Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday girl fun!

KK got an extra special treat on her birthday weekend. Two of her favorite people, Scott and Ashleigh, picked her up and took her out shopping for her birthday followed by a birthday treat - ice cream at Cosmic Jack's!

Katharine had a blast spending time with baby William (whom she adores) and Scott and Ashleigh. I think she felt very grown up and enjoyed having her good buddies all to herself. She told them she definitely wanted to do it again and definitely did NOT want Matthew to come.

She cruised the aisles of WalMart and finally settled on a princess party pack - a set of 4 tiaras, pageant banners (which she decided were the princess names), microphones, and jewelry. Ashleigh said once she settled on that, there was no changing her mind. She is definitely a very girly-girl but you got give her credit for knowing what she likes.

After the shopping, the gang headed to Jack's cosmic dogs to have an ice cream. Ashleigh asked her what her favorite thing about being 4 was and KK said, "being silly." Ashleigh then asked if she could still be silly now that she was 5 and KK confirmed that she thought that would be ok.

A big thanks to Scott and Ashleigh for helping to make KK's birthday so special!

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