Friday, September 10, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

On Wednesday, the kids both gave me examples of why they make us laugh so much and I thought I would share these two short anecdotes.

Katharine: As I came walking in to the classroom to pick KK up from school, she was playing in the block area and did not see me as I entered the room. She was holding a long wooden, rectangular block to the base of her chin and showing everyone saying, "look at my beard!" When she saw me, she said, "look at my beard, Mom!"

Matthew: We have started participating in the "Wednesday Night Live" series at church to get a bit more involved in the hopes that Katharine would begin to feel more comfortable there (and I think it is working). As we were leaving, we had to walk along a path that cuts through the cemetery to get to our car. All of sudden Matt went off the path and started to press his ear to the top of a headstone. He held his ear there for a second and then looked at me and said, "nobody in there!" He continued to do this to each headstone around him and pronounce, "nobody in there!" I have no idea what possessed him to do this and Paul simply said, "they must have gone to Heaven."

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