Friday, November 19, 2010

Pennies for peace bake sale

Today Katharine's class conducted a bake sale to support Pennies for Peace (see work of Gregg Mortenson, "Three Cups of Tea"). She is featured here with two of her buddies, Evy and Sarah.

I was really impressed with Katharine's ability to describe to me the purpose of this bake sale earlier this week. She told that me they were having a bake sale to help Dr. Gregg build schools in countries where kids don't have schools and to help them get paper and pencils so they won't have to write their school work in the dirt with a stick. She also explained that if you have to write your school work in the dirt and it rains that the work would get washed away.

[Gregg Mortenson lives is American but has been living in Afghanistan raising money to build schools for children.]

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