Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marlee and me and baby bird makes three

This past Wednesday we got to meet our good friend's Shantell and Chadwick's new baby girl, Marlee. She is 4 weeks old and pretty darn cute - bearing a strong resemblance to big brother, Milo. Shantell said that Marlee had been going through a pretty fussy phase from about the 2 week mark but let me hold her sweet as could be for about 30 minutes. I'd like to take the credit as if I have some little known "baby whisperer" gift but, I think it might really be a new formula they were trying starting to kick in. Either way, it was great to get to seem them and their new addition!

Matthew had one rough week. First, he fell playing the "jump, jump" game and smacked his forehead on the concrete producing no major injuries but one big bruise. Then he toppled over standing up in the wagon (which he shouldn't have been) and fell and got a fat lip. He was taking it pretty rough until he got "popsicle therapy" and had the whole class watching in awe as he enjoyed his cold treat. As his top lip puffed up more and more his teacher told him that he looked like a baby bird. Matt wanted to make sure that she called me to tell me that I didn't have a baby boy anymore, I had a baby bird. Then the director came in and Ms. Stephanie told her that Matt was a baby bird. Dr. Candy looked at Matt and said "chirp, chirp" to which Matt responded, "tweet, tweet." Next, Matt threw up at school on Thursday afternoon and looked about as pale as a ghost when I picked him up. He seemed to make a comeback throughout the evening and he seemed fine in the morning so I packed him back off to school. On top of a really grumpy day, Matt tripped and his face hit a toy dump truck right at the edge of his eye (again no major injury) but I'm pretty sure Matt was glad to see the weekend come along!

Katharine fared better than Matthew this week and has been diligently wiggling a loose tooth since before we went to Florida. While it is getting looser, it is still hanging in there. She also had her dance pictures this weekend; trying out the recital costume and getting to wear a bit of make-up which makes even the littlest girl feel special!

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