Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday wrap up!

Katharine had a GREAT birthday weekend. She got to do lots of fun things and got tons of great presents.

The weekend started with a shopping trip and ice cream with Scott and Ashleigh (see previous post) on Saturday. In the evening KK went to CSU with her Daddy to see a play. On Sunday morning she opened her presents from her family -- most exciting presents: new clothes from Nanna, a VTech VReader from Grandma and Grandpa Willert, a new fuzzy pink coat from Mom and Dad, and new pj's with silky pants from Grandmomma and Poppa. On Sunday afternoon she had a party at the Pirate playground at Folly Beach where LOTS of her school friends came plus Grandmomma and Poppa, Scott, Ashleigh and baby William, Olga, Mark and Nela! The kids had a blast busting a pinata, eating cupcakes, and running wild on the playground. She got lots of exciting presents from her friends including some fairies from Tinker Bell, My Little Pony toys, some arts and crafts items, a few books, and some puzzles. And she received a beautiful holiday dress from Olga, Mark, and Nela. The girl made out good! Thanks to everyone for caring, giving, and celebrating with us!

On Sunday evening as Katharine was brushing her teeth she looked in the mirror and said, "Phew, I'm finally 5!"

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