Sunday, February 06, 2011

Matthew's Birthday and Other News

Matt had a fabulous third birthday and I am slowly getting over the shock that my little baby is already three years old. We had a small get together with a few close friends, some Spiderman decorations, and frosted cupcakes - all a young boy needs.

A funny story Katharine story from the party: Katharine was asking Ashleigh who William liked best, Ashleigh or Scott. Ashleigh that he liked them both but sometimes it seemed like he his Daddy better and sometimes it seems like he likes his Mommy better. Katharine then said that Matthew likes Mommy better and that she liked Mom but sometimes really likes Dad. Ashleigh then reminded her that Mommy has Santa Claus' phone number. Katharine responded that that was true but Dad had Mrs. Claus' number.

Last night Matthew had the worst night's sleep he has had in a long time. I'm still not sure what was going on but from 11:00 until about 1:00 AM he woke up about every 20 minutes crying. Finally, about 1:00 I lost my patience and told Matt in my stern voice that he had to go to sleep. His eyes got big and he looked at me and said, "I'm sorry." Talk about melting my heart. To top it off he went back to sleep and slept until after 8 AM.

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