been joking all summer that what Matt really needed was a good case of "Stephanie boot camp!" So far, Matt seems to love being a part of ECDC and he seems to be bonding well with Ms. Stephanie, the GAs, and the students. Matt seems to be the class clown and they often report how funny he is - that he makes funny faces and keeps them in stitches. Today he went marching in wearing his "new" sunglasses (KK's hand me downs that were hand me downs from Morgan and, fortunately, were black - which is probably why KK gave them up so easily).

Matthew likes all things boy - trucks, sports, and super heroes. Spider Man seems to be his favorite at the moment (not sure where this came from but he turns all super heroes into Spider Man). He is learning to count right now and do 1 through 5 pretty consistently and sometimes gets as high as 10 accurately. He also seems to be good at and to enjoy puzzles, something that Ms. Stephanie commented on during his home visit. His vocabulary has increased dramatically in the past few months and he now often uses full sentences rather than the short phrases and one word answers he used to give. He still doesn't talk nearly as much as his sister but he is coming in to his own as a real communicator. He is still a thumb sucker and will self-sooth by sucking his thumb and rubbing his ear with his other hand (which is pretty cute). While he is all boy, he still loves a good snuggle with mom or dad and we love that! He has shown minimal interest in potty-training so we have backed off of that for the time being. But, in the transition to "big-boyhood" he is sleeping more and more frequently in his big boy bed.

Family travels:

We were able to do some interesting travels over the summer months. In May, Paul and I took a kids-free trip to the Hudson Valley where my cousin Heather got married (on my 39th birthday). It was a great celebration and we were glad we could partake in it! While we were there we also had a wonderful lunch at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), made a trip into the big apple, and a trip out to Brooklyn to see Philip and Mike. The kids got to spend some good quality time with Grandmomma and Poppa Roof while we were gone.

In June, Paul traveled to Bend, OR to participate in the US National Beard and Moustache competition. No prizes were garnered but he was the only representative from SC and he got to carry in the SC state flag during the ceremonies.

In August, the kids and I made a quick weekend trip to Alabama and to see Grandma and Grandpa Willert and Aunt Su-Su and Uncle Steve. We had a nice afternoon of swimming at Aunt Su-Su's, took several morning walks with Annie the dog, and got to see semi-wild foxes up close and personal.

We also spent time this summer continuing to enjoy our new house and the community pool!

Matt loves Charlie the Riverdog

Check out this video of Matt screaming for Charlie the Riverdog at a recent baseball game. (This is how he likes to spend most of the game!).

View video by clicking here

Can you find the little green monster in this picture?

This picture makes me laugh hysterically because Matt looks like he is about to let sweet Nela have it!