Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Momma told me there'd be days like this...

Yesterday was one of those kinds of days where the imperfection of what it is to be a parent was slammed over my head like a 2x4. The day started with dropping Matthew off at ECDC where he refused to go in his classroom and ran after me crying down the hall. After being dragged in to class by his teacher, I went in to the observation room to see how the transition was going. After refusing to wash his hands (how they all start their day), he sat alone ignoring everyone and not participating for several minutes (long enough that I couldn't stay to watch anymore). From there it was on to the dentist where Katharine had her second set of cavities filled. Then a few hours of work before I run back to ECDC to pick up the kids and, what a surprise, Matthew has a "fussy" on his paper - AGAIN. This time it came with a personalized note commenting on how he cried when he didn't get his way. Quick change for Katharine and we are off to dance class where it is parent observation day (the day when all the parents get to watch dance class - we aren't allowed in normally -- and bring the vidoecameras and cameras). It was going great and Katharine was doing a super job until... the loud crying started which at first had us all confused until we noticed her hand grabbing her crotch and the puddle beginning to form on the floor. And, to make the day even better, Katharine was about as far from the door as one can get so she cried and left a pee trial all the way across the room as I dragged her to the bathroom. Then I had the joy of juggling watching Matthew, cleaning up Katharine and getting her to stop screaming, crying. Once she was calm I had to leave her naked and alone on the toilet so I could go out to the car and get her regular clothes. To her credit, Katharine actually wanted to go back and join the class once she was dressed. Clearly, I had been much more embarrassed than she had as I was pretty much ready to slink home with my tail between my legs at that point.

It was a rough day but today is a new day and it can only be a better day!

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