Saturday, November 06, 2010

Roof Family Update

The kids had a great Halloween season! They got to dress up three times and managed to pull in a nice little stock pile of candy. For about two weeks before Halloween, Matt would ask with some regularity, "Now Halloween?" And now we are fielding the constant question, "I can have a piece of candy?".

The kids have also been on a couple of fun field trips lately. Matthew went on a horse-drawn carriage ride where they did a scavenger hunt for things around town (lucky for Matthew one of his classmate's parents works for a carriage company). Katharine has been on three field trips in the last couple of weeks. The first was a walk over to the new science center where she got to see their display of dinosaur bones. On the way back they walked through the College library to see a visiting artist who was creating a 3-dimensional piece of art made completely of recyclable objects she has collected. The second was to the Charleston Museum, complete with a bus ride on the downtown shuttle. Finally, on Friday they walked over to a Geology professor's classroom (Holland's mom), where she showed us various animal skeletons and talked about omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores and how we could tell the difference in one type or the other by the placement of their eyes and they types of teeth they have.

Other news:

  • Seems to now be struggling a bit more at ECDC more so than when we first started. He has a little bit of trouble transitioning to the classroom in the morning and is more likely to cling to me than in the first weeks of school. He also gets a "fussy" on his paper more often that Paul and I would like to see. We are trying to digest if this is normal two year old fussy, his teacher's style (she runs a pretty-tight ship and sets high expectations), or something more.
  • Matthew is still sleeping in a big boy bed and will now get out of the bed, open the door, and come looking for us in the morning. (Believe it or not, it seems with both of my kids that it took them awhile to realize they actually had the freedom to get out of bed on their own).
  • Matthew likes to count things and can count successfully as high as 11.
  • He is proficient with his colors and can identify pretty much all the colors.
  • He is taking yoga, which is offered to the two and three year olds through ECDC, (as his sister did before him) and seems to like it.
  • He is becoming more attuned to emotions and will regularly ask me if I "bad" or "happy" where bad seems to represent the full range of negative emotions but particularly anger. If I am angry and I tell him I am bad he will continue to ask me if I am bad or happy until I say happy. This actually can be a nice reminder that it is ok to let go of anger and move on. It also just sort of cute. Occasionally, he will poll the whole family on their emotional status and then ask us to ask him if he is bad or happy so he can share his status with us.
  • His class just finished a unit on wild animals and I am told that Matthew loved all the wild animals! It looks like a trip to the Zoo may be in order!
  • He is a pretty fussy eater and has managed to weed out almost every fruit and vegetable from his diet. We have managed to sneak raisins back in to his diet by buying the yogurt covered ones and he will occasionally ingest a banana. I often wonder if a child can grow up on crackers and peanut butter sandwiches?
  • Katharine is as strong verbally as she ever was but seems to be particularly focused on phonics (sounding out words and trying to get us to guess words by giving us the first sound), asking us to spell words or whole sentences (sometimes so she can write it down and sometimes just for fun), and asking the meaning of words (sometimes words that I am pretty sure she already knows the meanings to and sometimes new words).
  • She is also recognizing a word as a unit of text pretty consistently and does some "reading from memory" which makes her feel like she is reading and, thus, makes her feel proud.
  • She can be very shy in new situations and takes time to warm up. Then, at other times in situations where she is more comfortable, she is very gregarious.
  • She is still taking dance classes and enjoying it. She is incredibly flexible and I am hoping we might get an opportunity to add in some gymnastics at some point in time (the logistics of actually incorporating that in our weekly schedule is a tough one!).
  • She is also a pretty picky eater and turns her nose up at dinner probably more often that she eats it. She does at least eat a few more fruits than Matt in that she likes apples, strawberries, watermelon, and mandarin oranges.
  • As extracurricular activities through school, Katharine is taking Chinese lessons and getting exposure to P.E. She has been fortunate that both of these topics have been offered for free: the Chinese lessons from some volunteer moms and the P.E. through the School of Education.

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